How to play Onmyoji on PC

Onmyoji is a 3D RPG developed by NetEase Games. Using the Heian period as its background, the story follows the onmyoji Abe no Seimei in the quest for his lost memories. Your task is to summon shikigami, form contracts, and defeat the enemies!

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Download BlueStacks and run the installer
Complete the one-time setup
Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Onmyoji
Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.
Once installation completes, click the Onmyoji icon in the My Apps tab



AKLil Bit says
"Love the game. There's always something to do in it. The graphics are so pretty. The characters are just beautiful. The legendary drops are some what good. I was FTP for a long time and figured I would throw them some $ for doing a great job on the game. Will update if anything changes."
Retoruto33 says
"As a player who have played it 500 days in other server, I’d like to write some tips for new players. You can get plenty fun without spending any cash in this game. it’s not hard to get all heroes if you play a long time. So just get patient. Also,I don’t suggest you spend your whole money on calling heroes in this game at the first time. New players always think SSR mean best, but that’s wrong. The combination of cards are really important in this game. Also, this game is not friendly for those who only want to use money to become NO.1. Because luck takes really important role. If normal players are lucky enough, they can easily get the hero or equipment that you spend lot on get it. SSR doesn’t always mean the best. Several SR and R even better than SSR."



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