Snowbreak Containment Zone Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This is a beginners guide for Snowbreak Containment Zone. We will go over the important tips you need to know about the mobile game.

Re-rolling Process

Let’s see how to reroll in Snowbreak: Containment Zone in simple steps:

1. Open the Snowbreak Containment Zone game.
2. When you reach the login screen, choose to create a Seasun account.
3. Fill in the required details for your account.
4. Play through the tutorial until you finish chapter 1.
5. Access the mailbox and claim all your pre-registration rewards.
6. Pull on the banner that has the character you want.
7. If you get the character you desired, you’re done.
8. If not, log out of your account and repeat these steps again.

Why should you use a Seasun account? It’s the best option for rerolling because you can choose which email to use. You can create multiple accounts using dummy Gmail addresses until you get the character you want. Alternatively, you can modify your email by adding a ‘.’ or a ‘-‘ between characters before ‘’ to differentiate between accounts.

When should you reroll? It’s better to reroll as soon as possible to save time. Although you can keep playing and saving DigiCash, it will take much longer. Since you receive a lot of DigiCash from pre-registration rewards, it’s worth using them for pulling characters.

Which banner should you pull on? It depends on the character you want. If you want the character in a specific banner, pull on that one. Otherwise, pull on the Battle Assembly banner. Battle Assembly guarantees you a random five-star character after 50 pulls and gives you a 20% discount on ten pulls. So, you can get a five-star character with the same amount of currency as 40 pulls in the character banner.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tips

Never Rush

When you see the blue marker indicating your destination in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, don’t rush into battles. Sometimes your target is far away, and there may be enemies in your way. If you try to run past them, they will become agitated and will pursue you until you leave the stage. To avoid being overwhelmed, take it slowly and defeat enemies as you encounter them. This is especially important in stages with Titan-worshiping enemies.

You should always have a support Operative on your team. A team can have up to three Operatives, each with three skills: one active, one support, and one ultimate.

Using Presence

In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, use your Presence with caution. Presence is a finite source of energy that regenerates every six minutes. You must use this energy to advance in the main story. There is, however, an Operations section where you can spend Presence to obtain specific items such as SilverBucks, Operative EXP materials, and Weapon EXP materials.

When you first start the game, prioritize spending Presence on Operative and Weapon EXP materials. Even if you don’t feel the need for these materials at first, they become critical for upgrades later in the game.

You can farm Weapon Ascension and Operative Neural Materials once you unlock more sections in Operations, but you won’t need many of these until you reach higher levels. Finally, you can farm Logistics Officers with any remaining energy. Remember to prioritize the main story while also making effective use of Presence in Operations.

Play Co-op

If you enjoy playing Snowbreak: Containment Zone with your friends and want to use the game’s best characters, you should try the Gigalink co-op mode. In this mode, you can work with up to three other players to complete various objectives on various maps.

Each battlefield in Gigalink has its own set of objectives for you and your team to complete. The mode is real-time, so you can play while collaborating with two other players to form a powerful three-player team. Accept the co-op experience for a more enjoyable gameplay session!

Complete Dailies

As you progress through the game, you will gain access to the Tasks section, which contains Daily, Weekly, Target, and Main Story tasks. Because the Daily and Weekly tasks have a time limit, it’s critical to complete them before they reset. Daily tasks are reset at midnight (varies by server), and weekly tasks are reset every Monday.

Completing these tasks is necessary because they provide rewards such as DigiCash, which can be used in the Gacha system. Even if you don’t intend to continue the main story, completing these tasks on a daily basis is beneficial.

You’ll find achievements to complete in the Target section, and Main Story tasks provide valuable materials as you progress through them properly. Keep an eye on these tasks in order to earn rewards and advance in the game.

Good Team Compositions

Here is a recommended squad by Eidolon/Ada (EU):

  • Yao Winter Solstice – She deals heavy long-distance single-target damage and can also cause high area-of-effect (AoE) damage if you group up enemies using a skill or environmental hazard. Her skill can also prevent enemy skills for 3 seconds, allowing for a total chain of 15 seconds if used properly.
  • Fritia Hush – Her skill groups up enemies and, once upgraded, can stun most enemies and bosses in the area for 3 seconds. It also temporarily disables enemy skills, making it a great combo with Yao Winter Solstice.
  • Fenny Lionheart – Excellent for dealing high damage to close-range and armored enemies, as well as damaging breakable parts of enemies. Her skill, especially when upgraded, allows her to cover long distances quickly to escape danger or focus on high-threat enemies.

In stages with cliffs, combining Fritia Hush’s skill with Fenny’s Support Skill will instantly defeat any enemies that can be knocked back with it, especially since Fritia Hush can remove any enemy buffs that prevent knockback. This team composition can be very powerful and effective in battles.

Another team to pay attention to:

  • Marian Swift: She’s the main damage-dealer on the field, using ADS (aim down sight) and Skill combos with Standard Ballistic hits. She’s great at breaking shields too. I like using the “sweet soul” for extra kinetic damage and a damage boost, and it’s a 4-star rarity. For neuronics, I prioritized the one that gives 3 charges to her skill and another that boosts ballistic damage.
  • Yao Quiet Quitter or Chenxing The Observer: Yao gives healing and support. With the Olympus, she can heal herself passively, giving the other team members time to recover their skill energy. I focused on neuronics that let her Healing Light follow the operative on the field and increase its duration with a frost weapon. Chenxing can provide more damage with her turrets, healing, and more weapon variety.
  • Haru The Ace: Haru deals good off-field damage with her support skill and can break shields when needed, as she uses a pistol. Her neuronics can give a 20% ATK boost to allies for 20 seconds if her support skill kills an enemy. Using the twilight squad logistics set, she can debuff the enemy for Marian and herself to do more damage. I have her at manifestation 1, allowing Marian to activate Haru’s sword oaths for extra off-field damage.

This squad offers a great balance of damage, healing, and support, making it an effective team for various challenges in the game.

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