Top 10 Best Bleach Brave Souls Characters [Beyond Resurrection Arrancar]

With 2020 coming, here are some really good Bleach Brave Soul characters [Beyond Resurrection Arrancar] that you should be using.

By: MeApocalypse

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10 – Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Espada No. 6

This particular version of Grimmjow has a really high SP as well as frenzy and is able to inflict debilitating laceration on all of his attacks.

Its strong attack 1 is a projectile shot that moves enemies back.  The strong attack 2 has decent range.  Strong attack 3 is a charge that doubles in strength when fully charged.

Unfortunately it is not full screen and he doesn’t have havoc either.  Basically this Grimmjow lacks range. That is not to say it is not good range. It just doesn’t feel like enough. That said he does pack a heavy punch, in addition to the high SP and frenzy, he also has a strong attack damage link of 20%.

Getting hit with a fully charged strong attack 3 is definitely gonna hurt. He is also completely immune to being burnt, which is useful in some of the harder PvE areas.

9 – Aaroniero Arruruerie Espada No. 9

He like the others, also have a really high SP and frenzy.He can inflict debilitating weakening on all of the attacks and they all have some pretty excellent range.

Don’t let his position at number 9 on this list or in his ranking fool you. This guy is actually really good for PvE. He has got really good range on his strong attacks and thanks to the weakening, they can inflict even more damage.

Plus, he has got a strong tech recharge link, so he’s able to spam them more freely. His strong skill 2 in particular is has a vacuum vortex and hits a bit more than his other strong attacks.

Finally there’s a special that not only inflicts weakening and does a lot of damage but also heals the entire party for 60% of their health, making it really useful in co-op. He is also completely immune to being paralyzed and weakened himself.

8 – Ulquiorra Cifer Espada No. 4

He has high versatility, really high HP, frenzy and can inflict weakening on all of his attacks except for his strong attack 2. As I mentioned now tornado is better than PvE. He can deal a whole lot more damage.

His strong attack 3 is a charge move and he has a strong tech damage link of 25%, meaning it’s gonna hit very hard and it can actually get even stronger. Strong attack 2 is a boost move that increases his attack ,defense and focus by 33%.

Increasing the attack also increases the damage output of the strong attacks, meaning that his charge move can actually hit even stronger if he’s boosted, plus he has enhancer. That is 20 seconds and in addition to being a boost move + also barrier move, which is definitely a plus especially in autoing.

As I mention his attack, defense and focus can go up but he also has poise. He doesn’t stagger, which means that his strong attack 3 cannot be interrupted if you are charging it. It also means that he is a viable option in PvP since he can boost the entire team and at that point his normal attack action does good damage.

7 – Nnoitra Gilga Espada No. 8

This is a character that very well would be at number 1 if this was a PvP list. Nnoitra Gilga, who unlike all the characters I mentioned so far has a really high attack as well as flurry and poise. This on its own would be devastating especially in PvP. Since with poise you don’t really stagger and with flurry your attack hits twice.

With him in particular though, his attack actually hits even harder since this strong attack 2 is a boost move and it is not your regular kind of boost move. Not only does it increase his attack, defense and focus by 33 percent, basically skyrocketing it. It also changes the magnifications on all of his attacks, including his normal attack. In short, it is a boost move Plus.

Also, all of his attacks with the exception of the strong attack 2 can inflict debilitating paralysis. You do not want to get stunned when you are up against him. Unfortunately, this character does have a downfall in his killer. It is a captain killer, meaning you can only really take advantage of this when you are up against captain.

You can only ever go so far since the killer multiplication won’t really apply to him until the very end. He does deal a lot of damage and with his abilities and his damage reduction, which makes him quite durable.

But compared to most of the other characters, he kind of lacks speed and there is a lot of other characters with significantly better range on their normal attack. For PvP  though, you cannot ask for a better character and I cannot see them dethroning this guy anytime soon.

6 – Yammy Llargo Arrancar Diez 10

He also has blurry and poise but unlike Nnoitra, he actually has a really good hollow killer, meaning that he gets full advantage of the multiplications in the various events.

He also has a normal attack damage link, so the damage is increased even more. Yami can also inflict debilitating burn on all of his strong attacks and his special, you know, just in case he wasn’t dealing enough damage already.

Additionally, he is also completely immune to being frozen, making him even more useful in PvE. The only downside to this character is it as normal tech consists of 3 hits instead of the usual 4. This actually does slow it down a little bit. However, fodder enemies can’t usually survive a full string of attacks from him anyway at least not in the regular events.

