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FG3000 - The Deadly Sin
Youtube video game commentator and all around meh pretty good guy.
Daily mobile HD videos including gameplay, guides, tips, HowTo's with commentary review! Currently making content for the amazing game Epic Seven while enjoying every single minute of it and I hope you join me on this adventure! Hardcore gamer at heart with 25+ years of experience with games across multiple genre and platforms especially PC but currently focusing on the mobile gaming market because I believe it to be the future platform of gaming. I also enjoy mobile games more because of their casual style but some of them can be very in-depth and can be played very effectively with a min/max'ing perspective.
Ivan Panasenko
Hey, my name is Ivan, originally I'm Ukrainian, but I live in Madrid, Spain, and work for British company. I'm a self-taught CG Artist and Game Developer. And here on YouTube I show some of the stuff I make, and share also some experience.