[12/14] Maintenance

[12/14] Maintenance
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LINK: https://support.ngelgames.com/support/discussions/topics/64000300779?fbclid=IwAR1585wFEhTPSd_2lu0pSQckLrrVly5AHMISDgaMjwWQfnPHVymt7mofKXQ

The game will undergo maintenance on December 14th to improve your gameplay experience.

Christmas is coming! We will celebrate our first Christmas Party with the concert, “DREAM” in Hero Cantare!

As now we have a complete Idol groups of Tetra, we invite you everyone to our concert.

New Idol Relics and Idol Goods Vendor are waiting for you! 😉


▶ Maintenance Schedule: Dec. 14th (MON), 15:00 ~ 19:00 PST (4 hours)

▶ Next Maintenance Schedule: Dec. 21st (MON) PST

※ REMINDER: Special Collaboration – Noblesse will be finished during this maintenance. As we notified before, please use up your Orb of Noblesse before the maintenance starts. Otherwise, the unused Orb of Noblesse will be changed to Orb of Collaboration for the next special collaboration event.

※ NOTICE: Since Daily Missions will be renewed during this maintenance, the current Daily Mission will be removed after the maintenance. Whether you completed the Daily Mission or not from 00:00 to 15:00 on Dec. 14th, new Daily Missions will be given to every Hero after the maintenance. Also, 10 Gems as Daily Free Merchandise at Daily Store is a reward from a Daily Mission, it can be acquirable again after the maintenance.

▶ New Features 

1. New Exclusive Relics: Concert in Eternal Ecstasy (Sweet Dream Charlotte) & Odette on the Stage (Cat’s Eye Odette)

[Concert in Eternal Ecstasy] and [Odette on the Stage] are added in the cubes in Portal, Relic Selection Chest and Tetra SS Relic Selection Chest. Also, they can be crafted at the Forge and each Hero’s Awakening Tree as well.

  • Concert in Eternal Ecstasy (Sweet Dream Charlotte’s Exclusive Relic)
  • Odette on the Stage (Cat’s Eye Odette’s Exclusive Relic)

2. New Item: Artifact Special Stat Changer, Equipment Summon Ticket and Memory of Crafting Relic

1) Artifact Special Stat Changer

Artifact Special Stat Changer allows to change the selected Artifact’s Special Stat which includes Activate Properties and Skill randomly one time.

It changes Special Stat’s Activate Properties and Skill randomly. However, if 2 Artifacts having a same Type and Skill are equipped, only the higher Skill stat will be applied. (Added at 4:52, Dec. 14th PST)

  • Artifact Special Stat Changer is stored in ‘Etc.’ tab of the Inventory.
  • How to use Artifact Special Stat Changer

– Select an Artifact that you want to change the Special Stat in your Artifact Inventory. You will see a [Change] button next to the Special Stat when you own at least one Artifact Special Stat Changer.

– Artifact Special Stat Changer cannot be used to the Artifact that doesn’t have Special Stat.

– When you tap the [Change] button, you will see the Artifact’s current Special Stat and it will be changed to another random Special Stat when you use an Artifact Special Stat Changer.

– When you tap the [Change Stat] button, an Artifact Special Stat Changer is spent and you will find the changed Special Stat. At this moment, you can choose whether to keep the previous Special Stat by [Cancel modification], change Special Stat one more time by spending one more changer again by [Change Stat] or keep the changed Special Stat by [Confirm modification].

– Although you chose [Cancel modification], the spent Artifact Special Stat Changer will not be refunded.

– Once the Artifact’s Special Stat is changed, and it’s equipped to the corresponding type of the Hero, you will get Damage Boost during the battle against the corresponding opponent.

2) Equipment Summon Ticket

Now we got another currency to summon Equipment instead of only with Gems. You can summon Equipment at the Equipment summon with this ticket.

  • Equipment Summon Ticket is stored in ‘Etc.’ tab of the Inventory.
  • How to use Equipment Summon Ticket

– You can find how many Equipment Summon Tickets you own at the bottom of the Summon Equipment scene.

– One Equipment Summon costs 1 Equipment Summon Ticket or 80 Gems. 10 Equipment Summon costs 10 Equipment Summon Tickets of 750 Gems.

– If you have both Equipment Summon Ticket and Gems when you try summoning Equipment, Equipment Summon Ticket will be used prior to Gems. However, if you have insufficient tickets when summoning 10 Equipment, it will ask using Gems instead of Equipment Summon Ticket.

3) Memory of Crafting Relic

Save your Hero’s Memories in crafting Relic. Memory of Crafting Relic can be used as materials when crafting Relic at the Forge.

  • You can check how many Memory of Crafting Relic you own at the Craft Relics in the Forge.
  • How to use Memory of Crafting Relic

– Memory of Crafting Relic simply replaces the Hero’s Memory as a material when you craft a Relic.

