The leader of Mighty Tools. Contrary to her appearance, she has already lived a long life. At present, no other NIKKE can surpass her when it comes to construction.










Sub Machine Gun


Missilis Industry


Mighty Tools


Nov 4th 2022


Buffer Healer
















Can increase ammo capacity, crit damage and attack for all allies

Can reduce ally burst skill cooldown during full burst phase

Can repair cover to protect ally

Burst skill provides a massive attack buff for a short duration

Low burst skill cooldown

S1 passive takes a while to amp up

Full potential is only reached in longer battles

Can't repair covers if they are broken


Liter is a SSR Supporter character that uses a Sub Machine Gun as a weapon in Nikke - Goddess of Victory.

Liter is a pretty unique Nikke that offers repair on covers that protect your ally. This gives them more time to hide as covers can be destroyed.

Her burst skill is great, giving a massive attack boost to all allies, but only for a short duration. She thrives in longer battles, with her S1 passive being able to boost allies' max ammo capacity, critical damage, attack and lower burst skill cooldown.

While she does offer a lot, her S1 passive takes a well to charge up to get the bonuses mentioned, so in easy battles, she isn't going to be at her full potential.

As a utility support, I would be looking to pull her as top priority.


Lv.1 - Lv.80

Lv.81 - Lv.160

Credits x10,695,960
Battle Data Set x108,932,680
Dust Core x13,500

Lv.161 - Lv.200

Credits x15,718,300
Battle Data Set x187,369,100


Regular Attack
Normal 120 Ammo 1.5s Reload
Target   Affects target enemy.
Enemy   Deals 8.73% ATK as damage.
Liter Boost
Target   Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all allies.
Ally   Effect changes according to the activation time(s). Previous effects triggers repeatedly.
Ally   Once: Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 2.34 sec.
Ally   Twice: Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 2.7 sec.
Ally   Thrice: Cooldown of Burst Skill ▼ 3.17 sec.
Target   Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects all allies.
Ally   Effect changes according to the activation time(s). Previous effects triggers repeatedly.
Ally   Once: Max Ammunition Capacity ▲ 48.17% for 5 sec.
Ally   Twice: Critical Damage ▲ 12.46% for 5 sec.
Ally   Thrice: ATK ▲ 14.42% for 5 sec.
Bolt Boost
Active 15s Cooldown
Target   Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the lowest HP.
Ally   Cover's HP recovers by 52.5%.
Double Boost
Burst Skill 20s Cooldown
Target   Affects all allies.
Ally   ATK ▲ 66% for 5 sec.



Lisa Reimold


Yuka Iguchi


Choi Jeong-yoon


+100 BOND
+50 BOND
When I give them advice as their senior, they either just yawn or scratch their heads. Hey, Greenhorn. Do you think my advice is useless, too?
+100 BOND
Don't you remember what it's like to be young?
+50 BOND
Advice is the greatest gift that the old can give the young.
Now, imagine that dog was doing its business in a place where people don't usually go. Would you clean it up, or just leave it?
+100 BOND
I would still clean it up.
+50 BOND
It wouldn't be so bad to leave it, right? Just once?
A lot of people think a leash restricts a dog's freedom. But what do you think, Greenhorn?
+100 BOND
It's about their safety, not their freedom.
+50 BOND
Dogs deserve their freedom.
I've been thinking if I've been too harsh recently... Well, I mean sometimes. Should I change my ways?
+100 BOND
Being strict is a matter of safety.
+50 BOND
I think a change might do you good.
She does everything I tell her, without any complaining. But, I'm worried that she might become too dependent.
+100 BOND
Centi is not a kid.
+50 BOND
It's okay. She has you to watch out for her.
Someday, I will no longer do this work. But every time I think about life without work, I get frustrated.
+100 BOND
When that day comes, you'll find something else to do.
+50 BOND
You should prepare for your retirement.
As far as I know, she is much younger than me so I wonder why. ... Could she be lying about her age?
+100 BOND
Maybe it's because of her high quality of life.
+50 BOND
... Maybe it's because you're less mature than you thought?
Why does she keep taking her socks off everywhere?! I can only clean up after her for so long!
+100 BOND
It's a bit of a secret, but Anis actually has a medical condition with her feet...
+50 BOND
From now on, if you see her socks lying around, just come and tell me.
but for some reason, I just can't seem to focus. Maybe I'm getting old... Or maybe I'm just tired...
+100 BOND
Maybe it's because you don't find the work interesting anymore?
+50 BOND
You just need a good rest.
What a great life to live. No one lives as comfortably as she does.
+100 BOND
Bolt also has her own troubles.
+50 BOND
I'm envious.
However, I recently discovered he's been tampering with the construction funds. I'm at a loss. What do I do?
+100 BOND
Give him a piece of your mind.
+50 BOND
Let it slide so your relationship can remain intact.
I was thinking about giving it a try. But, aren't I a bit too old for that sort of thing?
+100 BOND
Age doesn't matter when it comes to hobbies.
+50 BOND
If you injure yourself at your age, you'll have a harder time recovering.
I'm not at home a lot, and Bolt looks like he's feeling a little lonely. If I get him a little brother to play with, he might not be as lonely.
+100 BOND
Then you'll just end up with two lonely dogs instead of one.
+50 BOND
How about bringing two more dogs?
Apparently, there's been some friction between the younger populace and the elderly. If you had to choose, who would you side with?
+100 BOND
I can't choose. I see both sides.
+50 BOND
I don't want any part in it.
Time catches up to all of us eventually. Even you'll grow old someday, Greenhorn. So, how old would you like to be?
+100 BOND
I wanna become an old geezer.
+50 BOND
I'd like to live as a hot charming middle-aged guy.
It wasn't so bad at first, but I'm starting to get a little tired of it. What can I do to change things up?
+100 BOND
I'll pack your lunch.
+50 BOND
I'll ask Emma if she can pack you a lunch.
I already know what kind of death I want. What about you, Greenhorn? Is there any way you'd prefer to leave this world?
+100 BOND
Surrounded by beautiful women.
+50 BOND
Dying peacefully in my sleep.
If I see gunpowder residue everywhere, I know Neon is the culprit. And for Anis...
+100 BOND
Socks all strewn about?
+50 BOND
Soda cans lying everywhere?
Wait, no. Try guessing what food I like.
+100 BOND
... Porridge?
+50 BOND
Dog treats?
Centi's eyes were practically green with envy. So I just...
+100 BOND
Did you sell it for a premium?
+50 BOND
You didn't poke her in the eye, did you?


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