Artery Gear Fusion Tier List [Infinite Re-Roll Guide]

Welcome to the Artery Gear Fusion tier list guide! In this simple tutorial, we will go over the units you want to get early when re-rolling. This will make your mid to end game easier.

Infinite Re-rolls?

The good thing is, you can have infinite re-rolls, which is awesome for hard core re-rollers. Basically, you can get 2 re-rolls. One from the original banner that guarantees a 5 star and later on the infinite re-roll via a ticket.

TimaeuSS explains it perfectly below.

The top units to aim for in the guaranteed 5 star banner is Alice or Sirius. After that, you want to move on to infinite re-rolls after getting one of them.

Note: Check out our detailed guides for new players here:

The infinite re-roll also always has 1 SSR unit. Below are the recommended units:

5 Stars (SSR)

Ginga - Ginga is the top single target DPS with a lot of debuffs. She can shock enemies and her skill 3 will do bonus damage based on the number of debuffs. Very useful for raid bosses (Centaur and Harpist). She is the top choice for this infinite banner. 

Hearin - A good healer that can provide overtime healing on skill 2 and cleanse the ally with the lowest health. Her skill 3 also does similar function to skill 2, except that it now cleanses everyone, heals them + improve action bar. She is vital in hard dungeons as more and more enemies will have debuffs.

Ghost - She is a strong unit for both PvE and PvP. She has defense break on skill 1, She can dispel buff on skill 2 and deal bonus damage to buffed targets. She holds speed buff and greater speed buff on skill 3, making her very quick.

Quinn - An attack and speed buffer that will help speed up runs in your PvE content. Her skill 3 can reduce enemy action bar and the damage also scales off her own speed. Her skill 1 can prevent enemy healing.

Benny - A strong buff stripper with skill 2 and 3 being able to remove buffs. While she is not top priority over say Ginga, Sirius or Alice, she will thrive a lot in PvP and in certain PvE moves where buff stripping is required.

Shura - A strong debuffer with defense break on skill 1 and 2. She has this unique passive called Shura Mode. Gain Shura Mode and skill effects will be improved. Her skill 2 will ignore enemy effect resistance when in Shura Mode. This is vital as she will not need as much accuracy. Her skill 3 can apply attack down. Since she also scales her damage with health, she is naturally tanky since you want to build her with more HP.

Milvus - A strong DPS with utility. Her skill 3 can apply defense break and cause paralysis. Her skill 2 ignores element disadvantage and also resets cooldown if the enemy is killed. Great for snowballing and her skill 1 can blind the enemy. She does have a high gear ceiling though.

Suriel - A good debuffer that can burn on skill 1. Her skill 2 is an AoE attack that can stack up to 4 burns and increase her action bar. It does target random enemies though. Her skill 3 does bonus damage based on the burns stacked and can heal allies when enemy is killed. She is not as strong as Ginga, so I would say to roll for Ginga instead of her.

4 Stars

Alice - She is a support unit that can slow all enemies with her skill 3. Her skill 2 can provide attack buff and some action bar boost. Her skill 1 also randomly improves an ally action bar. Due to her skill 2, the ally that gets the attack buff basically gets 2 turns. This is vital as it is most likely used on the DPS, thus improving overall damage. She is strong in PvE content and lowers the gear requirement to do Centaur and Harpist 9.

Chihaya - A strong DPS that is purely focused on crit rate and crit damage. Her skill 2 can reduce her skill cooldown when she crits and also extend enemy debuffs by 1, which is super useful when used in a heavy debuff team. Her skill 3 can apply defense break and also gain an extra turn if she crits. Although her skills have a long cooldown, as long as you crit, you can cycle her skills quickly. She does need good gear as well to function as intended.

Morris - Despite being a 4 star, she is a solid healer and support. She can provide single target heal and reduce their skill cooldown by 1 turn. Her skill 3 cleanses and heals all allies. Her skill 1 can inflict blind. She is used across all PvE content and very versatile. She is also quite good in PvP against heavy debuff teams.

Ruri - An decent AoE attacker. Like Milvus, she can ignore element disadvantage on her skill 2, which is an AoE attack. If any targets are killed, her skill cooldown reduces by 1. Her skill 3 can gain an extra turn and attack buff when she crits. Since she is reliant of crit, you will definitely want 100% crit rate on her. Her skill 1 can apply buff block. Due to the attack buff, she is self sufficient and can be ran on teams without an attack buffer.

Good 3 Stars

Roko - She is a good single target debuffer that can corrode units and reduce their skill cooldowns. When the enemy team has no cleansing, she can wreak havoc with her debuffs. The more corrosion stacks the enemy has, the more damage she can do on her skill 2. Her skill 3 does damage and can apply more corrosion. She does have long skill cooldowns though.

Grace - A strong budget attacker and fodder farmer. Due to her passive, she gains crit rate and crit resist and it is easy to build her to 100% crit rate. Her skill 3 is an AoE attack that can deal bonus damage when she crits. If anyone dies, the skill is reset, allowing her to use it again and decimate more enemies next turn. Her skill 1 can reduce all her skill cooldowns if she crits. Since her skill 3 has a low cooldown, she can pretty much spam skill 3 often.

Artery Gear Fusion Game Summary

Artery Gear: Fusion is a turn-based RPG developed by 株式会社ビリビリ.

In this game, the player will act as a commander in a war against mysterious creatures that harm humans. The player will encounter and lead different young girls equipped with robotic armour, who are called the "Artery Gear". Many efforts are made into the production of the graphics of this sci-fi style game to deliver a stunning visual experience to the players. Some setting of the game is linked to "Armor Girl", the work produced by the same developer in the past.

Also, it is a game that has a lot of quality of life changes that other gachas such as Epic 7 and Summoners War doesn't have.  That is you can farm while the game is closed!