KoF All Star [Tier List] for Global

This is the tier list for KoF All Stars. These fighters are graded on the following:

  • Story Mode - How well in does in story content and helping you out.
  • Epic Quests - How well it does for you in taking on the bosses.
  • Leader Skill - How useful the leader skill is.
  • Time Attack - Can it quickly clear it so you can get bonus rubies daily/weekly.
  • Arena Match - How well he/she does in 1v1
  • League Match - How well he/she does in being either the main fighter or the striker.
  • Live PvP - Can it help you climb to the top

The overall tier weighs in all of the above. Live PvP has less weighting since not everyone will play that mode. Also, not all fighters are included since there isn't much info about them or too niche in JP version. This list is designed for Global.

S Tier

The following fighters are in this tier as they all have some form of damage immunity alongside very powerful cores or broken skills.

Orochi 97

Probably the best fighter overall for your needs for both PvE and PvP. Offers self healing when above 2 PG bar, which is useful for Arena/League matches. Has Super Armor + Damage Immunity alongside a burns. While he may not do a lot of damage as others, he has durability and a kiting playstyle. Also has access to the free 3 PG special that does not require aiming.

Mukai 03

Mukai is really good due to his petrify when he gets attacked. This stops anyone in their tracks from trying to do some combos on him. He is much like Halloween Kula except that he is much stronger. He also has Super Armor + Damage Immunity and can do an infinite loop with his stomping legs.

Terry 03

Terry has a unique skill set as he hits hard and gets super armor when he blocks. That is very good for live PvP. He also has access to damage immunity on skill 2 and prevent enemy from rolling. Two of his skills can hit the ground with attack buff bonus. You want to keep his power gauge more than 1 for bonus damage on skill 3.


Kazuya is really good as he can do infinite combos when you get the enemy against the wall. All 3 of his skills link well and he has access to 3 PG specials. With his fast power charge rate, he can spam his 2 special skills quickly alongside his basic skills. His core gives him 5 second immunity at 35% health, making him a nightmare to fight in league matches.

His S3 also has damage immunity and S2 has stun. The funny part is his S1 can reset if it lands. So most battles end quickly if his S1 hits and you can chain all your skills to kill the enemy. He has 55% attack leader skill for all Tekken fighters as well.

Jin Hoodie

Hoodie Jin is one of the best alongside Kazuya as he has 3 second damage immunity and all 3 of his skills combo well together too. He can do infinite combo in PvP and also valuable in PvE since he is more durable as a Defense type and hits just as hard as the Attack types.

Rage mode is a thing for all Tekken fighters and they hit harder and is a bit more durable once below 50% HP. His S3 also has a 60% stun chance. As a collab character, he is worth his value.

Nameless 02

Oh boy Nameless, this guy is like Kazuya but on steroids. His S1 has extremely long range and fast just like Kazuya. Nameless is more suited for PvP then he is for PvE. His S1 also disable rolling if it lands and disable skills upon last hit. This is broken in live PvP. Also, he has stun/petrify duration reduction, so he recovers quickly.

His S2 gives him some damage from DEF to ATK conversion while his S3 gives DMG immunity. His core has a chance to give him super armor. Fighting him on League is also a nightmare if he has access to Super Armor battle cards.

Geese XIV

Geese XIV is pretty much the all offense and no defense type of fighter. He has some fast and hard hitting skills with shock damage. His S1 is a ranged attack that gives super armor to him if it lands. His S2 can stun and also gives him damage immunity. His S3 gives bonus attack power to himself + reduced atk/move speed to the enemies. His special attack also can shock enemies.

His specials charge faster with the core and he is really good in Time Attack due to his ease of use. He can also be very hard to deal with in live PvP, as long as he gets the first combos off.