– The grade of the crafted Relic by using Memory of Crafting Relic is the same as the one crafted using the Hero’s Memories.

3. New Daily & Weekly Missions

Daily Missions are renewed and Weekly Missions are added with Point Boxes!

Don’t miss dailies and weeklies to farm materials and new items!

  • Point Box System

The mission has changed from receiving a reward upon completion to a certain point instead.

The missions give different amounts of points and it can be found on the right side of each mission.

However, you don’t have to clear all missions to get the reward from the last Point Box.

When you tap an unopened Point Box, you can see what rewards are in the box. (Edited at 5:20, Dec.14th PST)

If you collected enough points to open a Point Box, you will see the box’s icon shining.

Don’t forget to tap the box to get the reward! The unopened Point Boxes don’t come back.

  • Daily Missions

Daily Missions reset at 00:00 PST every day.

– Daily Missions and Acquirable Points

– Daily Rewards in Point Box

  • Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions reset at 00:00 PST every Monday.

– Weekly Missions and Acquirable Points

– Weekly Rewards in Point Box (Edited at 5:20, Dec.14th PST)

▶ New Events 

1. Pick Up Cube: Kaiser & Jinsung Ha

  • Event Period: Dec. 14th PST after maintenance ~ Dec. 27th PST before maintenance
  • New relics [Concert in Eternal Ecstasy] and [Odette on the Stage] are added in the cubes.

2. New Event: Hot Time Login Reward!

Log in Hero Cantare in Hot Time and get more rewards from the event!

  • Event Period: Dec. 14th, 2020 PST after maintenance ~ Jan. 11th, 2021 PST before maintenance
  • Hot Time Schedule & Rewards

Hot Time schedule and rewards reset at 00:00 every day during the event period.

Please be noticed that the time displayed in the missions is based on PST.

  • How to participate

– Missed Hot Time

If there’s a Hot Time you have missed, you will see the mission is inactivated and you will no longer be able to receive the reward.

– While it’s not Hot Time yet

If it’s not Hot Time, you can see the remaining time until the next Hot Time.

– While it’s Hot Time

If it’s Hot Time, you can see the burning clock’s icon and a ‘Receive’ button activated next to the rewards. Simply tap the button and get the reward.

3. Who’s your pick? & Idol Goods Vendor

  • Event Period: Dec. 14th PST after maintenance ~ Dec. 27th PST before maintenance
  • Who’s your pick?

Collect as many [Light Stick] by completing missions!

– Missions and Rewards

  • Idol Goods Vendor

Exchange your [Light Stick] for official Hero Cantare’s Idol Goods!

– List of Exchangeable Items

– [SS Idol’s Exclusive Relic Random Box] You can summon one random Idol’s Exclusive Relic by using this box. The Random Box includes [I am the Leader!], [Mame Shiba Daisy is Here!], [Concert in Eternal Ecstasy] and [Odette on the Stage].

– [SS Idol’s Exclusive Relic Selection Chest] You can select and claim one Idol’s Exclusive Relic from the Selection Chest. The Selection Chest includes [I am the Leader!], [Mame Shiba Daisy is Here!], [Concert in Eternal Ecstasy] and [Odette on the Stage].

4. New Hero Pass

  • Event Period: Dec. 14th, 2020 PST after maintenance ~ Jan. 11th, 2021 PST before maintenance
  • Points and Rewards

– [Random SS Hero Ticket [Hero Pass]] You can summon one random SS Hero or 80 Hero’s Shards by using this ticket. (Heroes that were released a month prior to its addition, collaborated and Fallen Angel Michael are not included in this ticket.)

– [Hero’s Memory Selection Chest] You can select and claim 100 SS Hero Shards among the list: King Dark, Crusade Mira Yoo, Prime King Uma, Valkyrie, Witch of the West Mira Yoo, Queen No-name

▶ New Packages 

1. New Relay Packages

  • Sales Period: Dec. 14th, 2020 PST after maintenance ~ Jan. 11th, 2021 PST before maintenance
  • Details

▶ Improvements & Bug Fix 

1. Redesigned summon rate’s page which can be found in each Portal.

2. Added the upgraded stat after upgrade in Artifact Upgrade.

3. Removed flickering effect of the Hero when leveling it up.

4. Added a yellow [N] icon on the new events. (Edited at 5:20, Dec.14th PST)

▶ Finished Events 

1. Special Collaboration – Noblesse

Noblesse 7D Special Check-In!

Noblesse Cube

Noblesse Pick-Up Cube

2. Extra Activity Event

3. Hero Pass (Nov. 16th~Dec. 14th)

▶ Finished Packages 

1. Special Collaboration – Noblesse

Noblesse SS Random Bundle

Noblesse Summoning 1~3

2. Relay Packages (Nov. 16th~Dec. 14th)

*More update details will be provided in a later notice.

*Please be sure to close the game before the maintenance begins to protect your game data.

*Please be sure to download the update in a stable network environment.