[Reverse 1999] Character Tier List [Rankings]


Welcome to the Reverse 1999 tier list for all current characters in the game. We are ranking them based on their individual abilities. Do keep in mind that this is a team based game, so having the right team will make specific characters shine, boosting their effectiveness.

Use this tier list as a guideline to compare the relative strength of the character compared to other similar rarity characters, as gacha games tend to powercreep older characters, making them less useful over time. This list applies to both Global and China, since global will be getting updates from China.

S Tier -  These characters are crucial to invest in as they excel in various game modes like story, general content, and end game challenges. They significantly contribute to any team setup and play a vital role in progressing through Limbo and UTTU Event contents.

A Tier - These characters strike a good balance between strength, versatility, and user-friendliness. While they may not outperform the top-tier ones, they consistently deliver reliable results and can fit well into different team compositions. They remain effective in clearing both Limbo and UTTU Events with the right team.

B Tier - Characters in this tier do well in specific scenarios or when paired with particular team setups. They bring tactical value and can be powerful additions to specialized teams, adding depth to your roster.

C Tier - These characters serve niche roles, requiring careful team planning to maximize their effectiveness. While not as powerful as higher-tier characters, they can still be useful in certain areas in the game. For a smoother experience in Limbo and UTTU, it's advisable to prioritize building higher-tier characters.

D Tier - Characters in this tier might struggle in higher-level content and could be overshadowed by stronger counterparts. While suitable for casual play, investing significant resources in them should be done cautiously, considering their limited impact.

E Tier - Not really worth using unless you like them.

S Tier Description


Bkornblume is a strong support character who can deal damage as powerful as the strongest attackers. This is because of her abilities that work well on their own. She can consistently weaken all enemies with her debuff and make them take more damage. Additionally, she deals extra damage to enemies who are already affected by negative statuses.

Using her is super easy and you just have to make sure the enemy team has negative statuses, and then attack when you want to. Her attacking and debuff skills get much better as you level them up. Since her debuff lasts for more than one round, it's a good idea to merge cards whenever you can.

Bkornblume's special move, "Uninvited Reviewer," is a powerful attack on one enemy. It can also apply [Seal], preventing the enemy from using ultimate abilities. If the enemy can't be controlled, the effect changes to reducing their Moxie by -2 instead. It's smart to save Uninvited Reviewer to block enemies' ultimates, especially bosses.


Regulus is a character who's good at both dealing damage and helping the team. You only need Insight 1 for her main ability, [Restless Heart], to kick in. This ability gives her a +50% Crit. Rate when she doesn't do anything for one round. It makes her generate a lot of action points (AP), allowing you to plan your moves or support your teammates during that round.

During the downtime when she's not attacking, try to keep her skill "Challenge for the Eyes" at level 2 or higher. While her main damage skill is "Treat for the Ears," "Challenge for the Eyes" doesn't do much damage by itself. However, it can reduce the enemy's moxie by up to 2 when she scores a critical hit. This helps Regulus block enemy ultimates, even from those who can't be controlled.

Regulus has a special trait – if she has more critical rate than needed, it turns into critical damage. This means she can deal even more damage when she's in a team that focuses on critical hits.

Her ultimate skill, "Sleepless Rave," damages all enemies and gives all allies the [Riot and Roll] effect for one round. This effect lets them dodge all non-ultimate attacks. This skill becomes more useful later in the game when enemies start using powerful attacks regularly. Just remember that characters under [Conceal] will lose that status once they act (including Regulus). So, if you want to avoid attacks, use her ultimate as your last action.


Centurion is a strong character whether you're dealing with many enemies or focusing on one target. Her passive ability, "Hot Sauce Expert," gives her a +6% damage boost for each Moxie she has, reaching a maximum of +30% damage. With her "Outdoor Superstar" skill, Centurion can quickly gain Moxie on her own, allowing her to choose between two play styles during battles.

If facing multiple enemies, use "Outdoor Expert" to let Centurion use her Ultimate skill often. When dealing with a powerful single target, like a boss, focus on her "Victorious General" skill. This not only adds extra damage, but since her Moxie stays maxed out, Centurion can generously use action points for her teammates. It's recommended to use the "First Melody" Tuning Skill set when playing with Centurion. This helps cycle her cards more easily, letting you focus on a specific play style.

At Insight 3, Centurion gains another powerful ability. Her third passive allows her to heal herself when spending Moxie. You can enhance this by using the "His Bounden Duty" Psychube with the spam ultimate play style. In this situation, she can even handle stages on her own or in a duo just like Eternity.

Kaalaa Baunaa

Kaalaa Baunaa works as a Carry and uses her skills to stack [Planet] buffs on herself. The skill "Enchanted Strike" adds layers of [Saturn], providing Penetration Rate, while "Mythical Meteors" grants [Mars] stacks, giving her Leech Rate. Her Ultimate, "Ultimate Perfection," consumes all [Planet]s to grant [Full Moon], increasing Incantation Might. At Insight 3, it recasts the skill corresponding to the most consumed [Planet]s.

Kaalaa Baunaa's kit allows for versatile setups. You can choose between additional damage or self-sustain, preparing her Ultimate for big bursts or healing. There's no other Carry like Kaalaa Baunaa, even though her specialty is massive damage.

At Insight 1, she gains [Divinations] linked to removed [Planets], boosting Penetration Rate, Leech Rate, and Incantation Might. Kaalaa Baunaa is all about numbers.

Despite her high damage potential, Kaalaa Baunaa has some drawbacks. She's the most AP-dependent Carry, lacking personal Moxie generation. This makes her selective with teammates, requiring a Support who can contribute when Kaalaa Baunaa is the primary actor each turn.

An An Lee

An-an Lee stands out as an excellent and highly adaptable buffer in the game, offering a variety of utility and damage options. To make the most of her presence on your team, it's essential to grasp the nuances of her playstyle.

Keep a close eye on her passive ability, indicated by the icon above her health bar or the sleeping/awake state of the cat. This passive alternates between [Break Time] and [Exorcism Time].

During [Break Time], An-an Lee takes reduced damage, making it an opportune moment to apply her team buff. On the other hand, when transitioning into [Exorcism Time], she not only gains extra damage and penetration rate but also upgrades her rightmost card by 1 level, irrespective of its current level.

This upgrade proves significant, especially when factoring in the [Empower Incantation I] Buff she grants herself upon using her ultimate.