Omega Rugal 98

Omega Rugal is a very good fighter to own. He does well in PvE content and is well rounded thanks to his super overloaded kit. His S3 is a ranged attack that gives 3 second damage immunity and super armor + stun. This is the single most broken skill. Anyone that gets caught in this means he can perform his full combo -> S1 -> S2 -> S1 - > Special.

If you run cooldown cards, he can chain this in live PvP indefinitely. His core also gives him super armor + healing when he goes below 50% health. This gives him a second chance to fight, which is very good in PvP situations.

Christmas Elisabeth

She, like Orochi 97, has self healing, but a smaller amount and she needs to be over 50% hp. She shines in the fact that she has damage mitigation, which makes her very durable in fights. She has damage over time freeze on S1, and a chance to freeze enemy on S2. S3 gives damage reflection, which will pretty much ruin anyone's Arena/League runs if it hits.

Her skillset is definitely for PvP and she may not be necessary at all for PvE.

A Tier

The fighters in this category has some super armor or good skills that compliment the meta.

Orochi Shermie 97

The new O Shermie now has some really good mechanics for PvP. She has access to 2 ranged stun skills in her S1 and S2. Her S2 range is instant and is casted at the location of the enemy, similar to Orochi 97 himself. Her S1 can also increase enemy skill cooldown when it lands. Quite deadly for PvP no doubt.

Her S3 is a kick with super armor, which can be used as an approach skill. Her cooldowns are also great at around 10.5s average. Her playstyle is similar to Orochi 97, which is kiting around.

Orochi Leona 97

Orochi Leona is a great addition to your squad as she is very well rounded. She does good damage and does well in PvP as well. She has a good S1 that has super armor that acts as an attack that launches enemies and also an approach tool. Her S2 is a shock ball that moves slowly in front of her that deals shock damage over time. Her S3 gives her more crit rate for 5 seconds and is on a short cooldown.

She can do infinite combo as well with cooldown cards, making her an easy pick over Orochi Iori 97 since she has more utility aside from just damage.

Krizalid 99

Krizalid is more of a PvP fighter than a PvE one. Well he does well in PvE, there are better units like Orochi Iori who can deal more damage over time and excel better at modes like Time Attack.

Krizalid shines in PvP as he offers super armor on S3, which can be used as an approach tool or counter. It is a grab, so enemies cant block it. His S2 disables roll and has decent range. His S1 is a good attack that launches enemy into the air. He becomes stronger below 40% hp (gets power and skill resets), so generally you won't see that power up in PvE content.

Igniz 01

This guy is a great attacker and he is to be feared in PvP as well as PvE. He also shines in Time Attack, just like his subordinate Original Zero. He has 2 ranged attacks, with one being the special attack. His ranged S2 can disable skills upon landing. His S3 is a giant ball nuke with shock damage. His S1 gives super armor in close range.

His leader skill also is very good for NESTS team. So anyone from there will love that 40% attack and 10% bonus crit rate.

Original Zero 01

Original Zero is a very good and well rounded attacker, albeit a bit squishy. He shines in Epic Quests, Time Attack and PvP due to his ranged attacks and both his ranged skills can hit the ground. His core gives him stun reflect, which is very good for PvP. His S2 also cannot be blocked and can be reset using S3, which also gives him super armor and damage immunity.

His special skills also charge really quick, with his battle card special being a full screen attack. Have a look at how to excel with him in Time Attack:

Ash 03

Ash Crimson shines when he gets burn/poison/bleed. He gains super armor for 5 seconds + bonus damage via defense conversion for 10 seconds. So he counter pretty much anyone that relies on damage over time. That makes him great in PvP against debuff heavy users. He is very good in League defense if you ever meet him as he gets 1 time barrier from striker links.

His S1 also gives him damage immunity. His support striker skill also gives super armor + healing, so he is also a great support.

Jin Classic

People are sleeping on Jin Classic. Dude is free from Tekken collab and can do infinite combos and once he gets people into the wall, they are done.

