11 Tower of Fantasy Tips for Beginners[Mistakes to Avoid]

11 Tower of Fantasy Tips for Beginners[Mistakes to Avoid]
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Welcome to the giant list of tips that will help you thorough your Tower of Fantasy journey! In this post, we will go over all the things you should pay attention to and also mistakes to avoid!

Always Visit Mia’s Kitchen Daily

If you are an active player, always remember to go visit Mia’s kitchen 3 times a day for some daily buffs. Often times, you will get things like Volt/Fire/Ice resistance or offensive buffs that will improve your battle stats. Her kitchen recharges 3 times a day at specific times of the day.

Always Have Spare Food

While you are out there questing, don’t forget to go to the cooking machine and make enough food so you can use it in times where you are low on health in battle. Myself personally, I always keep about 10 healing + satiety food with me at all times. You will need them, especially if you are going into Joint Operations, where you fight some tough bosses.

Enemy Shields Have Different Elements

When it comes to breaking the shield of mini and large bosses, they all have different shield types and it will affect how good your weapon is at destroying that specific type of shield. For example, purple electroshield is much harder for volt weapons to shatter, so you need another element type to deal with it.

For large bosses, if you do not shatter their shields in time, they will usually launch a large scale attack that could potentially kill you or deal heavy damage.

Marking Your Exploration Map

This one I am guilty of not using as well. As you start exploring the different regions, it gets incredibly hard to remember whether or not you have finished exploring a specific area. Marking a region explored and item collected will help you figure out where to explore when you continue playing. Also, you do not have to mark all items. The important ones to mark are Gold Nucleus, Black Nucleus, Supply Pods and Scenic Areas.

Here are a few apps that can help:

No Need to Full Clear Ruins

You do not get any bonuses for killing all the monsters, so just kill the necessary ones to get to the boss and it will cut your run times much shorter and more efficient.

Use Forced Decipher for Password Chests

You want to save your keys for harder content later on. Using forced decipher will work early on. I made the same mistake as well.

Weapon Bonuses and Upgrades

When it comes to equipping weapons, you can get 4 types of bonuses based on the weapon you equip.

I am currently using Fortitude, which allows me to tank more and survive better.

This is the setup I use when taking on Joint Operation bosses.

Also, when it comes to upgrading weapons, only open the Weapon Augment Kit boxes only when you need the materials to limit break your weapon. This will stop you from wasting unnecessary materials to upgrade weapons you probably will not use.

I also recommend testing out a few weapons to see if you like their attacks. I went for tank route because I know the majority will play DPS, and in team play, you need tanks to help shatter boss shields and also soak up damage for the DPS or Supports.

Also, don’t sleep on some SR weapons. For example, the Pummeler is great as it can freeze enemies when fully charged, which is strong against tougher opponents. SR weapons are also much easier to max limit break. Every 10 black nucleus pulls will guarantee an SR weapon, allowing you to max them out quickly as you progress in the game.


One of the important aspects of making your character stronger is to focus on key matrice upgrades on specific weapons to improve the damage output of your character. Early on before you can get your hands on the SSR matrices, it is okay to use SR and R matrices. Here are some good ones to use early on:

  • Self Explosive (3 set) – Increase flame type weapon damage by 6%
  • Standard Operation (3 set) – Increase volt type weapon damage by 6%
  • Functional Dash (3 set) – Increase frost type weapon damage by 6%
  • Plunder (3 set) – Increase physical type weapon damage by 6%

You can farm them via Join Operation. As your level gets higher, you will be able to access the higher difficulties and can farm better matrices.

Gear Upgrades

So as you start farming Joint Operations and do other various modes, you will be able get gear that you can equip on your character. They provide additional stat bonuses that will help make your character stronger. The good thing about this is that you can always transfer the upgrades you already did to a new piece of gear if they provide better stats. You do not have to worry about wasting materials when it comes to upgrading.

Awaken Main Characters via Gifts

Each character will unlock their special awakening abilities at 1200 points and 4000 points respectively. If you like a specific character’s special abilities, you will want to feed them gifts daily to eventually unlock them.

To get gifts, you can go to Banges daily and speak to Hopkins, who will let you pick 1 box to get either a blue fit or a purple gift. Each character will also get more points if you give them to right gifts. They get 50% more points. The other place you can get it is Cetus island at the claw machine by the NPC named slayer. You can get up to 3 gifts per day.

The other neglected mode is the Training mode. It gives you training points, which you can use to buy more gifts at the training shop.

Doing Challenges and Bounties

Each day, you have a hard cap of 180 points that you can use to get experience, gear, material upgrades. You will want to spend it on any of the following modes:

  • Joint Operation – Best place for consistent source for matrices.
  • Dimensional Trials – Good source of matrice, weapon and gear upgrades.
  • Interstellar Exploration – Good place for weapon and matrice upgrades.
  • Omnium Beacon – Good source of matrice, weapon and gear upgrades.
  • Spacetime Domain – Good source for gold.

If you like co-op, then Joint Operation and Dimensional Trials great, but Joint Operation is mandatory to farm matrices. The others are solo runs.

As for bounties, you can do up to 4 per day. Usually, your rewards will be Gold Nucleus or Black Nucleus. Try to get all 4 done on a consistent basis!

Dark Crystals

Once you have amassed 1500+ dark crystals, you will want to spend it on the Red Nucleus, the reason being that it is the premium currency to summon limited units/weapons. After completing story mode and achievements, the dark crystal income will dry up and you will regret wasting them on anything other than the Red Nucleus as you cannot farm them at all while the rest of the items in the shop can be farmed. This holds especially true for F2P players.

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