Lost Relic Locations Chapter 12 [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]

Lost Relic Locations Chapter 12 [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]
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Welcome to the simple guide for the lost relic locations for chapter 12! We will provide all the individual hidden spots so it can help you get them without much trouble! Please do check out Keribib0i’s channel, he/she does great coverage for video formats.

The first location is just south at the start of the map by the bottom right corner. Check it for the music Jukebox “Champions Match”.

The second location is just slightly southeast from the starting point. Check the bottom right corner for a “Pamphlet – Real Estate Trading”.

Keep heading eastwards until you go past an intersection with a gated area. Check the section near the entrance to find the music Jukebox “Ground Fall”.

Now backtrack to the gated entrance and head down south. Then head over to the area with 2 cars and a pillar. Inspect the top side to find a “Doomsday Book – Mankind’s Last Moments”.

For the fifth location, keep in heading eastwards to the right corner of the map. There is a train near it and you want to inspect the top side of it to find 4200 credits.

The sixth location is just southwest of the fifth location, close to the white switch. Inspect the bottom side to find “Goddess Squad Report – C”.

Now backtrack up north to head into the transporter to get to the other side of the map. Go slightly eastwards to inspect the 4 carts on the top side to find “Doomsday Book – An Apostle is Born”.

For the eighth location, head down south and check the corner just before the grey pillar. You will find the music Jukebox “Ground Zero”.

For the ninth location, head down southwest to the left side corner of the map. You will find 4200 credits here.

Keep in hugging the left side of the map and go all the way down south until you see a small wooden gate. Check it to find the music Jukebox “Hey- Newbie-“.

Now head eastwards and up north on the first opening from the previous location. Check the left corner for a “Goddess Squad Report – D”.

Now head over to the final boss area. Check the left corner to find the music Jukebox “One- Winged Dark Lord”.

The final location is just on the bottom corner of the boss area. Inspect it for a “Doomsday Book – Prayer for Descent”.

This concludes all the locations for the lost relics in Chapter 12. Be sure to head to the music Jukebox in the Command Center to collect extra gems! For those interested in the playing Goddess of Victory: Nikke in beautiful landscape mode, you can find out how so here.

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