Eversoul Progression Guide for New Players [Made Easy]

Eversoul Progression Guide for New Players [Made Easy]
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Welcome to the Eversoul progression guide for beginners. We will go over the things you should know about the game before starting your journey.

Complete 4-10 to Unlock Features

On your first day of playing, do your best and rush to complete as many battlefront stages as you can. And you also want to complete 4-10 to unlock all daily missions which will allow you to collect more resources for a better start. Things such as Zodiac Shop, summon artifacts and archives will also unlock to give you a better gameplay experience.

You will also want to quickly join a guild. Completing your daily quests will also contribute to guild experience. Guild experience points will level up the guild and the guild can utilize guild skills.

Scaling Combat Power (CP) – Vital for Progression

Since this is an idle game, the leveling progression usually starts out fast, and then the leveling curve slows down and the resources required to max your units are going to be enormous. Eversoul is not any different. Currently, the epic souls have a max level of 100. However, you will need duplicates to increase their level cap. The max level cap is 240 and each duplicate unit gives you an increase of 20 levels. That means you need 7 copies (excluding the initial one) to fully cap out 1 character.

Each time you get a duplicate, combine them to the same character. Never feed them into other units, especially the epic rarity (purple) ones.

You can, however, combine rare units (in blue) to anything else without worrying about it. It is also recommended to combine them into epic +. Keep in mind that you can only feed the same faction units to each other. (Humans to Humans, Undead to Undead etc..)

Upgrading your equipment (Keepsake) is a good way to improve your unit CP. However, wait until you get purple equipment before you start upgrading to save resources.

The artifacts is where you get a nice boost in CP. Equipping an character specific artifact will grant a specific skill to them.

The good thing is that you automatically get the first skill level up as you reach a certain level. The second level of the skill only unlocks after getting duplicates of the unit, which I believe is this game’s version of pay to win.

Level syncing is a feature in the idle game where you can bring a level 1 unit to the the lowest level of your 5 units on the level sync team. It also costs 200 gems to unlock an additional slot.

Utilizing Town Features

The town feature is very much like your other waifu dating simulator, where you can chat with them and go on dates using the feature called Evertalk. Doing this will unlock free summon tickets for the gacha. Very well worth doing.

However, compared to Goddess of Victory: Nikke, it is a bit more interactive and you can have more fun in the town building.

You will need to do part time jobs to gather resources. Getting new buildings will also improve your overall resource gain. The current max town level is level 20. You can also go on expeditions as well, much like the standard gacha feature. Visiting your friends town and completing expeditions will also grant additional resources.

Daily Missions

Once you have 4-10 unlocked, you will want to complete the daily missions. Here are a list you can complete:

  • Complete Battlefront 1 time
  • Receive Loot Reward 1 time
  • Enhance Keepsake 1 time
  • Gift Friend 1 Friendship Point
  • Complete Quick Hun 1 time
  • Challenge Arena 1 time
  • Send Soul to Part-Time Jobs 3 times
  • Level up Soul 1 time
  • Try Gate Breakthrough 1 time
  • Talk to 2 souls
  • Try Dual Gate 1 time
  • Summon Artifact 1 time

The weekly is a combination of the daily and if you do it consistently, you will also complete it as well.

Friendship Summon

You want to add as many friends as you can (up to 30) so you can use the friendship summon to try and get more epic souls.

Adventure Mode

As an idle game, you will gain more resources as you progress further in adventure mode. Finishing 4-10 will unlock Challenge, Dungeon and Arena mode. This is where the grind begins. You want to progress until your team can’t go further. The majority of the resources collected each day will slowly help you progress in adventure mode.

Attempting the arena is also something to pay attention to as they offer souls that you can buy to max limit break your units. Good units include Ayame (rare demon unit) and Jade. It will take a long time to get them though, so you will have to be patient.

Doing Events

Like all gacha games, it would be a no brainer to do the current events as they provide plenty of resources to improve your team. The game does a good job at giving you a visual graph to see so you know how much time you have to complete them. As long as you login daily, you will always get some goodies.

That is it for the guide. Have fun playing!

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