His S1 gives super armor and can be used as an approach tool. His S2 stuns and his S3 launches enemies. His normal attack also combos very well with his skills. With his free special card, he does surprising well in both PvE and PvP content.

His damage is not as high as Hoodie Jin and his stun can be blocked.

Paul Phoenix

Paul is pretty much an upgrade to Orochi Iori in terms of PvP. His S1 can be used when he is hit. It gives him super armor for 1 second. His S2 does a lot of damage and his S3 cannot be blocked. When he gets petrify/bleed/frozen, he starts healing himself. He also can stun if he lands a critical hit.

He also has Orochi Iori's 60% attack leader skill for attack types, making him a much better option if you want a versatile leader with PvP capabilities. He is limited though, so those that play after Tekken collab can't get him.


Also another limited hero collab which I played in the JP version. Very strong nuker with bleed. S3 knocks enemy down with S1 and S2 being able to hit the ground.

He is a pure nuker and can kill fast in PvP, but he also comes with a downside of no super armor.

Lady Chang

Loli Chang is the female version for Orochi Iori because of her leader skill. She gives 60% attack to female fighters for a -10% hp penalty. The cool thing about her is that she is immune to stun. And all her skills can stun enemies. Her S2 can be used when she is attacked, although the animation can be long and easily exploited in live PvP.

However, for PvE and PvP matches, she can easily stun lock enemies once she gets the first stun. Her special also resets her skills, making it easy for her to chain her skills. As a defense type, she is also more durable than most fighters.

Orochi Iori 97

The king of damage for PvE. He has the popular leader skill that gives Attack types 60% bonus attack for the small price of -10% defense. His skills will reset if he uses a special attack. The new update gives him super armor, so he actually does a bit better in PvP now.

However, he excels really well in Epic Quest and also Time Attack, which are both vital to your progression in the game, allowing you to stack up rubies and additional resources which other fighters can do, but takes longer.

Here is an example of his time attack runs:


Ling, like the other Tekken fighters, all can do infinite combos once you get them to the wall. Ling can disable enemy roll on her S3. Her S1 gives super armor and perfect for countering or approaching. Her S2 can stun. All her skills also give minor heals upon landing, which helps a bit in PvE content.

She can wall enemies easily and chain her skills. Have a look below:

Sentai Clark

Surprise surprise! This guy is the F2P hero that every player needs! He is by far the best fighter given that he is free if from the Sentai Rangers event that rotates monthly. He and Ralf are the only 2 so far that gives 3 second damage immunity and super armor in their kits.

The reason why Sentai Clark is on here is because he has 3 good skills. His S1 gives the 3 second damage immunity and super armor, S2 gives a low cooldown grab (which means people cannot block) and his S3 is an instant long range snipe, which comes at a downside of a cheesy pose after it. His special attacks are grabs as well.


NESTS Kyo is all about burns and he is the ultimate burn attacker. He also comes with a cool special. He offers a ranged attack that launches and it also hits the ground. He also has an on the ground grab, which is rare in other fighters. His biggest counter is Crimson Ash 03.

His core also offers defensive reduction of crowd control and will be good against freeze/petrify/stun. That makes him a decent attacker against Fake Orochi, Halloween Xiangfei/Kula and Mukai.

B Tier

King 94

King 94 is great due to access to striker link with Mai 94 for the -2s cooldown. Alongside Joe Higashi 97 as leader for the -1.5s cooldown, she can do infinite combo. She also has access to stun on S3.

Kyo 95

He does a lot of damage and has the important leader skill of 50% attack for blue element fighters. Useful all around and very good in Time Attack even though he is not a Festival fighter. He is also a good pick for the summon selector.

Mai 95

Another great all round offensive attacker. She has a univerasal leader skill of 25% atk/hp boost for attack types, making her a good alternative for those that do not want to roll for Orochi Iori 97.

