11/30 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

11/30 Update Preview and Maintenance Notice

LINK: https://forum.netmarble.com/7ds_en/view/1/90736



□ New Heroes


*Able to acquire in the “Succession of Will” Pick Up Draw Event. 


□ New Events

☞ The Top 5 Moments We Remember


☞ Liones Festival Farewell & Prisoners of the Sky Movie Event Eve


□ New Costumes

– Drole Costume Sets 


□ New Bundles


□ Engravings


□ Draw Pool Addition


□ Ending Events and Bundles

– Guardian of the Sacred Tree Pick Up Draw Event

– Mysterious Fragment Drops and Exchange Shop

– Increased Friendship Coin Gain Event

– Friendship Coin Shop Costume Exchange Event

– Double Death Match Host Reward


□ System Fixes

– Removed some missions from Final Boss Battle Taizoo’s “Battle Score Application List” that were not actually applied.

(Apply Debuff: Attack Disable +20 points)

(Apply Debuff: Buff/Debuff Disable +15 points)