Roblox Daybreak Codes Guide – Redeem Them!

Welcome to the Daybreak Code post! In this article, we will be updating the codes each month to help you out in the game. Please come back for more each month as new promo codes are out. Keep in mind that the Daybreak codes may be valid for a limited period of time only. So quickly redeem the codes or they may expire soon!

Latest Codes

QIYUE – Redeem the Daybreak code for freebies.
JMT – Activate the Daybreak code for gifts.
Dogu15 – Redeem the Daybreak code for freebies.
dilf – Activate the Daybreak code for gifts.
COMMUNITY – Redeem the Daybreak code for freebies.
1KMEMBERS – Activate the Daybreak code for gifts.
COOLSKINS – Redeem the Daybreak code for freebies.
ANIMALPALS – Activate the Daybreak code for gifts.

How to Redeem Your Code in Game

For new players, this can be a bit confusing at first. However, don't worry, as you will get it very quickly. To redeem codes in Daybreak, the code redemption section is within the game menu. Follow the steps below to redeem Daybreak Codes.

Step 1: Launch the Daybreak game.
Step 2: Head over to the redemption center and click on it.
Step 3: You will see a text box pop up and you can enter all the Daybreak Codes available.
Step 4: Double check the code and you can confirm it.
Step 5: Press Enter or click on the redeem button to get rewarded.

How To Find More Daybreak Codes?

You will have to follow the social media platform of the game. Below the paragraph contains the official links in the game itself. If you are vigilant about this, you can easily get the newest ones without much effort, provided that you stay active in the game.

Daybreak Summary

Daybreak is an 8v1 asymmetrical horror game which puts survivors against a ruthless killer! Do you have what it takes to survive? Or will you become the killer? Or will you be some headless chicken without a clue what to do? Well this guide is here to help that last one so you wont have to fret!

> Play as a diverse and unique cast of characters!
> Loop the killer or go on a rampage!
> Voice acting (not yet added)
> Collect skins and memories to learn more about the characters

Daybreak Guide and Tips

Here are the 2 main roles in the game: Survivors and Killers.


Survivors are team-based and objective oriented. In order to win, each survivor must work together to mend all generators and pick each other up when downed. They can also sprint and crawl. Each survivor has their own unique stats and perk which can use to their advantage in certain fields or situations. Some survivors have items which you can use as well. It’s all about finding the play-style which suits you!

  • Generators are a survivor’s primary objective, and must complete them all to escape. To use a generator, all you have to do is go up to it and press the respective button on your screen. The more people working on a generator, the faster it goes to be repaired! A generator’s sound will be the same as its progress.
  • To escape, head to the Exit Gates OR be the last one alive and find the Mist Exit. When the gates open, the end game timer begins. If you aren’t out by the time it ends, you’ll be automatically killed.
  • Teamwork is the key to survival. Use the Quick Chat feature to quickly alert others. You can easily tell your teammates you’re in a chase WHILE in the chase!


Killers work alone to hunt and must kill all survivors. A complete victory comes when they are all dead, however as long as you down most of them, you can still win! Killers have a detect ability, active ability, passive ability and basic attack. Pick the ones that fit you best and get to work!

  • Downing and killing all survivors is the killer’s primary objective. Once a survivor is downed, there is no need to stay near them or guard their body, as being too close makes their health decreases slowly or not at all.
  • You can go up to a generator and Kick to begin regressing its progress.
  • You can see every generator on the map, but make sure to check frequently and not get caught up in a chase! This can easily allow survivors to rush through all generators.

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