The leader of Aegis and the captain of the Admire, an amphibious warship. She eagerly awaits the day when she can prove her mettle in naval combat.










Sniper Rifle






Nov 10th 2022


Buffer Healer DPS
















Decent single target DPS

Can buff crit rate and attack for all allies

Can heal allies by providing lifesteal buff via burst skill

Good boss killer

Lacks AoE attack coverage

Sniper rifles does poorly in close range

High burst skill cooldown


Helm is a SSR Attacker character that uses a Sniper Rifle as a weapon in Nikke - Goddess of Victory.

Helm is the latest unit to be released by Goddess of Victory: Nikke. More details will be added as we get more info about her as she is released.

Helm or any Nikke with charge type weapon like Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle can take advantage of fast attacks to upkeep her own buff.

Helm has really good skills, especially for single target. Do keep in mind that her burst skill only targets on enemy, so it is not an AoE attack.

While she might be a burst type 3 attacker, she offers additional utility aside from pure single target DPS. Her first skill will buff the crit rate of all allies and has high upkeep time if you are willing to use manual mode.

Her second skill boosts all allies attack power, which increases the team's overall DPS as the battle progresses.

Her burst skill is arguably her best skill, which provides high lifesteal for all allies, allowing them to heal themselves up. Do keep in mind that if your allies or Helm herself is stunned, they will not be able to heal themselves, unlike traditional healers where their heals always goes through once casted.

She is best in a team where allies can deal AoE damage to cover her own weakness. Her buffs will more than improve AoE attackers damage output.


Lv.1 - Lv.80

Lv.81 - Lv.160

Credits x10,695,960
Battle Data Set x108,932,680
Dust Core x13,500

Lv.161 - Lv.200

Credits x15,718,300
Battle Data Set x187,369,100


Regular Attack
Charge 6 Ammo 2s Reload
Target   Affects target(s).
Enemy   Deals 69.04% of ATK as damage.
Self   Charge Time: 1 sec.
Enemy   Full Charge Damage: 250%.
Frontline Command
Target   Activates when the last bullet hits the target. Affects all allies.
Ally   Critical Rate of normal attack ▲ 14.64% for 5 sec.
Fire Away
Target   Affects all allies.
Ally   Damage to interruption part ▲ 3.08% permanently.
Target   Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all allies.
Ally   ATK damage ▲ 11.85% for 10 sec.
Aegis Cannon
Burst Skill 40s Cooldown
Target   Affects the enemy with highest ATK.
Enemy   Deals 1237.5% of ATK as damage.
Target   Affect all allies.
Ally   Recovers 54.45% of ATK damage for 10 sec.



Elizabeth Simmons


+100 BOND
+50 BOND
which do you think is more important, Subordinate? Tried-and-true tactics or improvisation?
+100 BOND
Tried-and-true tactics.
+50 BOND
Do you like seafood-flavored Splendamin, Subordinate? Octopus-flavored Splendamin. Halibut-flavored Splendamin.
+100 BOND
Not really.
+50 BOND
I like it.
Which flavor do you prefer most? Spicy, salty or sour? Just so you know, I'm not a massive fan of any of them.
+100 BOND
+50 BOND
Subordinate, do you think... the surface will be reclaimed one day?
+100 BOND
Yes, I believe it will happen.
+50 BOND
... I'm not sure.
IF you were to receive a large sum of money, how do you intend to spend it?
+100 BOND
I'll invest in the Admire.
+50 BOND
Did you receive more donations than usual?
Not only are we descended from royalty, but I've also received her help once before. It's been ages since I last got in touch with her, so I'd like to give her a gift. So what do you think I should give her?
+100 BOND
A fancy tea set.
+50 BOND
A fancy handkerchief.
Anchor has a bad habit of tossing starfish around whenever she's in a tough spot. I'm trying to get her to kick the habit, but I'm not sure how to go about it.
+100 BOND
I'll toss out all the starfish in Anchor's locker.
+50 BOND
You can try tossing out all the starfish in Anchor's locker.
designed to provide our distinguished guests with the safest and most peaceful journey possible. In the past, countless ships... Argh, I can't memorize all this!
+100 BOND
Would it help if I listened to you reciting the speech?
+50 BOND
Would it help if we recite the speech together?
+100 BOND
Place a card containing small amounts of credit in the box.
+50 BOND
Place one of Anchor's starfish in the box.
By the way, are you good at swimming? I'm only asking, just in case.
+100 BOND
I'm extremely good at it.
+50 BOND
I sink like a stone.
It doesn't happen often. Just occasionally, whenever it's a particularly big or significant event. I haven't made any major blunders yet, but I'm worried it'll happen one of these days.
+100 BOND
Don't forget who you're representing.
+50 BOND
It's normal to flub a line or two.
Let's say I fell into the water. Even after you've pulled me out, I remain unconscious. So the question now is, what is the first thing you should do?
+100 BOND
There's no way you'd ever fall into the water.
+50 BOND
I'd give you a kiss first.
All this dirt and grime that builds up every day. Don't ask me why, but all it ever does is float in a swimming pool.
+100 BOND
I mean, people become dirty too if they don't clean themselves up.
+50 BOND
Perhaps, that's the reason?
Jeez, Anchor threw... this right in my face. It's not a st-starfish, is it?
+100 BOND
That's a living, breathing starfish, all right.
+50 BOND
Calm down. It's only a toy.
Subordinate, do you prefer a lightweight but fast ship or a strong but slow ship?
+100 BOND
A strong but slow ship.
+50 BOND
A lightweight but fast ship.
Say they give you enough money that you can lead the life you want. What will you do, Subordinate?
+100 BOND
It'd be meaningless if I didn't accomplish it myself.
+50 BOND
I'd accept it with pleasure.
How do you deal with disobedient subordinates? For example, let's say... drinking on the job or throwing starfish.
+100 BOND
I'd join them.
+50 BOND
I don't have any subordinates like that, so I can't say.
It's not even real and is completely harmless. Nevertheless, people keep mistaking it for an actual weapon. I can't just leave it behind, though. So I don't know what to do.
+100 BOND
It's not like you can explain the situation to each and every single person you meet.
+50 BOND
How about stabbing all passers-by?
Water had been splashed everywhere. I don't mind people using the pool, but they should clean up after themselves.
+100 BOND
I'll make sure it's cleaned from here on out.
+50 BOND
... Wasn't everyone out on an mission last night?
Is it a meaningless feat or something we should beseech everyone to do, regardless?
+100 BOND
Fighting for a just cause should be respected, no matter what form it takes.
+50 BOND
If a cause is bound to fail, then it is meaningless.


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