The ultimate hero — SSR Nikke Laplace will join Special Recruit.

There is a 4% chance of acquiring SSR Nikkes in Special Recruit, and a 2% chance for Laplace.

You can get Gold Mileage Tickets when recruiting in Special Recruit.

You can exchange 200 Gold Mileage Tickets in the Mileage Shop for 50 Laplace Molds.

With 50 Laplace Molds, you can acquire Laplace.

During Special Recruit, unused Gold Mileage Tickets will not disappear.

Class: Attacker

Weapon: Hero Syndrome (RL)

Manufacturer: Missilis

Special Recruit duration: From the end of the 11/24/2022 maintenance to 4:59:59 12/08/2022 (UTC+9)

How to obtain: Lobby → Recruit → Special Recruit

You can use Gems (Free/Paid) or Advanced Recruit Vouchers to recruit in Special Recruit.

When Special Recruit ends on 12/08/2022, Helm and Laplace will become available in both Ordinary Recruit and Social Point Recruit. You may also use mold items to recruit them. (Neither character will be available in New Commander Recruit and Tutorial Recruit)

When updates are completed, Helm Special Recruit and Helm Molds will no longer be available in the Shop.