[Jan 10th 2023] Eversoul Developer Notes

[Jan 10th 2023] Eversoul Developer Notes
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The developers of the game has addressed some bugs and issues, especially for Vivienne. It is good that they are addressing the issue quickly.

Here is the link: https://glohowhelp2support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/14390190280473-Developer-s-Note-2023-01-10


We plan to progress the Hotfix Update to improve various bugs on Jan, 12th. Therefore, we’d like to share with you guys about the details today.

In addition, some systems in the game will also be optimized, we will give you a preview of some of the contents that will be adjusted today.

Please see the information written below.

General Bug Revision

ㅇ The amount of tiles sold in the town store is changed from 10 tiles → 100 tiles. (the price is unchanged. If you had already purchased 300 tiles by 10 tiles a package, 270 tiles per package will be delivered to you through the mailbox.

ㅇ The bug that causes the continuously unlimited loading and patch downloading again when returning to the lobby from town is fixed. You may need to re-download the version to resolve this issue.

ㅇ When enter a friend’s town, the bug that make it unable to operate sometimes is now fixed.

ㅇ Connection information doesn’t work well occasionally which cause the bug that can’t progress daily conversations is now fixed.

Vivienne’s Ultimate Skill Fix

It is true that there is an error in the skill range of the ultimate skill of Vivienne . The range of this skill is 4m in fact, however this skill is applied on an overall range which is different from the planned intention.

Moreover, it has been identified that there is also an error in terms of the skill effect of the ultimate skill of Vivienne . The additional damage amount of this skill is 90%, 95%, 100% according to each level, however it has been applied as 110%, 115%, 120% which is different from the planned intention.

However, in concern of your overwhelming inconvenience when playing Vivienne, Saviors we’ve decided to modify the skill range to 4m according to the original intention and keep the skill damage amount unchanged.

We as the developers understand the fact that the error modification in terms of the Soul’s performance and the skill related modification can have a direct and crucial impact on your experience when you play Eversoul, Saviors.

We’d like to express our apology for the inconvenience caused by the skill error problems of Vivienne. We’ll do our best in order to provide better game experience in the future by continuously checking the game balance.

ㅇ We’ve fixed the range of the ultimate skill of Vivienne that was applied as overall range and we’ve also change tooltip as ‘the 4m surroundings of the nearest enemy’ accordingly, therefore, the issue that the location of the effect is displayed differently from the actual attack location is fixed.

ㅇ The tooltip of the ultimate skill of Vivienne is to modify the actual damage amount that is currently applied to 110%, 115%, 120% accordingly to match (90%, 95%, 100% for each existing level).

Other Soul Bugs Fix

ㅇ We’ve fixed a bug in the effect of Prim’s artifact skill <Where’s the Ace?>, which could only be applied to herself.

ㅇ We’ve also applied a fix to bug in resistance reduction effect of Miriam’s artifact skill , which reduces resistance in proportion to the target resistance when it should reduce the resistance by numerical value.

ㅇ We’ve fixed the bug in tooltip description for Rebecca’s artifact skill , which was wrongly displayed as if the effect did not change though the skill level increased.

ㅇ We’ve fixed the bug in the test effect of Aira’s sub skill , which was wrongly displayed as 130% of Max HP instead of 130% of ATK.

ㅇ A bug in the target of Jacqueline ultimate skill , which was wrongly displayed as “Lowest HP Enemy” instead of “Nearest Enemy”, is also fixed.

ㅇ We’ve adjusted the movement path when moving with Jacqueline’s ultimate skill so as not to overlap the enemy.

ㅇ A bug in the target of Soonie’s main skill , which was wrongly displayed as “Furthest Enemy” instead of “Nearest Enemy”, is also fixed.

ㅇ Applied fix to invincible effect of Catherine’s sub skills , which did not disappear and was kept under certain circumstances.

Moreover, we are preparing to fix more contents.

The patch notes will be announced soon so you can check the details after the maintenance.

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