5 – Baraggan Louisenbairn Espada No. 2

Baraggan has a really high SP and frenzy but also has berserker at 20%, giving him an extra 20% more damage on his strong attacks. He can also inflict debilitating weakening on all of his attacks. He is very likely to do it with his strong attack 2, since it is a vortex move that pushes enemies back, increasing the combo drastically and increasing the chance to inflict weakening.

He has also got excellent range on strong attack 1. Unfortunately, his strong attack 3 isn’t full screen and does not have havoc. That is not to say that his strong attacks do not have good range, it is just that it is not what it could be.

If at any point you were to die, he would just come back thanks to his last-ditch survival ability. It is a really useful ability, especially in epic raids. Finally, we have the fact that he’s completely immune to being weakened.

4 – Noel Niihashi

Noel, who unlike everyone else has neither frenzy or flurry. Instead, she has a really high attack and one of the best normal attacking strings in the game. That basically make her lunge every time she attacks and thus drastically increase her range and make her a lot harder to hit.

This comes with a lot of benefits. One thing that makes her one of the faster characters to auto with in the game and makes it really good in PvP since she is kind of hard to hit. She may be a normal attacking character, her strong attacks really do come in handy.

Her strong attack 1 is a lunge move and her strong attack 2 is a vortex move that surrounds her. It both doubles as a shield, making her even harder to hit and it actually does a decent amount of damage thanks to her +40 berserker.

Now we have our hybrid vortex move strong attack 3 that gather enemies in one spot and it is perfect for her to continue her onslaught. All of these attacks, including a normal attack and her special have a chance to inflict debilitating weakening and her strong attack 2 is extremely likely to do it.

To top it all off, she also has poise, so she does not stagger, making her even faster and even better in PvP. She is one of the few characters on this list that is good in both PvP and PvE and it is why she ended up so high up on the list.

3 – Szayelaporro Granz

Szayelaporro Granz, the other character with the Soul Reaper killer. He has a really high SP as well as frenzy + good range on the strong attacks thanks in part to his +20 havoc. His strong attack 1 is a subtle blast that encompasses a wide area. His strong attack 2 is a calling vortex move that is probably the widest I have seen. His strong attack 3, while not starting off full screen, is a little bit more than full screen thanks to the havoc.

His strong attack, normal attack and special can all inflict poison. Additionally the special also grants protection status to anyone who is alive, essentially giving them an extra life with 50% of the total health. If they were to die, it is not automatic like last-ditch survival but it is a little better in that it grants protection to everyone and you get more health back than you would.

Szayelaporro may not be as fast as some other characters but he is definitely better with crowd control. He is also better for support since his special is the best support move out there and an excellent boss killer thanks to his poison slash strong attack recharge combination + immunity to poison.

2 – Coyote Stark Espada No. 1

Stark has a very good kit. Not only are his strong attacks really quick to activate but they also encompass a really wide area. It only gets even wider with his +20 havoc, which increases the range of all of his strong attacks but most notably makes a strong attack 3 go beyond fullscreen.

All of his attacks also have a chance to inflict debilitating burn and because he has a strong attack recharge, he can pretty much just spam skills. He honestly has one of the best kits in the game, making him one of the fastest characters to ever come out in addition to being able to deal burn damage on all of his attacks + burn immunity.

1 – Tier Halibel

At number one, we have 7000 orbs… I mean Halibel, whose abilities are just straight-up unbelievable. Like most of the other characters, she also has a really high SP and frenzy.

Unlike any other character in the game though, she has frenzy and a +40 berserker which is the equivalent of having 2 strong attack damage links equipped to her at all times, not to mention she has got her own link of strong attack recharge.

That means her strong attacks come back faster and this is actually great for her, because her strong attack 2 is a boost move with enhancer, increasing the team’s attack, defense and focus by 33% for 20 seconds. Because she is a strong tech recharge character, she can essentially have an infinite boost. Not only that, but strong attack 2 is also a barrier move, making her the second character ever to have this ability after Ulquiorra.

This makes her a great team player. You can build her in a way that you can do this infinite and while barrier moves typically don’t have the best range, hers actually does. She has havoc at 20. It also makes her strong attack 3 have a range beyond full screen.

Her strong attack 1 has really good range for a lunge mode. Now this is just a strong attacks, but Halibel’s normal attacks are also really good. This is because she has enhancer, so it increases her attack by 33%, but unlike most SP characters that have an enhancer boost move, she has a +40 bruiser, which is unbelievably rare and makes her normal attack actually really good for an SP character.

She also has devastation at 60% + completely immune to being frozen. She truly is the ultimate hybrid character and is more than deserving of the number 1 spot.

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