Lost Relic Locations Chapter 11 [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]

Lost Relic Locations Chapter 11 [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]
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Welcome to the simple guide for the lost relic locations for chapter 11! We will provide all the individual hidden spots so it can help you get them without much trouble! Please do check out DexterousPotato’s channel, he/she does great coverage for video formats.

The first location is just on top of the center of the first tall building you come across. Inspect it to get the music Jukebox “Languor” by Folk Tales.

The second location is directly to the east. Go right all the way to the bottom right building. Inspect the center to find “Goddess Squad Report – A”.

For the third location, you want to head north past the bridge. Once past it, check the little house on the left to find “Pamphlet – Delivery Service”.

Now, head past the second bridge on your right. Check the right pillar of the white gate. You will find the music Jukebox “Blurred Vision” by Two Top.

The fifth location is close by, just slightly northwest of the previous location. Search the corner of the building to find “Goddess Squad Report – B”.

The sixth location is just straight up north until you come to a white switch. Look on the left side to find the music Jukebox “Splinter” by Two Top.

After pressing the white switch, the bottom white gate will open up, allowing you search for the seventh lost relic. Go down south past the white gate close to the second white switch. Search the right corner for “Letters from Girlfriend – To J”.

Now, head all the way back up north to the previous white switch and go west until you get to a small corner to find “Pamphlet – 4. Tour Packages”.

The ninth location is close by, just directly southeast by the right corner. Search the deserted area for 50 gems.

For the tenth location, you want to go southwest, downwards just before the bridge. Search the corner for the music Jukebox “Maze in Abyss” by Lost Sector.

The next location is also close by. Inspect the left pillar of the white gate just before going past the bridge. You will find the “Goddess Squad Report – E”.

Finally, you can head south past the bridge until you are directly south of the white switch you see after the bridge. Inspect the area for 3200 credits.

For the final location, you want to backtrack up north past the bridge. Go all the way up and make a right. You will see a lone building in the center. Inspect the building for the music Jukebox “Orange Pop” by Folk Tales.

That concludes the lost relics for chapter 11. There are no new buildings you can build, but you can go collect some extra gems from the music Jukebox for picking up new songs to listen to.

For those interested in the playing Goddess of Victory: Nikke in beautiful landscape mode, you can find out how so here.

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