Octopath Travleler: COTC Nameless Town Guide [Earn 300k Experience Per Day]

Octopath Travleler: COTC Nameless Town Guide [Earn 300k Experience Per Day]
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Welcome to the detailed Nameless Town guide! This is an optional quest that you can do to help you get more experience daily. If you want a whooping 300k XP daily, you will definitely want to prioritize this early on.

First of all, you will need 90 memory shards. You can get these by doing your daily quests or trading bricks, lumbers, stones gathered from the residents or the nameless town’s elites.

You will want to go to exchange and look for the Nut Garden Manual and get it. After that, speak to Nephti to unlock a new quest and she will build a nut farm for you in the town.

Each day, it resets and you can do a nut farm quest for 2.5k xp per nut, 45k xp per day. After that, you will want to take on the next quest to upgrade your farm.

You need to get the first note at Clearbrook. The minimum fame required is 12, so there is some leveling to do if you want to get there. Just keep doing the main quest to get your fame to level 12. You will then want to speak to the Loving Grandfather in Clearbrook. The house is on the left side.

He has the Nut Garden Field Notes, which is what you want. It has a low chance to succeed, so you will want to keeping trying. Restore your reputation at the bar if you fail.

After that, you will need 5 fertile soil, which you can get from the exchange shop. It will cost you 150 memory shards.

After that, go back to Nameless Town and speak to the Nut Farm girl again.

Now that it is upgraded, the second harvest gives  3x tasty experience nut (L) and 50k xp per nut, 150k xp per day.

The final upgrade is in Cragspear Town. The notes are in Castle Edoras Gate. You need to fight the guy at the gate once you get inside. You need a minimum of level 11 power to be able to fight him.

You should be able to clear this without much issues at level 40 and higher. Ok, now you will need 10 fertile soil from the exchange shop, which costs 300 memory shards. Just remember to harvest in the nut farm again before turning in all your materials to upgrade the final time.

The last upgrade will give you 6x tasty experience nut (L), 50k xp per nut, 300k xp per day. Now you have a consistent way to gain experience outside of watching the ads to fight the caits.

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