Street Fighter Duel Guide [Re-roll, Team Building and Strategy]

Street Fighter Duel brings back the memories of the 90s classic fighter game to mobile. It is an idle game for casual players with some strategy involved for tougher fights.

Note: Check out the F2P beginners progression guide here. We also have an unofficial wiki here now if you want to check out the stats.

Basic Mechanics

In this idle game, you get to build a team of 4 units where you will want to build up combos to decimate your opponent. The game’s system is based around fusion, so if you play long enough, you will be able to max out your characters.

As for creating your your own team, you want to use units that can at least combo twice. That means when they use their skills, they are able to chain 2 other skills. Otherwise, you will lose out on damage or buff/debuffs if you can only chain one skill. Later on, once any of your A class fighters get to 61, they can unlock the 3rd combo slot.

Units can get bonus stats from having specific bonds on the team. For example, Poison gets synergy from M. Bison, Mayor Cody and Charming Dudley. It is not too important early game, but the bonus stats do help, especially if you can have 2 other bond synergies. You can check their bonds in the character upgrade menu. Not all fighters have bond synergies. The original units that you get for free (aka blue units) can be fused to higher rarity, but they don’t have bond synergy.The ones you get from the gacha pulls and tickets will have it.

This game also runs the elemental system, where you deal bonus damage to enemies with elemental advantage and take more damage (25%) if you are weak against it.

  • Fire > Wind > Thunder > Fire
  • Master <=> Infernal
  • Legendary units have no disadvantage

Each fighter also has a type:

  • Power
  • Tech
  • Agility

Equipment is gotten via idle farming or progressing through story stages. Only blue gear and up can be upgraded. There is no need to upgrade equipment until you get some purple or higher rarity.

Later on, around chapter 2/3, you will unlock Global Operation, which will let you farm for Fighting Souls, which are items that will increase your fighter’s stats and give special effects. You cannot upgrade it early on yet, as you need to obtain martial fragments from Challenge Divination.

All your blue units can be fused to become purple and then eventually gold. So do not discard them. Green units can be discarded though for more breakpoints.

Team Building

If you can get 2 or more units of the same faction (elements), you gain bonuses. This is what you want to aim for. Ideally you want 4 from the same faction and then 2 from another faction to get the 4 +2 bonus.


This game doesn’t need re-rolling in my opinion. They give you ample resources to progress in the game. Most of the fighters good. But if you want to re-roll, you want to start with the guest account. You will be given 1 A class fighter early on. If you grind your way to chapter 3, you will have roughly 30 extra rolls to try and get a desired unit of yours. You can then go to a new server and start over. The whole process will roughly 1 hour, which is very long.

A few notable units that are good:

  • Chun Li – She has very high speed, allowing you to go first and chain your combos. On top of that, she has amor break. Probably the only one key unit you want in your team if you re-roll. Keep in mind that the first 10 roll in the game, you cannot get Chun Li.
  • Cammy – She is not as fast as Chun Li, but also has armor break and does great single target DPS. Highly recommended to get her. On day 7 of the growth event, you get to buy a fighter selection chest to get another extra copy of her. Totally worth it if you didn’t pull Chun Li.
  • Decapre – Also relatively fast, but just a bit slower than Cammy.
  • Guy – Fast and can hit backline.

Outside of getting one of the fast units, some good units are:

  • Makato – strong tank that has AoE damage that knocks enemy up.
  • Beast Zangief – Can stun and is tanky. Is useful in stages where you need to interrupt enemy combos.
  • Elena – Buffs your best attacker and can heal.
  • Dhalsim – Great AoE attacker. Superb and clearing backline.
  • C.Viper – Also good at dealing AoE damage.

There is also a top unit that if you get it, it will make life easy.

  • M Bison – He is a good tank that will not die unless your entire team dies. He also does good damage. Great in both story mode and PvP. Pulling him on a regular summon is less than 0.005% chance though. So good luck rolling this guy.

Since Mad Ryu is given on day 2, it is recommended to focus on a Thunder faction team with either Flame or Wind as the supporting faction.

Getting Resources

There are a few resources you will need consistently:

Gems – The in game currency. You can get them from many places. This includes:

  • Player level up – 10 gems
  • Getting a new character for the first time – 30 gems for B grade and 50 gems for A grade (i think)
  • Supreme Fist – gives 400 gems every 10 levels + blue and purple character shards
  • Global Operation – Gives some gems and you can acquire Fighting Souls.
  • Bounties provide some extra gems.
  • Daily PvP gives gems based on rankings.

Cash and Fighter XP – Main currencies for upgrading characters.

Breakstone – This purple orb is used to level past break points every 20 levels. Like cash and fighter XP, you can them from idle farming or rewards in game.

Arcade Coin – Use to summon in the gacha. You can get them farming completing each chapter stage, super hero tasks or recommending friends.

The resources are limited and gated by time.

Street Fighter Duel Tier List

With the game out for a week, here is a video by TrollGaming that I think is quite accurate for early game.

Early Game Progression

Once you unlock Supreme Fist, you will want to start climbing the floors for extra gems and blue/purple character shards. You need as many characters as you can get. Most units only become godlike once they are maxed out with additional bonus stats. But that is still far away for now.

Shadaloo City has a shop that allows you to farm for fighter fragments in the long run. You will always want to do this mode. It resets every 2 days. Every 30 days, the fighter fragments will rotate to another set of them. So if you see a fighter you want, just make sure to buy them right away. When battling in Shadaloo City, good options to pick when battling are:

  • Life Leech
  • Stun enemy for 5 seconds

These will usually keep your own units alive when stacked with attack % damage.

Once you get to Chapter 4-12, you can start looking for a guild. You want to join one so you can start getting blue equipment to power up your fighters. Make sure to donate daily and participate in the Guild Shadowlands for more goodies.

Also, if you want extra power for your main attacker, make sure to use assist fighters to give your best units some extra stat boost. Having the assist unit at level 20 is a good start, since the resources to upgrade till 20 is quite cheap.

If you need extra breakstones, you can get some from the general store. You will also want to do your daily bounties for extra resources and gems. These breakstones do become scarce later on, so keep those 2/4/6/8 hour breakstone boosts unless you really need it.

As you progress to chapter 4, you will get your first EX-move (Chains of Guilt), which is an extra attack that happens in battle when you use your combo. It helps with dealing extra damage.

Like most idle games, this also has a built in Dojo where you can build up your little “town” that can provide goodies. Visit it to get extra rewards. You do get gems sometimes.

For those that don’t like PvP, you can rejoice. You get 2 free battles daily. Even if you are not a fan, it is worth doing as you get extra gems daily.

When you get to Chapter 5, the limit break section unlocks (grants 6 extra characters slots) and you can just level 4 key units and then put other units in there. They become the same level as the lowest member of your team. So just level your 4 key members evenly. Make sure keep 2 Fire/Wind/Lightning members so you can always get the 4 + 2 (same faction element) bonus for pushing story mode. Also, you can reset other units you don’t have to level via the awakening menu.

Overall, the progression is decent, as long as you are not playing for hours. It is meant to be an idle game that you play for an hour or so at most.