Welcome to the boss page. In this section, we will go over all the World Bosses available in Tower of Fantasy. Currently, there are 8 World Bosses, with more to be added. Each World Boss will have a specific matrice drop alongside other goodies that you can get from the locked chest upon defeating it. Each World Boss re-spawns every 1 hour.

Note: If you join another team who is on another server, you can teleport to his/her server and join the fight.

When it comes to the World Boss, it is very hard to solo them unless you have extremely decked out gear. Even then, it is not possible for most. For a general guideline, you will want to have at least 4-6 members and it is best to organize it or join another team. The other key thing is you will want at least one dedicated healer on the team. Any hybrid healer is also welcomed aside from the dedicated healer. It also helps if there is at least 1 shield breaker since most players like to play the DPS role. The team will need a strong shield breaker to deal with the Bosses charged attacks.

Huma and Meryl are good candidates as shield breakers. Before joining a team, make sure you have some food stacked up. Here is a recommended list of food recipes that is useful for the World Boss battles:


  • Balloon Fruit Salad - Regenerate 10 satiety. Use it to immediately restore 16% + 34,000 HP to the Wanderer.
  • Caviar Sushi - Regenerate 10 satiety. Use it to immediately restore 16% + 34,000 HP to the Wanderer.
  • Boiled Scallops - Regenerate 10 satiety. Use it to immediately restore 15% + 20,000 HP to the Wanderer.
  • Black Moss Soup - Regenerate 8 satiety. Use it to immediately restore 13% + 10,000 HP to the Wanderer.


  • Eel and Mushroom Soup - Regenerate 10 satiety. Gain +1% + 80 Volt damage for 900 sec.
  • Firedragon Fruit Tea - Regenerate 10 satiety. Gain +1% + 80 Fire damage for 900 sec.
  • Snow Azalea Tea- Regenerate 10 satiety. Gain +1% + 80 Ice damage for 900 sec.
  • Spicy Burger - Regenerate 10 satiety. Gain +1% + 45 Physical damage for 900 sec.


  • Braised Meat - Regenerate 20 satiety. Gain +15% + 675 Ice resistance for 1200 sec.
  • Spicy Eel - Regenerate 10 satiety. Gain +10% + 290 Volt resistance for 900 sec.
  • Thundercloud Blueberry Soda - Regenerate 10 satiety. Gain +10% + 170 Volt resistance for 900 sec.
  • Truffle Fried Rice - Regenerate 20 satiety. Gain +2% + 150 Physical damage for 1200 sec.




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