Best Thetan Arena Guide for Gameplay + Top 7 Tips


Welcome to the Thetan Arena guide and tips for new players. For those that aren’t aware, Thetan Arena is a MOBA style shotter game similar to Brawlstars but has blockchain technology and play to earn mechanics added to it. This makes it very lucrative for players since you can potentially earn a lot of real money if you are good.

Game Basics

Since the game is ran on Binance Chain Network (BSC), the fees will be significantly lower compared to blockchain games developed on the Ethereum Network (ETH). You will be using the BNB to purchase your heroes. Thetan Arena is listed on Coin Market Cap as THG and its currency Thetan Coin as THC. The Thetan coin will be used for in game purchases of boxes for chances at rare heroes.

Bonus Tips

1 – Break Boxes with Someone

This one will help when 2 players hit the boxes together to destroy it when starting the game. Since it takes one person at least 1 full reload to take out a gift box.

If you have played the tower or superstar game mode already, you’ve probably would have noticed that you only have 20 seconds until the first battery starts appearing in the middle. Getting orbs and getting one of your skills activated will give you a nice advantage.

2 – Spread Out a Little

A lot of new players making this mistake often. You have to spread out and keep a bit of distance from your teammates. There is a lot of crowd control (CC) abilities such as the blackhole, bullet storms or ice balls. Those are not fun to get stuck in.

3 – Spread for Vision

Since the battles screen is small and the wide views are not in sight, there are plenty of blind spots. It is easy for the enemy to backdoor as they can go through bushes and ambush you from behind. If they decide to push the other side, your team can easily be annihilated.

4 – Line of Sight and Skill Ranges

Line of sight is crucial in each battle, especially for characters who have much longer range attacks such as the marksman. Defensive positions in walls, towers, gift boxes and pots can be use as a cover. However, some skills can hit through walls and being able to avoid 1 shot means you can survive longer. You also have to pay attention to skills that can either close the gap or widen the gap.

5 – Time Your Attacks

Since each characters gets 3 shots, it is crucial to time your attacks. When retreating against enemy fire, it is wise to slow down your attacks instead of spamming it. Some characters do more damage up close, so spamming it makes sense in melee, but does not do well in range.

Characters also have different attack speed, so it does take a bit of getting used to if you like to play 1 character at a time. Practice your aim timing and energy consumption and you will have a better advantage over your opponents.

6 – Solo vs Team

The game is not always about getting the MvP with the most kills. For example, in Tower mode, it is better to work as a team, protect the battery holder or try to gain control of the centre platform while the battery spawns. Winning the match is more important than racking up 20 kills by yourself alone in enemy territory. Do not be that guy!

7 – Use Voice

If you have a headset or microphone, it is much better to use it, especially in higher ranking matches. It doesn’t matter if the enemy has legendary characters, in the long run, having good communication with he team will help you win more games.

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