Tower of Fantasy Mount Guide for Beginners

Tower of Fantasy Mount Guide for Beginners
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Welcome to the beginners guide for mounts in Tower of Fantasy! The biggest reason why you want to use a mount is to get to your location quicker. All mounts have the same speed, so it is a matter of preference which one you prefer. In the China version, there is already a lot of mounts that are missing in Global, so they will be released sooner or later.


The Falcon is the free mount given to you after completing main story line in chapter 1. The Falcon is a cool bike mount that looks cool, however, it is subject to object collision. So if you ram into a stone, wall or object, it will halt your movement completely, making it less fun for people that like to zoom zoom in the open world without any annoying stops.

2613 (Rubix Cube)

This one is only available if you pre-registered. Otherwise, it is not available for most people. Here is a video of it in action. This mount hovers, so it will not get stopped by little obstacles such as stones and tiny objects unlike the Falcon.


This is one of the earlier mounts you can get.  There are 2 parts of the mount that you will need to get it. The first part is in Astra in Rusty Belt. Here is the exact location:

The exact pinpoint location is [-828, 473]. You need to climb inside the tower and get the Magnetic Rod inside the gold supply pod.

After that, you need to get the Maglev Stalker, which you have to grind it.

You have to fight the Vermin Brothers in Banges, with a drop rate of about 0.20% on any of them.

The first one, located in Astra by Squeaky Den. He is Captain Medjed Squeaky, who sits on top of the platform and you will want to use a Jetpack for this.

The second location is in Banges, near a teleporter.

He is Gamma Mouse Squeak, and he can drop it too.

The third location is north of Banges. It is near a teleporter, so you can travel southwest to near the Rosen camp.

He is Alpha Mouse Squeak, which is pretty easy to find.

The last location is in the middle area in Banges. He is also near a teleporter, so you can go find him easily by going north east.

Here is what one of the Beta Mouse Den looks like:

You have to be patient with the drops, this could take hours of farming, depending on your luck. A good tip is to just farm all 4 to reduce the waiting time. Each of them re-spawns every 3 minutes or so.

You will want to rotate 2 from bottom to top and then rinse and repeat for maximum efficiency.

Omnium Beast VII

This mount consists of 3 parts, the Cockpit, Left Arm and Right Arm. The Right Arm requires farming while the Cockpit and Left Arm is gotten by finding them.

The Cockpit requires you to have access to the Banges Oil Rig. It is a hidden quest, so you will want to complete it. This video runs you through the quest and also all steps to get all 3 pieces.

For readers, here is what you need to do. You will need:

1 – 2x toolset from the blue gift box (fine giftbox) via training (buying from the gift store)

2 – Craft Strawberry Ice Soda via cooking machine.

  • 2 strawberries from shrubs in Navia
  • 2 Honey from Banges honey hive
  • 11 Sparkling Water from Banges Merchant

You can also try getting it from the vending machine from Cetus Island if you have it unlocked.

After that, head to the Banges Oil Rig, located west of Banges.

The Hyena that is guarding the rig will mention that his friend is captured by the Iron Guard in Banges. After that, head to Banges Port to talk to Lozwell, and android looking guy.

Return to the oil rig, speak to the Hyena Guard and choose the bottom option (To Be the Most Liberal Hyena!)  and he will let you into the oil rig.

Head to the top and you will find the Cockpit part there.

Next up is the Left Arm.

You need to head to the HT201 Shelter, located south of Banges.

Here is a video showing you the exact location. The password of the room is 1647.

The final piece is the Right Arm, which you will have to farm the Behemoths and has a 0.15% drop rate.

Each of these Behemoths have a respawn timer of 3 minutes or so.

You want to farm it by rotating between the 5 areas.


This nice looking pony consists of 4 parts.

The first part is the Unicorn Power Core.

First, you need to cook Fiddlehead Pie recipe:

  • Fiddlehead Pie x2
  • Brown Rice x2

The brown rice can be found near Cetus Island. For the fiddlehead, you need to head towards the middle of Banges near Mt Targus in Banges Tech.

Check out this video if you are confused. Skip to 2:20:

Next, you want to go to Crown Mines.

You want to come here to pick up the Shiny Residue. Exact location is [287, 280].

After this, head down to [449, 280]. It is south of Crown Mines near the Goldrush Mountains. Enter the hidden room on the ledge above and give the Stoker the Fiddlehead Pie and Shiny Residue. You need to crouch to get in to meet him.

Head back to the mines where you got the Shiny Residue. Set the Conversion Devices’ gears to 2 – 1 – 3 from closest to furthest.

The Ore Chunk contains the Unicorn Power Core.

Now, we head to get the Unicorn Bionic Frame.

It is in the snow area north east of Banges. Teleport to Spacerift: Southern Naa Fjords or travel to [605, -1115].

Enter the secret base on the water from the top. The passcode is 7092.

Once you are in, you need to get through security. If you mess up, you have to re-do it all over again.

Next up is the Unicorn Cyberlimbs.

You will need to go to Warren: Snow Peak fast travel point and head to [929, -409].

The tower is where you should be heading. Clear all the enemies there to unlock it. Keep in mind it will only allow you to unlock it after a week or so of playing.

Lastly, the Unicorn Head is the rarest item, which requires a lot of farming to get it. The drop rate is low, which I believe is 0.10%.

You have to kill the Devotee and this can take many hours to do so.

There are only 2 locations where they spawn.

Good luck with the farming! Also, if you want to AFK farm, watch this:

Dust Wheeler

This one is a reward from Apex League Grand Marshal Rank Season Result.


There are 4 parts. The first 2 parts, the Voyager Engine and Voyager Hull is gotten via a secret quest. This is basically the same quest you did for the Colussus Arms. Here is a quick video if you haven’t done it.

The 3rd piece, you need to go to the control room. Here is an image. It is near Seaforth Dock.

Kill the enemies and use the passcode 3594 to get it.

The last piece is the Thruster, which you need to farm in Navia for it. Drop rates are 0.50%.


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