[Best] Palworld Base Locations For Beginners

Today, Moxsy will talk about the top five best base locations in Palworld. After spending over 50 hours exploring Palworld, he has figured out the best places to build bases. Let’s dive into it!

Firstly, a good base needs to be raid-proof, meaning it’s hard to attack. Secondly, having nearby logging or wood isn’t a priority; ore is crucial for crafting. Now, let’s check out the top five locations.

Number 5: Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue

Coordinates: -540, -638. This scenic location has a walkway leading to your base. With water for protection and ample flat space, it’s a charming spot.

Number 4: Massive Open Snowfield

Coordinates: 361, 301. This snowy area offers a massive cliff for protection. You can build walls to secure your base, and there’s natural ore and quartz inside.

Number 3: Fort Ruins

Coordinates: 190, -383. Surrounded by castle walls, this cool location has a built-in watchtower. While there’s no naturally spawning stuff inside, it’s a great pre-built spot.

Number 2: Autum Hills

Coordinates: 10, -527. This pretty location has fall foliage, a flat building area, and an abundance of naturally spawning ore nearby. Perfect for mining without going too far.

Number 1: Waterfall Mountain

Coordinates: 312, -32. This mountain-top base is raid-proof, with Raiders struggling to reach it. The waterfall adds beauty, and the top hill constantly spawns ore, making it an ideal spot.

Understanding Base Building In Palworld

Here are 4 key points you need to consider:

  1. Proximity to Ore Deposits: While you can set up facilities for wood and stone, there’s nothing in a base that generates Ore. Ore is crucial for making Palworld Ingots, so look for large, shiny boulders with a coppery tint. They respawn over time once destroyed. Being close to Palworld coal deposits is also helpful.
  2. High Ground Advantage with Few Access Points: Your base faces periodic attacks in Raids, so make it hard for enemies to reach you. Building up high on cliffs and mountains, with defenses on the few accessible paths, will give you an advantage. While it may be annoying for you to climb back up, later in the game, you’ll have a Palworld Flying Mount to make it easier.
  3. Flat, Empty Terrain: Buildings and structures can’t be built on slopes, so look for even, flat spaces without obstacles. A big, empty field is ideal for your base.
  4. Mild Weather: Dealing with Palworld’s cold and hot weather mechanics can be challenging. While there are ways to handle them, it’s better to choose a location where you don’t have to deal with extreme weather conditions.
  5. Proximity to Alpha Bosses, Dungeons and Settlement: Not too big of a deal if you use the Palworld fast travel system.

Creating A Base

If you want to change where your base is, you can’t just move it to a new place. Instead, you’ll need to build a completely new one. You can build more bases by leveling up your Base Level. You can increase the number of bases you have at Base Levels 10 and 14.

If you’ve reached the maximum number of bases allowed, you’ll need to take one apart to build a new one. You can do this by taking apart the Palbox or choosing “Dismantle the base” on the map.

Structures Stay After Taking Apart Even if you take apart the base, the structures will stay. Items inside the chest will also remain, so be sure to move everything to the new base.

When you build a Palbox, the space around it becomes the Base area. If you find the perfect spot for your base, build a Palbox in the center of that location.

Pals you capture will work for you within the base area. Each Pal can do different tasks, so choose ones that can do the jobs you need. Move your chosen Pal to the “Palbox Management Menu” from the Palbox to get them to work.

Pals working at the base can get hungry and lose sanity. To keep them happy and working well, set up Pal Beds, a Feedbox, and maybe even a hot spring.

The base also works as a fast travel point. You can quickly warp to Great Eagle Statues and other bases, so having more bases makes exploring easier.


Remember, base locations provide a balance of beauty, protection, and resources. Choose the one that suits your playstyle and enjoy building your Palworld base!

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