She also has good striker links and can do infinite combo (with cooldown cards) due to having Yuri 95 and King 95 as leader. Check out the video below:

Goenitz 96

Similar to Mai 95, he can do infinite combo with cooldown cards. Ideal striker is Mecha Goenitz, which reduces his cooldown by another 0.5s.

His combo starts with S2 -> 5 Normal Attacks -> S3 -> S1 -> Repeat. You can weave in a special attack here and there if you want to make sure you keep up the combo.

The only downside to him is he has no super armor, making him not as good for PvP (especially live). You can also avoid getting his special card since you get a free 3 PG version via Epic Quests.

Chizuru 97

Chizuru 97 is key to having a good Time Attack runs and also Team Chain Attack Quest. She has access to the 3 PG special from Epic Quests and her core gives her +40% Power Gain right at the get go. With Yuri 98 as the leader, she will be able to spam her skills and stop the timer for faster run times.

Aside from that, she is pretty average in other areas. However, getting a good Time Attack run means more rubies for you monthly, which is key to for F2P players.

Orochi Chris 97

With the new changes, Orochi Chris 97 is a decent attacker. He has super armor on S1, S2 is unblockable and S3 disables roll. He also has access to burn damage. He isn't as strong as NESTS Kyo burn, but definitely a good pick for PvE and PvP. He is kind of a jack of all trades, master of none fighter.

Orochi Yashiro 97

He is a tanky defense type fighter that can regen health over time when below 70% hp. His damage is a bit lackluster, but his grabs is good at stalling in PvP. He has a short super armor grab via S3 and a short ranged grab on S2. His S1 gives him extra damage via defense to attack conversion.

With cooldown cards, he can do infinite combo if you time it right. The issue is his rather low damage in live PvP, which can be an issue against strong damage dealers.

For PvE, he is okay to use, but there are better options.

Blue Mary 97

Blue Mary is in this tier due to her tankiness and her ability to do infinite combo when paired with Terry 97 and Crazy Envy Mary from Epic Quest. You can get her from the Starving Wolves banner alongside Terry 97 to make it happen.

She isn't built for PvP, so she is strictly PvE for the most part.

K' 99

K' is most valued for his leader skill for red elemental fighters. He is also quite good in Time Attack if no festival fighters are available. He does have some glaring weaknesses. His special is a bit buggy and sometimes will miss enemies during the attack chain.

Zero Clone 00

Available via Team Chain Quest. He is a defensive type fighter with stun, so he won't be doing as much damage as say Igniz 01 or Original Zero 01. However, he fairs pretty well in live PvP and sometimes Arena/League matches. He gets skill reset and hp recovery below 30% hp, which is a PvP focused core.

His PvE is lacking, so there are better fighters to use.

Ling (Schoolgirl)

Ling would be placed higher if she did more damage. She is a good universal leader due to her 60% attack bonus when hp > 65%. So she can boost the damage of anyone, as long as they stay above the Hp threshold. Her striker skill is really good and gives super armor + heal.

Her issue is she would be really good if she did better damage like Hoodie Jin. However, she can also increase enemy skill cooldown, which can be really good in live PvP.

Fake Orochi

A very good addition to your team as he is free from Epic Quests. He can petrify enemies via his passive. He has access to super armor on S1 and has 2 ranged attacks. He can also reflect projectiles via his S1.

With the 3 PG card (doesn't require aiming) that comes with completing Epic Quest 1 reward, he is a good attacker to have for both PvE and PvP.

Summer K

Summer K is good for his damage and his 50% bonus attack for green elemental fighters. He is definitely a good pick if you were able to pull him from the summer banner. He is not easily accessible, so K fans will have to stick with K 99 most of the time.

Wonderland Yuri

Rabbit Yuri is great as she has the 60% bonus attack for defense type fighters but comes at a -10% hp penalty. She can freeze enemies with her S1 and also gains super armor for 5s below 70% hp. This is quite decent for PvP.

