Lost Relic Locations Chapter 13 [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]

Lost Relic Locations Chapter 13 [Goddess of Victory: Nikke]
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Welcome to the simple guide for the lost relic locations for chapter 13! We will provide all the individual hidden spots so it can help you get them without much trouble! Please do check out Keribib0i’s channel, he/she does great coverage for video formats.

The first location is west of the starting area. Head to the rock area at the bottom side. Inspect it for the music Jukebox “The Calm Before the Storm”.

The second location is directly north of the first one. Go check around the top side of the rocky area to find the “Ark Lottery Ticket – 1”.

For the third location, you want to head west and then up north until you come across a medium sized building on the right side. Check it for the “Ark Lottery Ticket – 2”.

Now, hug the right side until you go past 2 white gates. Right in the center at the bottom area, you will find 5000 credits.

The fifth location can be found by going slightly eastwards past the wooden gate. Check the corner for the music Jukebox “Dust Rider”.

Keep on going eastwards and hug the right side until you go past a white switch. Keep going until you get to the east side of the map. Check the bottom area for “Mobile_Telecom_Fraud_Ads_Collection_Zip – Ark_Raffle Ticket_Ad”.

For the seventh location, just head north of the previous area and stop just before the white gate on the left side. You will find the music Jukebox “Breakaway”.

Now backtrack to the area with 2 white gates. Take the one on the west side and inspect the area after passing it slightly. You will get the music Jukebox “Sunday in the Ark”.

Keep in heading north until you come into a dead end. Check the bottom right corner for “Letters from Girlfriend – To J.”.

For the tenth location, it is just located nearby the white switch, on the right side. Inspect it to get 50 gems.

Now backtrack down south and enter the northern white gate. After making a small U turn, check the left area for “Mobile_Telecom_Fraud_Ads_Collection_Zip – Shares_Ad”.

The twelfth location is just slightly above the previous location. Check the wilted tree for the music Jukebox “Back and Forth”.

Now, head southeast and go back to hugging the wall. In the center of the area, you will find “Ark Lottery Ticket – 3”.

The final location is by the boss area, on the top left side area. You will get the “Ark Lottery Ticket – 4”.

That concludes the lost relic locations for chapter 13. Don’t forget to head over to the Outpost Commander Center to collect extra gems from the music Jukebox. For those interested in the playing Goddess of Victory: Nikke in beautiful landscape mode, you can find out how so here.

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