Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List Guide [For Beginners]

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List Guide [For Beginners]
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Welcome to the beginners tier list for Nikke: Goddess of Victory! Now that the game will be launched on November 4th 2022, this is the current list that is up to date until the recent early release of the game. So, it will be subject to change should they make some last minute changes in the final version.

The list is graded with the current things in mind:

Story Progression – The units need to be able to help out for the easier chapters from 1-7 and then chapter 8+, where things get harder and harder.

Game Modes – Some units are very good in certain modes, with raid bosses being something of importance.

Team Building – Since you will need a mix of burst types 1,2 and 3, here are some combos you want to keep in mind when looking at the list:

  • 1x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 3x Burst III (high damage, some support/heal)
  • 2x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 2x Burst III (balanced team)
  • 3x Burst I, 1x Burst II, 1x Burst III (super defensive)

Finally, the tier will be ranked like this:

  • S+ Tier – Top priority for re-roll and are great units to own.
  • S Tier – Great all around units for general progression.
  • A Tier – Good pulls and decent for story progression.
  • B Tier – Usable and can help you progress in the early game.

Since the pull rates for SSR is 4%, if you do 200 pulls, you will get about 8 SSR units give or take. This game relies on dupes to make your unit powerful, so pick wisely. Also, you can use the wishlist to improve the chances to pick the desired unit you want. The only faction that you cannot use the wishlist for is the Pilgrim faction.

DPS Tier List

Keep in mind that some of the DPS (mostly Burst III types) units can also classify as a buffer/debuffer because they can also support other allies. You can select any unit to see more in depth details.

S+ Tier

They are very strong, but they are from the Pilgrim faction. Re-rolling for these is going to be a long process. However, if you are able to pull any of them, they will serve you well as the primary DPS.

S Tier

The units in this group are solid and can provide enough firepower to get you to the late game stages of story mode.

A Tier

Rapi is surprisingly good for an SR unit. Since she is easy to get dupes for, it is highly recomened that you max her out for early game progress. Eunhwa has bad AI and won’t do well in auto play, but for manual play, she is really good if you can always hit 2 shots to get the charging speed and damage bonuses.

B Tier

These are okay to use for story mode, but generally they are outclassed by many of the characters above in terms of damage and for some utility.

Buffer/Debuffer/Support Tier List

For this category, most of the units are either Burst I or Burst II types. You will want to at least have 1 from each to be able to get to the burst phase in combat. If you want more details of each character, click on them to find out more.

S+ Tier

These are the top supports that you would be quite happy to get from this group.

Noah can taunt enemies, lower their attack and also provide some damage reduction for the team. Her burst skill grants invincibility and a big defense buff for all allies.

Pepper can increase stack count of buffs by 1 and give giant heals, Liter can lower ally burst skill cooldown, increase max ammo and provide attack buff. She also has a unique skill that allows her to repair covers to protect your allies. Volume also operates quite similar to Liter, but boosts crit rate and critical damage for allies instead.

Miracle Fairy Anne is a great buffer/healer in attacker and supporter teams with a free revive. Excellent for PvP and great in tougher PvE battles.

S Tier

Poli is a shielder for the team, while Exia is more of a defense shredding unit. Dolla also operates a bit similar to Volume in terms of what they do.

Milk can buff crit damage of allies but most importantly provide lifesteal for the team at a low cooldown.

Signal is also another good defense shredding unit that can provide lifesteal for herself.

Yuni is more of a crowd control unit that can also provide lifesteal and max ammo capacity for allies.

Rupee: Winter Shopper is a limited unit, while she provides a lot of utility via defense buff, lifesteal and reload speed, she is for the most part out of reach for most F2P players.

A Tier

In this tier, some of the SR units are great for early game progression.

  • Belorta – some defense shred and AoE damage
  • Delta – budget tank with taunt
  • N102 – budget attack buffer
  • Anis – some damage mitgation and defense shred

As for the SSR, some worthy mentions is Emma, who is a great healer if you cannot get Pepper. Rapunzel is also unique healer who can revive, but usually it is not necessary in most of campaign mode unless you are trying to battle much harder stages.

Miranda is also a decent boss killing support thanks to her focused buffs on the highest attack DPS.

B Tier

The characters on the list here are all usable, although it is much preferred to utilize the A tier units. They can definitely help with early game progression.


This list will alter as we find out more about each unit and also how well they perform in teams. The general idea is to get 1 unit from each Burst type category. Good luck if you choose to re-roll!

Also, if you want to check out other player’s tier list, I have included a few for you.