Honkai Star Rail Guide for Beginners [Progression and Tips]

Honkai Star Rail Guide for Beginners [Progression and Tips]
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If you want a good start to Honkai Star Rail, you will want to pay attention to these tips when the game releases. It is going to be a lot of fun and you want to maximize your account AKA min max for the best start possible.

Enjoy Progression and Using Trailblazer Power Efficiently (Energy)

No need to rush the game. Enjoy it for what it offers. You will eventually hit a wall at around level 30. At that point it will be a grind and you may get bored.

You will be using Trailblazer Power to increase your overall character power and you will be grinding a lot of these. You need to grind out 6 different relics to max out a character of your choice.

The game baits you by rewarding you with “fuel”, which is the energy for grinding. Save them for later. It is a rare resource and you only want to use it when you can grind 5 star relics. Otherwise, it is not worth it for progression.

Stellar Jade Usage

This is the premium currency. Never use it on standard banner. Unless you are a dolphin or whale who wants fast progression, it is not efficient to use it on energy (trailblazer power) either.

If anything this is only reserved for LIMITED BANNERS ONLY.

Focus Team Building

While it is nice to keep pulling all types of characters, it is best to just focus on a main team and use your resources on them. As F2P, spreading your resources too thin will hinder your progression.

Like most gacha games, they shower you with resources early on and you will think you can level more than 6+ characters, but soon it will dwindle and you find yourself short on resources, a trap to get you to pay. 🙂

Do Your Explorations

Honkai Star Rail’s chest exploration takes way less time and it is always worth doing. You can get up to 60 currency per run, which is pretty nice.

The exploration is fun and on the map, it actually shows you where the chests are.

Want extra pulls? Make sure to get them!

Side Quests and Daily Missions

In the story mode, there is a lot of side quests that you can do. Always do them while you are doing the main story. Some require you to talk to NPCs so you can access other areas. Investigate and talk to most people to unlock it.

Clearing daily missions is the bread and butter of gacha games. Make sure to complete them.

Weakness Breaking

Weakness breaking staggers the enemy and immobilizes them + extra damage. It is beneficial to use it to your advantage rather than forcing a team you want to use. Always check to see if anyone on your team has advantage. Keep in mind that your damage to the toughness bar scales with character attacking level and their skill level.

Do Not Overlook 4 Stars

We all want 5 star units, but there are really good 4 star units that can be great for your team. You will get some characters for free such as:

  • Physical Trailblazer (5 star)
  • March 7th (decent support with freeze)
  • Natasha (Healer)
  • Dan Heng (Damage Dealer)
  • Herta (Ice Damage Dealer)
  • Asta (AoE Fire Damage Dealer)

You can use these units to build a team of your choice and progress. They work great as free units.

Expeditions (Assignments)

Most gacha games will have this mode, and Honkai is no different. You can send your characters to get level up items such as light cone and currency. Just make sure to have a rotation of units to keep helping you do assignments for passive income.

Doing Events and Battle Pass

This one is quite obvious but sometimes when you have many things to do, this one gets put in the back burner.

The Battle Pass is also another great way to get extra resources you need. Not doing it will make you fall behind in progression. Early game, you will be at least leveling 8 characters at the minimum, so do not slack on this.

Avoid Spending Resources on Unnecessary Stuff

This includes 3 star light cones or items that could potentially be replaced a few days later. Save your resources until you cannot progress before thinking about doing upgrades. This will help in the long run.

Since the game is still young, the “meta” has yet to be defined, so wait till you know which characters you want to invest in before pouring all of it into them. If you do not see yourself using the character for more than 2 weeks, avoid upgrading them much.

Forgotten Halls and Simulated Universe

Pushing it early will give you awesome rewards that will push your account further. You get a currency that can buy you 5 star light cones, which will give your characters a huge power spike.

You can do them with the free units given at the start and you can switch your team out later when you get more characters that can help you push further into the later levels.

The same for Simulated Universe, which is a weekly grind. You can get free 4 stars and tonnes of resources and it is always worth doing.

World Level and Character Level

You want to keep your world level and character level about the same. You will want your characters at maximum potential and avoid being under-leveled and some quests might be tougher due to that. Much like Genshin, the enemies scale with your world level.

Late Game Focus

Once you get to level 70+, it is time to focus on your main carries. Character progression will slow down at that point and it is recommended to upgrade them to max potential before moving on to others. It is suggested to focus on DPS first, then supports second.

There you have it Enjoy the game folks!

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