Tower of Fantasy Dailies and Weeklies Guide [Things You Should Do]

Tower of Fantasy Dailies and Weeklies Guide [Things You Should Do]
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Welcome to the dailies and weeklies guide for Tower of Fantasy. In this post, we will go over the important tasks you want to focus on daily, especially for people with limited time.

Sign In Rewards

Always remember to go to the rewards tab to get your daily rewards. There is tonnes of goodies such as dark crystals, black nucleus and upgrade materials. This one adds up over time if you just get them daily.

Daily Supply Box

In the shop icon, you want to go to the daily supply box tab. You can click on the daily reward and you will get gifts such as gold and weapon chips.

Mia’s Kitchen

This one is really good before going to battle. Often times, you can get elemental attack or resistance bonuses, giving you a boost in battle. You can do it 3 times daily. There are 3 times it will recharge daily. Sometimes, you will get a negative bonus, like in the picture. But most of the time, it is positive.

Crew Donation

If you haven’t already, you want to join a crew and start donating. You can get many good gifts just for being in a crew. You can get 50 dark crystals, gold and crew points every week. For a F2P player, every little bit helps.

Daily Bounties

Each day, you will want to do at least 1 daily bounty. Pick the one that gives you gold nucleus. On average, if you play every month, you can get 30 gold nucleus and hit the regular pity for SSR every 2.5 months or so. This is excluding bonus gifts and events in the game. Not too bad if you were to ask me.

Consume Vitality – Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials etc.

Each day, you have 180 max vitality to spend. You can do a few fun missions to use them up. The most common one to do are the Joint Operation (co-op) for blue/purple matrices of various types and Dimensional Trials for weapon upgrades. These two are the core that you will want to focus on early on to improve the power of your character.

If you don’t like Dimensional Trials due to the co-op feature, you can venture into Interstellar Exploration or Omnium Beacon if you wish as these are solo play. Spacetime is for gold, but so far gold is easy to get and not required early game.

Ideally, doing 1 Joint Operation and 3 runs of Dimensional Trial/Intersterllar Exploration/Omnium Beacon will do the trick.


You can look for the cooking machines and make your healing supplies if you are very active. This helps in mainly tough battles in Joint Operations, Boss Battles and Void Rifts.

Open Password Chests

This one is also for more active players. Finding the password chests in the map is common but it will take time.

Ability Training

This one is good for getting gifts to increase your character trait and eventually unlock the new key abilities at 1200 points and 4000 points respectively. Do them daily. You can access the menu and select the challenge tab to find it.

Mystery Box

Speaking to Hopkins daily will also give you a gift from 3 mystery boxes. You do need to complete the story quest to get it though.

Magic Claw

If you unlocked Cetus Island, you can go there and play the mini game 3 times daily to try and get more gifts. This is optional and can be time consuming for those that have limited playing time.

Vending Machines

These vending machines in Cetus Island will give you random cooking items, very useful if you want free food. It doesn’t hurt to do it if you already trying to do the Magic Claw game as it is nearby as well.

Weekly Rewards

Upon completion of the weekly reward at 900 points, you will get 150 dark crystals alongside other upgrade goodies.

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