Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle [Reroll Guide]


This guide is all about rerolling your account in Mob Psycho 100 Psychic Battle. Zenrotto talks about the best characters for you to reroll for.

By Zenrotto

Reroll Guide

At the start of the game, every player starts with Shigeo for free. He is a default character everyone has that you have to use because certain mechanics only work with him.

The first thing we are going to do is talk about the SSR characters that are in the game. This way you can decide you might want to reroll for.


So first off I want to talk about Muto. He is a super broken character in PvP though not as good in  PvE you can you are either gonna blow through it or you are gonna lose and there is not an in-between. He is still good at it but he is not as good as he is in a PvP.

His Personality Manipulation does 150% times his attack to all enemies and it causes the main targets cooldown. So it hits everyone, but you pick someone targeted and it resets the targets cooldown to the maximum value and then everyone else’s cooldown goes up by one.

Basically, in PvP, you can use personality manipulation and your enemy team cannot use their skills. All of the characters that are not the primary targets have to wait for one round of basic attacks before they can use their skills and the primary target will never get to use their skills because they will be dead by the time their cooldown finishes recovering.

Even if it is just a two-turn cooldown recovery it is just not going to come up in time. Telekinetic wave is okay. It has got a 25% chance to take dizzy which is a bit of a stun type deal.

Soul exploration’s effect is when attacking, find their weakness which reduces the effect resistance so you have a higher chance of applying dizzy. It applies a 20% effective resistance reduced so you have an easier time giving them debuffs then they also take 20% more damage.

He is a really good supporter and debuffer and he helps the team out well. Overall he is a really good character, especially in PvP.


Next up is Ritsu and he is really good as an AoE DPS unit. All of his damage is based on hitting the entire enemy party so his hits are not as strong as a single target DPS would be.

But because he is hitting so many targets he ends up dealing more damage overall. A lot of battles are around 5 enemies at one time so he may only be hitting for 500 damage but against a team of 5 that 500 turns into 2500 damage.

Genius’s Fury is his ultimate skill and does 100% of his attack on all enemies. The fewer enemies there are the more it does so it is best used on smaller parties.

After using the skill you obtain the skill charge strengthening for one turn and when that is active Soul charge’s damage is doubled. Soul Charge is his basic attack so it does full attack damage with the ultimate skill effect active.

His passive is Acquired Awakening which activates every time he gets 5 points of additional speed, then it increases his attack by 1%. So the better built he is for speed he is the stronger he will be.

So as a single target, he is not as strong as a single target unit would be. But he still hurts pretty bad.

Dimple Ritsu

So Dimple Ritsu does not play like regular Ritsu in the slightest. Genius’s Fury hits the target with a penetrating attack that deals damage equal to the defense times 100%.

One thing in this game is that classes attack based on their primary attack. Tanks do damage based on their defense stat and not their attack stat.

That way you can build a character toward something without making them irrelevant in other ways. Like stacking pure defense on someone like Dimple Ritsu because all their attack is going to use that defense stat anyways.

Genius’s Fury also applies taunt which causes the targeted enemy to aggro the character who used it. If the target’s defense is lower than Dimple Ritsu the taunt chance goes up to 80% but if you max his ult to level 4 it becomes a 100% chance.

Spirit Punch is his basic attack and its attack is x45% + DEF  x20%. His whole thing is taunting people so he can take the damage.

Because his passive Challenger gives him a 40% chance to counterattack when attacked with a soul charge and sometime he will end up hitting multiple enemies. So his real focus is getting off his taunt because not only does he want to take the damage and can because of his defense he will start blasting the enemy part with counter damage the more attacks that are landed on him which in turn triggers taunt again and the loop continues.


Sakurai is a single target DPS. Curse Toy deals 100% attack damage to the target and obtains a stack of Blade Aura. What Blade Aura does is increase the damage of Curse Toy and then you expend stacks of Confluence to deal extra damage on a critical hit. Confluence is his third skill.

When you gain levels on it you can gain up to 3 stacks of Blade Aura overall. Blade’s Will is his passive making each stack of Blade Aura increases Curse Toy damage by 5% and then each stack of it increases Confluence crit damage by 5% and it caps at 9 so it gets a 45% increase at max.

Confluence deals 400% attack damage to the target and if it crits all stacks of blade aura are expended and it deals bonus damage. So your goal with him is building up Blade Aura stacks then use Confluence to expend them for extra damage.


Suzuki is a single target Tank despite all of his attacks being damage based. His attack War Fist deals 45% + Defense 20% damage to the target so he works similarly to Dimple Ritsu.

Falling Moon Slash obtains one energy stack per action. Each energy stack increases defense by 20%, up to 5 stacks.

So he is taking less damage and dealing more damage back because he is using defense in his attack calculation. His last skill is Charge Blast shot.

It deals defense 100% damage to the target ignoring their defense. When at 5 stacks of energy, the attack turns into Falling Moon Slash, dealing 10% max HP additional damage to the target.

It is really good because it is 10% of their max health so it is a fixed amount. So on bosses, if it has a lot of health it is going to do a lot of damage back.

Suzuki is one of the better characters to reroll for especially if you are not going for Dimple Ritsu.


Reigen is a supporting character and his first skill is Salt Splash. Deal 100% damage to the target, with an 80% chance to remove 1 buff from the target.

Supernova is his second skill. At the beginning of each round, the team receives a damage boost that lasts 1 action. Basically, by being on the team, he gives a damage boost to everyone.

His third skill is Sweet Talk Shield. Using irrefutable logic to boost morale, giving the whole team an attack boost, lasts 2 actions. Deals 130% attack damage to all enemies, with a 75% chance for each to obtain a defense weakening effect. Lasts 2 actions.

Reigen is overall pretty good. Just by being on the team he gives a team buff and by using his skills he gives another buff, can remove buffs from the enemy team, and debuff their defenses.


Tsubomi is really good support. And easier to get than Reigen since there is no definitive way of knowing how to get him at the current moment.

Her initial ability is Vitality Blessing which heals the target for 300 + max HP x6% and removes 1 random debuff. Her second ability is Blessed Girl which grants the target a damage reduction effect that lasts 1 action.

Limitless Love revives a fallen target and recovers them for 30% of her max HP. So it is based on Tsubomi’s health and not the targets.


Muraki is a tank. His first skill is Magical Hit that deals x45% + DEF 20% damage to the target and deals 100% additional damage for each stack of Ethereal Body on you.

His second skill is the Ethereal Body. Each time you take an action, you have a 50% chance to gain 1 stack of Ethereal Body. When entering battle, you gain 1 stack of Ethereal Body. Ethereal Body can stack up to 4 times.

His third skill is Multiple Clones. Deals DEF x100 damage to a single enemy target and transforms Ethereal Body into Super Ethereal Body. Super Ethereal Body can stack up to 20 times. Each transformed stack immediately restores 5% of your max HP and increases damage enhancement and damage reduction by 3%.

Muraki is your traditional tank unit. He is there to take hits and recover damage as he does being your wall unit.

Rerolling Final Thoughts

So when it comes to re-rolling a character it is a bit of an interesting case. You start with Shigeo who is already an amazing character as he gets stronger.

So you already start with one of the best and there are a few characters you can get in R and SR that are good supports for him. So really when you reroll you want to go for Muto because he is the best DPS unit in the game.

You can try for anyone after that. But once you get Muto you can pretty much keep that and start playing because you will be good in the long run.

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