Figure Fantasy Tier List Guide [Characters to Re-roll For]

Welcome to the Figure Fantasy tier list! We are grading the top characters/units in the game that is going to help you progress in the game. We will update this guide as more units are out or if the meta changes.

We did not separate the tier list based on their roles but grade them on overall usefulness.

  • S Tier - Top units that are considered best in their role.
  • A Tier - Good units that can help your team in many situations.
  • B Tier - Decent units and usable early to mid game.
  • C Tier - Useful early game and below average.

Also, the abbreviations in front of their names are:

  • V - Vanguard - MELEE Class, typically focusing on DPS and being tanky. Their main purpose is to deal damage to either single-target enemies, or to threaten the rear-guard with their skills. All Vanguards have a 15% dodge chance, and will self-heal when dodging.
  • M - Militarist - RANGED Class, typically with very high energy costs, with very high damage-ouput. They typically specialize in AoE/DPS skills and synergize with other figures. All Militarists boost damage by 15% when there are no enemies nearby.
  • H - Helper - RANGED Class, they typically fall under the "healer" category, and are mainly support/healer-based, with little to no offensive capability. All Helpers heal a random ally every 3 seconds.
  • D - Defender - MELEE Class, typically their skills and passives are built around either allowing the whole team to last longer with a set of buffs/enemy debuffs, or solely to increase a defender's own defensive capability. All Defenders have a 25% chance of reducing all damage taken by 50%.
  • S - Specialist - RANGED Class, typically "specializing" in various fields. The main fields are: buff/debuffer, Healers, Pure DPS. All specialists boosts the damage allies deal to an enemy by 12%.(Basic attacks proc it)

S Tier

H-Zehpyr - Top helper that can heal your your team and also restore their energy.  She can also boost their ultimate power as well. Keeps the entire team going!

H-Erikzia - Provides fantastic buffs and has tonnes of utility. She is good in just about any team composition.

M-Zarola - Hits a single target hard with scaling damage. Her leftover damage can be converted to energy, which is pretty cool. She also deals more damage when enemies die and can detonate herself to deal damage if she takes lethal damage.

A Tier

D-Khrusos - A top defender in the game, who can become invincible for 3 seconds.

H-Zhou Yu - Good buffer that fits into many team compositions.

M-Lu Bu - A good alternative DPS to Zarola.

B Tier

V-Suzumi - Good early to mid game character to help you progress in the game. She can summon boxes to heal, restore energy and sustain herself in battle.

S-Osuke Okada - Decent crowd controller and is great at freezing enemies.

C Tier

As for the C Tier, they are generally good for early game and then falls off later. So you can use them temporarily to help you progress, but they will be replaced by better units in the late game.


You can try and re-roll in the game, but it is not necessary to do so. You are given some good units at the start already.

Figure Fantasy Game Summary

Figures or Figurines, are the units in which the masters (players) deploy on the 3x3 grid in the game. The figurines come from 5 brands, 3 in which are main brands and 2 in which are special/unique.

The game follows an rpg-style of class-system, in which there are two melee classes, one healer class, and 2 ranged classes (hence 5 max deployable units). The different classes of figurines work together in order to form team compositions or lineups, in which allow the figurines to beat various other hostile figurines in the game.

There are 4 sections to a figurine's basic kit: Basic Attack, Skill, Passive and Special. All which come with an Image, as well as a description of skill upgrades.

Simple Guide

Here are some tips:

  • Focus on 1 or 2 DPS and level them to help you progress.
  • Pick 1 dependable healer such as Ume, and you can switch later when you pull a top tier healer.
  • Upgrade your DPS first.
  • Farm badges for bonus stat boost.
  • Do not hesitate to spend your diamonds as you need plenty of copies of the same unit to upgrade them. However, don't use you gems on characters if you have a functioning team! Use your gems to get Fishbones to increase your Skill levels, a super (purple) with levelled skills is far better than an ultra (yellow) without it.
  • The store sometimes have some good deals. Check them often.
  • Expand your team to 9+ as you will need it later.