Seven Mortal Sins X-tasy Tier List Guide Global [Characters to Re-roll For]

Welcome to the Mortal Seven Sins X-tasy tier list! This will be a simple guide to help you decide which characters you might want to pull for so you can build a solid team. We graded them from S to C tier.

  • S Tier - Top units for the start for global.
  • A Tier - Good units and useful in most situations.
  • B Tier - Decent units.
  • C Tier - Mediocre.

S Tier

Belphegor "Sloth" - A good hybrid support that can taunt enemies, damage enemies + provide shield for allies and reduce speed of 2 enemies. Most of her skills scales off attack and defense.

Asmodeus "Lust" - A support debuffer that can inflict debuffs based on their type. She can slow enemies and increase enemy skill cooldown. She is also immune to enchant and charm effects. She can also grant charm immunity at the start of battle.

Stolas "Windblade" - A good single target DPS that apply defense debuff on enemy. Her passive gives her bonus crit and she deals more damage against type disadvantage.

Garcias "Twin Stars" - Top tier support that can heal, revive, buff and debuff. Provides speed up and reduce enemy move speed. They can provide move gauge push for all allies, allowing them to jump ahead of your enemies. They can revive team allies too while dealing some damage. Their passive provides bonus speed, regen heal to the team andreduces 2 enemy target's attack.

Furka "Dragonblade" - Hybrid support/dps that can provide speed buff. She can further push random ally up with her second skill Crescent Moon. Her third skill Thunder Shock pushes all allies up and deals decent damage. Her passive also can push allies forward. She definitely will give your team plenty of turns.

Lucifer "Pride" - Hybrid single target debuffer/dps that can reduce enemy attack and buff her own crit rate. Her second skill Void Laser can stun and lower healing rate of enemy. Her third skill increase skill cooldown of the enemy. She also has self sustain, barrier and speed up from her passive.

A Tier

Aura "Calamity" - Good single target dps that can buff herself for more damage. She can also apply defense break to enemy. Her third skill gives herself an attack buff and also lower enemy attack. She excels when she has more than 90% health as she gets an attack % bonus.

Anastasia "Rebirth" - Support dps that can apply defense break and make enemy skip action for a turn, which works like a stun. She can also self sustain with some lifesteal on her passive, although it can be triggered once.

Amber "Forbidden Fruit" - Support debuffer that can lower enemy attack and move gauge. She also gets bonuses for using her basic attack.

Kay "Gunslinger" - Good hybrid support/attacker, she gets move gauge bonuses for allies as long as she crits. Having more crit will allow her to keep getting turns. She is also immune to Daze for 4 turns.

Nonna "Lightning Rider" - Support debuffer/attacker that can stun enemy and deal damage. She can also reduce skill cooldown of all allies. Her passive grants all allies stun immunity for 4 turns and can also cleanse stuns. She is great in PvP.

Shalimar "Flourish Weaver" - Attacker/debuffer that can daze enemy, increase their skill cooldown by 2 (rare one). Her 3rd skill Endless Daydream can reduce all enemy move gauge and reduce their attack. Very strong in both PvE and PvP. Her passive provides chance to reduce skill cooldown by 1 turn, speed bonus and damage reduction against type advantage.

Marilu "Undaunted" - Dps that relies on pursue damage. She is a bit of rng involved, but she does decent damage. Her passive also reduces AoE damage taken for the entire team for the 3 turns.

Clarice "Hermit" - Debuffer/support that reduces enemy attack and reducing their move gauge as well. She is a control unit that is good against bosses. Her passive further reduces enemy speed and attack. She also removes damage over time effects at the start of a turn. Very good against debuffer enemies.

Elphus "Kabuki" - She is a good dps that can give the team attack buff.  Her Red Lotus skill has a snowball effect where it can be re-used when the enemy is defeated with this attack. You do need her at 90%+ health to get her attack bonus passive. She is great in a STR team due to the attack buff bonus for them.

Abelia "Liberator" - A crowd control attacker that can daze the enemy. She has some self health sustain from her passive and can remove one-time debuffs.

Ingrid "Bloodthirst" - Hybrid support attacker with self sustain. She can provide shield to an ally. She can cycle her skills fast due to Bloody Queen. Her passive is good in AGI teams for the speed bonus.

Evelina "Enlightenment" - A support unit that can reduce enemy move gauge and give ally speed buff. Her 3rd skill Multi Ensemble reduces ally skill cooldown by 1 turn and increase their move gauge as well, although it doesn't increase her own move gauge. Her passive can reduce skill cooldown for allies. She also need to be above 90% HP to take advantage of an attack boost.

Lucianna "Vedomosti" - A support unit that reduces enemy crit rate with slack. She can also reduce move gauge of enemy. Her second skill can apply 2 turn daze. Her 3rd skill is a strong single target attack that can allow her to move again if they are defeated.  Her passive gives effect hit, which allows allies to land their debuffs better.

Jacqueline "Eccentric Inventor" - Given to us early. She can taunt and reduce enemy attack. Her 2nd skill Land Crusher can daze enemy. Her 3rd skill gives self attack buff after attacking and can also daze. Her passive gives a small speed bonus. She also gets a attack bonus above 90% health.

Zoe "Truthseeker" - A debuffer tanker that can reduce enemy attack. She can taunt the enemy with skill two and three. She is immune to death due to her passive and also grants freeze immunity for 4 turns to all allies (+small chance to cleanse freeze) .

Should You Re-Roll?

Re-rolling is optional and I would only suggest re-rolling if you only get too many of one type, or have too many debuffers and no enough attackers etc.

Seven Mortal Sins X-tasy Game Summary

The story is about Lucifer, the fallen angel, who was sent to hell for her sin against the Gods. In the lowest level of hell, the demon lords who rule over hell have sealed Lucifer's power. Although Lucifer lost everything, she leads the demon lord Leviathan and a high school human girl Totsuka Maria as the "Arrogant Demon Lord Lucifer" and started a journey to fight back against the seven mortal sins. The story surrounded the "Seven Mortal Sins" thus began.

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