AFK Arena [Reroll Guide]


This guide focuses on how to reroll in AFK Arena. Volkin Games talks about the mechanics of rerolling and how to go about it.

By Volkin Games

Reroll Guide


If you want to Reroll, the first thing you have to do is hit your portrait in the top left corner of the screen. Then you go to the settings tab then select servers.

On the left, if you scroll all the way down it will show you the most recent one. You can reroll on every server without worrying about losing your main account.

Your accounts will always be seen in the recommended servers so you will always be able to refer back to that. New servers are made daily and it is always better to go to the newest servers for a better chance at competing.

Now, when you reroll what you are looking for are any heroes that you want to use. You can reroll at the start or after a while or when you have a better idea of the game or what you want to use.

It is really up to you what you want to reroll for. When you start your new account you are going to play through the first chapter of the game.


You start with a party of characters and the default ones are all you will need to get to chapter 2. Just focus on getting them all to level 10 and maybe 1 of them to level 11.

That should make the process a bit faster. Once you finish chapter 1 you will reach a boss that should not give you to much trouble.


When you beat it you will be taken to the tavern where you can do your first summon. This summon used to be gated so only a select few of heroes could be pulled.

But now you can obtain any hero from this summons giving you a much larger pool to pull from. The next thing you are going to do is a 10 pull.

There are two ways you can do this and the first is by collecting your quests and getting the diamond rewards for doing chapter 1 of the campaign. The second is getting the rewards from the event daily logins to get more diamonds.


One thing to note is you can go to your heroes then go to their stories and collect diamonds from there as well. From here you should be just short of the diamond amount you need for that 10 pull.

You can continue through chapter 2 until you clear the first boss stage and that will be enough to push you over the amount you need. Or you can get the level 1 VIP status from beating chapter 1.

By doing this you are rewarded with stones you can use for a character pull. If you are lucky you will get a new hero and you can collect the diamonds from them.

Once you are ready you can make your first 10 pull which guarantees an Elite Hero. You can pull any hero from the game in this so you have a wide variety to choose from.

One thing to note before doing this is setting up your wishlist. This used to be something you could not do until after chapter 3 but now it is available before your first 10 pull.


By setting up your wishlist of what heroes you want it gives a higher chance of pulling those specific heroes. It makes rerolling much better and it is something you need to do before that first 10 pull.

Now, if you do not like what you get at this point you can cut your losses and reroll again. Otherwise, stick with the account and keep playing.

There are a few characters you could aim to reroll for. If you are brand new to the game some good choices are Lucius or Shemira.

They are both good early game and general heroes. There are a lot of characters to aim for but those two are the best for the newer players.

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