Whip 99

Another good defense leader with 60% bonus attack for defense type fighters but -10% defense. She also has decent skills to boot. A good addition if you like to run defensive fighters.

Lady Yashiro

Halloween Xiangfei

She is Mukai lite as she has access to petrify as well when she gets attacked. This makes her quite good in PvP as it interrupts the enemy. However, she is a bit inconsistent and therefore not as reliable as Mukai.

Yuri 98

The only 4 star on the tier list. She is the best for PvE and you will see how good she is due to her leader skill. She is key in allowing your fighters to spam their specials when they kill enemies.

This is especially useful for Time Attack. Having her as leader means your other fighters will gain a lot of power quickly when killing enemies.

Alice XIV

She is quite decent as she has 2 skills that hit the ground and can disable dodge. Very useful for PvP. Her leader skill gives both attack and power charge, which is good for Time Attack.

C Tier

Summer Angel

Currently a bit buggy and her special attack doesn't hit enemies sometimes. Otherwise, she would be in B tier. She has super armor dash grab on S1 and stun on S3. Her S2 grab is really short range, which is a bummer.

Halloween Kula

Halloween Kula's has freeze upon getting attacked, which is really good against non damage immunity fighters. However, any of the Tier S/A units have super armor or damage immunity, which completely negates her freeze mechanic.

Ryo 95

He is useful in League defense to prevent enemies from getting perfect runs, which helps indirectly in giving you better rankings.

Mature 96

She is great in Epic Quest 0 for chapters, 3-6, 3-12 and 5-3. Her bleeds allows her to do more damage than traditional damage dealers. She is free too, so its a no brainer to invest in her a little bit.

Shermie 97

Great universal leader skill of 60% attack when above 70% hp. Works great if you are skilful, works terribly on auto and casual players.

Brian 98

An underrated pick as he has access to super armor on S3 and has good skills that can be linked well. Mostly for PvP as for F2P players.

Kensou 99

Kensou 99 is decent as he has super armor on S3 and also 2 really good range skills for a melee fighter. However, his skills has a long cooldown and that really hampers his ability to chain skills and attacks together.

Armor King

Great leader for Tekken fighters (45% attack and 25% power charge increase) and has AoE damage. Decent for PvE but not so good for PvP due to being a defense type and his single target damage isn't too good.

Sentai Ralf

Not as good as Sentai Clark, his supposedly subordinate. He pairs really well with him though. Also has access to super armor and damage immunity, which can be a life saver in PvP.

Summer Kula

A decent attacker with access to freeze. I do prefer Halloween Kula more due to her defensive freeze.

Naokoruru XIV

Well she does good burn damage, she is quite clunky for me to play and doesn't do too well in PvP due to her style. But you are welcome to collect her for waifu reasons.

Andy 98

Similar to Mature, but as the leader, he gives bonus bleed damage and therefore is the better killer for Quests 0, chapter 3-6, 3-12 and 5-3.

Kyo 98

He has a burn passive for all balanced fighers. Very useful against Epic Quests 0, chapter 3-6, 3-12 and 5-3. He does need a different element fighter as the attacker since he has damage disadvantage against Chizuru.

Kula 00

Like her other version, she has freeze and ranged attacks. Other than that, nothing too exciting.

Ramon 00

Grabs, grabs and more grabs! Fun to play, especially for PvE.

D Tier

Heidern 94

Decent defensive leader skill for damage reduction.

Chizuru 96

Can be annoying in PvP since she can negate damage with Hobbies set.

Takuma 98

Great stun against all enemies as striker, very useful in PvE (Mecha Goenitz Epic Quest) and League matches. He is also quite fun to use and combos his skills well.

Halloween Yashiro

Similar to Takuma. Great stun against all enemies as striker, very useful in PvE (Mecha Goenitz Epic Quest) and League matches.

Maxima 99

Anti grab fighter and can ruin some grapplers in PvP.