Arknights [RIIC Base Building] Guide for Beginners

Arknights [RIIC Base Building] Guide for Beginners
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Welcome to the base building tutorial for newbies! In this guide, we will go over your base (facility) that can be used to generate resources to help you progress in the game.

When it comes to the base, it is vital to use it to your advantage since if you build out the main facilities overtime and also utilize the RIIC base skills of specific operators, you can acquire a lot of additional resources that is going to speed up your progress in the game. That can come in the form of faster promotions for your key operators. Also, you can increases the trust of the operators, which will give them bonus stats.

When it comes to operating your base, you will have:

  • Drones (allows you to build your base buildings, can be recharged via sanity when Control Center is Level 4)
  • Power Consumption (Determines the number of buildings you can have)

The Different Facilities

Lets go over all the different buildings you can build and upgrade. Each building will require resources to build or upgrade, so you will want to manage them effectively.

Control Center

This is the headquarters of the base. You can upgrade it up to 5 times and that allows you to unlock new corridors and expand to areas for more new buildings. Also, you can assign up to 5 operators in here, with 1 being the leader and the rest as assistants. Putting them here increases their trust. I suggest putting operators you use often in here for daily trust bonus. Having any operator in the headquarters will reduce the mood reduction of the entire base, irregardless of whether or not the operator has bonus skills for the HQ.

Good operators for this room are:

  • Amiya –  All Tradeposts’ order efficiency +7%
  • Dobermann, Scavenger, Projekt Red – Morale consumed per hour of all Operators in the Control Center -0.05


This is just a walking path that connects various buildings together. You need to clear this in order to create new paths and new areas to expand or build new buildings.


The Dormitory is where your operators rest and recharge their morale. Just like the HQ, it can be upgraded 5 times and you can have up to 4 dormitory rooms. If you put furniture and further improve the ambience of the room, they will restore morale a bit faster than usual. Another key thing is that having higher ambience provides friend credits, which can be used to purchase additional items in the store.

As for the furniture, it is recommended to save your furniture parts for limited furniture since they provide ambience bonus, especially if you complete a set. Some good operators for this room are:

  • Kroos – Self morale increases by 0.47 per hour
  • Hibiscus, Ansel, Shining and Myrrh – 0.55 morale increase per hour
  • Beagle – Self morale increases by 0.4 per hour, team morale increases by 0.2 per hour


The Factory allows you to produce items such as Battle Record (EXP) for leveling your operators, LMD for upgrading, Dual Chips for Elite 2 promotion and Originium.

The maximum level for a Factory is 3. You will want to remind yourself to collect these loot as they do not stack up once they fill the maximum capacity. Go for higher rarity items so you collect them very 12-24 hours. Below is a list of items you can produce once fully upgraded:

  • Drill Battle Record x1 – 45 mins
  • Frontline Battle Record x1 – 1:20 hours
  • Tactical Battle Record x1 – 3 hours
  • Pure Gold x1 – 1:12 hours
  • Vanguard Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Guard Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Defender Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Sniper Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Caster Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Medic Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Supporter Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Specialist Dual Chip x1 – 1 hour
  • Originium Shard x1 – 1 hour

Good operators for this room include:

  • EarthspiritOriginium formula related productivity +35%
  • Noir Corne, Cuora – Capacity limit +10 and productivity +10%
  • Ptilopsis – Productivity +15%
  • Kroos – Productivity +15% 1st hour and +2% per hour after, up to +25%

Power Plant

The Power Plant is the core of your base. It allows you to fully upgrade your base as long as you have 3 of them built and upgraded. The max level of each Power Plant is 3. Good operators for this room include Shaw and Lancet-2.


The Workshop is a place that gives the the opportunity to allows get base building materials, skill books, Elite chips and recycling furniture. The maximum level for this building is 3. In order to take advantage of the materials produced, you want to use specific operators that boosts that specific item. Below are some examples:

  • Deepcolor – Random materials 60% increase
  • Myrrh, Ansel – Elite materials 75% increase
  • Adnachiel, Rangers – Random materials 60% increase


The HR Office (Human Resources) gives you the option to refresh recruitment tags or unlock slots 3 and 4 for recruitment. This is a good building to upgrade if you want to non stop recruit operators via the recruitment strategy for 5 star operators. The maximum level for this building is 3. Upgrading it twice will give you the 2 slots for recruitment.

Some good operators for this room are:

  • Earth Spirit – HR accumulating speed +30%
  • Rangers – HR accumulating speed +20%

Reception Room

The Reception allows you to collect clues so you can gain friend credits, which you can use it to buy items in the store. Once you get 7 clues, a search party is organized which your friends can attend.

The max level for this building is 3. If you want friend credits fast, then it is recommended to upgrade this building early on to 3 so you can have additional operators to help you find clues quickly. Good operators for this room include:

  • 12F, Shirayuki – 20% increased speed
  • Courier – 10% increased speed and better odds for Karlan Commercial
  • Projekt Red – 25% increased speed
  • Jessica – 10% increased speed and better odds for Blacksteel Worldwide
  • Angelina – 10% increased speed

Trading Post

The Trading Post gives you the option to sell Gold Bars and Originium for LMD and Orundum respectively. The max level for this building is 3. Below are some good operators for this room:

  • Exusiai, Adnachiel, Deepcolor, Vanilla and Cuora gives +20% efficiency
  • Yato and Fang gives +30% efficiency
  • SilverAsh, Matterhorn and Courier gives +15 efficiency and +1 orde

Training Room

The training room is more of an end game room as it allows you to upgrade skills beyond level 7. The max level for this building is 3. Maxing it out allows you to upgrade your skills to level 10. Some good operators for this room include:

  • Franka – 30-50% increased training speed for Guards
  • Dobermann – 25% increased training speed
  • Hoshiguma – 30% increased training speed for Defenders
  • Warfarin – 30-50% increased training speed for Medics
  • Skyfire – 30-50% increased training speed for Casters
  • Plume – 30% increased training speed for Vanguards

Building Upgrade Priority

Now with the basics out of the way, let’s go over some optimal builds for expanding your base. I highly recommend 2 Dormitories, 2 Power Plants, 2 Trading Posts and 5 Factories early on for faster resource gathering for active players.

With this setup, you can setup 2-3 factories for exp battle records and the rest for gold bars. Do keep in mind that with this setup, you need to micromanage a bit more, especially the factories. You will have to collect your items often. 2 Dormitories is more than enough to rest your fatigued operators, allowing them to rotate and get back to the factory producing more goods for you.

For more casual players that just want to manage the base once per day, I would recommend 3 Dormitories, 1 Trading Post, 3 Power Plants and 5 Factories.

With 3 Power Plants, you can upgrade all buildings to the max. With 1 less Trading Post and 5 Factories, you can set up your orders once per day and rotate the fatigued operators in the 3 Dormitories. This is less work and you also get a lot of Battle Records and Gold Bars.

That concludes the base guide. Hope this will help you plan ahead and figure out how to manage your base.


You can collect everything (Trust and Items) by just clicking on the blue notfication at the top and collect everything at the bottom of the screen.t