Goddess of Victory: Nikke Wiki Guide
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Event Description Duration Ends in
Cocoa Banner
2% chance to get Cocoa in this banner! Feb 01 - Feb 15
Viper Banner
2% chance to get Viper. Jan 18 - Jan 31
Jackal Banner
2% chance to pull Jackal. Jan 12 - Jan 26
Modernia Banner
1% Chance for Modernia. Pilgrim unit! Dec 31 - Jan 19
Miracle Snow
Enter the exclusive event field for Miracle Snow and take part in different activities. Explore and win awesome rewards like Gems, development materials, and even Lost Relics! Dec 08 - Dec 28
Hero of the Ark — SSR Nikke Laplace will join Special Recruit. Nov 24 - Dec 08
High-tech Toy
Numerous mass-produced Nikkes have gone missing after being sent up to the surface. Nov 24 - Dec 08
No Caller ID
A piece of suspicious information comes from the surface where no man resides. To investigate the case, the Counters start searching the surface. Nov 10 - Nov 24
2% chance to get Helm. 200 summons to pity Helm. Nov 10 - Nov 24