[10/11 Nov Patch Note] Helm Banner and No Caller ID Event

[10/11 Nov Patch Note] Helm Banner and No Caller ID Event
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Helm, the sniper specialist has just arrived in Goddess of Victory: Nikke! The chances of getting her is 2%, with a hard pity of 200 summons!

Link: https://nikke-en.com/newsdetail.html?col_name=&sid=&content_id=07f3e274a0369a408daae02a32b74c8dca6c&from=index

1 – New Character

SSR NIKKE Helm, the Unsullied Captain, will be available in Special Recruit!

The chance of getting SSR NIKKEs in Special Recruit is 4% and the chance of getting Helm is 2%.

Special Recruits grant Gold Mileage Tickets.

200 Gold Mileage Tickets can be used to exchange for 50 Helm Molds in Mileage Shop.

You are guaranteed to get Helm by using 50 Helm Molds.

Unused Gold Mileage Tickets will not disappear after Special Recruit. The Mileage Tickets will always belong to you.

Class: Attacker

Weapon: SR: Honorable

Company: Elysion

Special Recruit opens from: Opening time of Server on November 10, 2022 ~ 4:59:59, November 24, 2022 (UTC+9)

Where to get Helm: Lobby→ Recruit → Special Recruit

You can perform Special Recruits using Gems (Free/Paid) and Advanced Recruit Vouchers (Can’t use Ordinary Recruit Vouchers}

After the Special Recruit, Helm will be added to Ordinary Recruit, Social Point Recruit and Molding in December 2022 (She will not be found in New Commander Recruit and Ordinary Recruit (Tutorial))

2 – New Event

  1. Story Event: No Caller ID

A piece of suspicious information comes from the surface where no man resides.

To investigate the case, the Counters start searching the surface.

Clear stages to get growth materials. Complete event quests or use designated characters for a chance to get the quest item [Toy Signal Tower]. Clear stages with the designated character also get a chance to win the quest item [Toy Signal Tower].

[Toy Signal Tower] can be used to exchange for Recruit Vouchers, research materials and other rewards in the Event Shop.

Event Period: Opening time of Server on November 10, 2022 ~ 4:59:59, November 24, 2022 (UTC+9)

How to participate: Lobby→ Events → No Caller ID

3 – New Items

      New items have been added to the Cash Shop.

      Check out and confirm the details in the Cash Shop.

      How to participate: Cash Shop → Limited-Time Package → New Character Growth

4 – Optimizations & Other

  1. Fixed the error message problem caused by the wrong display of Episode reward status.

  2. Fixed the display error of Difficulty and Power in the Simulation Room.

  3. Fixed the no-display issue of Tutorial when the Recycling Room is unlocked.

  4. Fixed the no-play of some audio files.

  5. Fixed the black screen problem when playing Epinel’s Burst Skill.

  6. Optimized skill effects and battle effects and made them smoother.

  7. Optimized some localized text and UI problems.

  8. Added text description of New Commander Recruit:

【Equal chance of getting all SSR Nikkes, excluding Pilgrim Nikkes and Helm】