Tower of God :New World Guide for Beginners (Re-roll, Tier List and Tips)

Welcome to the beginners guide for Tower of God: New World! This is an idle game with some similarities to Nikke: Goddess of Victory that has a casual game play style.

Tower of God: New World Basics

The Gameplay

In this game, each character is assigned a Color (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple), Class (Support, Tank, Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Ranged), and Position (e.g., Fisherman, Wave Controller, etc., inspired by roles from the webtoon). Additionally, characters possess a Unique Weapon that provides extra stats and passive abilities. Players can unlock the weapon for free after reaching a certain level of Proficiency, which increases by simply using the character.

Rather than leveling individual characters, players level up their account using the Shinsu Link system. This involves leveling five “spots,” which then translates to the characters on their team. Any character placed in these spots will automatically be leveled up to the corresponding value. This sync system is available from level 1, and everything happens automatically, eliminating the need to reset characters or manage them manually.

Surprisingly, lower rarity units are still valuable and can compete with higher rarity SSR units. The combat system revolves around the classic elemental system, where Red is strong against Green, Green against Blue, and so on. Yellow and Purple elements counter each other.

Understanding the elemental system is essential as it significantly impacts combat. When fighting against a color opposite to yours, you deal 100% more damage and take 50% reduced damage.

In battles, characters use their sub-skills automatically based on internal cooldowns, while players can manually trigger their Ultimate attacks when needed. However, manual target selection for Ultimate attacks is not available.

Players are required to build teams consisting of five characters, each with unique abilities and roles to ensure success in the game.

Gacha System

The rate of obtaining an SSR character stands at 4.7%. There is a unique Wishlist system that permits players to choose 5 SSR characters, granting them a higher chance of pulling those specific characters. Interestingly, all Colors, including Yellow and Purple, are available in the Wishlist, breaking away from the typical Light/Dark distinction seen in other games.

Moreover, after completing 100 pulls, players gain the ability to select ANY SSR character they desire. The game also displays the percentage of other players who have chosen those characters. Additionally, after 200 pulls, players receive a random SSR+ character, but they have the option to reroll once if they are unsatisfied with their selection. However, they cannot revert to the previous character once the reroll is done.

When pulling duplicate characters of any rarity, players are rewarded with a Purple Orb. The number of orbs received varies depending on the character’s rarity:

  • R = 1
  • SR = 10
  • SSR = 50
  • SSR+ = 200

Accumulating duplicates allows players to increase the skill levels of their characters, with every 3 duplicates granting an additional bonus. In total, players need 15 duplicates to maximize the skills of a character.

Tier List Re-roll Options

Since the game is still new, the tier list should be taken with a grain of salt until the game has been a few months old and players have tested the characters. Here is one by ACgamer:

The Re-roll Process

To re-roll in Tower of God: New World, start by tapping on your Profile icon from the upper left corner of the screen.

Expand the Info tab and select “Delete Account.”

Keep in mind that this will erase all the progress you’ve made so far, but it’s necessary to do this as summoning without a Summon ticket can be expensive. After deleting your account, restart the game and sign in with your Guest account. If you haven’t started the game yet, make sure to log in with a Guest account too.

You can skip the introduction story by using the Skip button on the upper right side. Next, the game will teach you how to battle, but you can skip that part if you are familiar with the game or are rerolling.

Press “Follow the Voice,” and choose any nickname since you might need to repeat the reroll process several times, and you can change the name later.

Create a team and battle for a while to collect daily rewards and claim everything you receive in the mail. This will give you about 10 summon tickets. Tap on Summon from the main screen, and in the Summon window, you’ll see five plus signs. Tap on the first one and select all the best characters you wish to summon with the reroll.

This doesn’t guarantee the summon, but it increases the chance. Once you’ve chosen the desired characters, press the golden Summon button at the bottom. If you didn’t get the hero you were looking for, repeat the process. However, if you did get the desired hero, go to your profile and link your Google or other accounts to save your progress.

Though the reroll process may seem long, it can be completed quickly if you skip the battle and introduction, taking around ten minutes.

General Tips

Completing Daily Quests


In Tower of God: New World, daily quests are very important. Doing these quests on a daily basis rewards you with valuable items and resources and allows you to advance in the game.

Don’t forget to claim offline rewards even if you’re not actively playing. You can use them to purchase upgrades and advance in the game. Make completing daily quests and challenges a priority because they are essential for reaching the end game and earning bonus rewards for logging in on a regular basis.


Proper equipment management is essential in Tower of God: New World. When you obtain new equipment, carefully review its rarity and attributes.

Even though auto-equip is available, it’s best to inspect the equipment’s attributes before using it to ensure your characters have the best equipment available. This will have a significant impact on your performance, especially as you progress through the game. As a result, paying attention to your equipment is critical for success in the mid and late game stages.

Arena Participation

Arena battles are a daily opportunity for players. At the start, it’s best to concentrate on enhancing your team before using Arena tickets. As the season comes close to ending, you can use the saved tickets to upgrade your team and avoid facing strong opponents with a beginner lineup. By following this strategy, you increase your chances of winning battles and making progress in the game.

Do Your Expeditions

Expeditions are extremely beneficial because they provide a variety of quests such as Conquest Mode, Mock Battle Facilities, Arena, and Trial Arena. These quests provide valuable in-game rewards that aid in the development of your heroes.

Conquest Mode, in particular, is critical for acquiring resources that can be used to level up your heroes, which contributes significantly to your long-term success in the game. As a result, it is recommended that you participate in these quests on a regular basis in order to level up your heroes and improve your overall gameplay experience.

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