[Artery Gear Fusion] Resources Guide for New Players! – F2P Friendly

Welcome to the resources guide for new players! In this tutorial, we will go over how much energy, resources and potential goodies you can get for the global version. At the time of writing, energy is a big issue, but it could potentially be solved when the Ryza collaboration and Raid Boss patch arrives.

Once your honeymoon period is over, the energy and rewards gotten from story mode, rookie mission event, pre-evolution event and special event will start to dry up. Depending on whether you saved up most of the upgrade chips or spend it on unnecessary upgrades will determine your progress in the game.

Now, let’s talk about the monthly income and resources you can expect to get after completing a good chunk of the game modes.


Here are all the available energy sources to you.

  • 1 free one from daily backup energy
  • 2 from Alliance Shop (100 alliance points for both)
  • 2 from Badge Exchange (PvP) Shop (40 tokens for both)
  • 2 weekly from daily logins

Now, you can also get instant energy refills that you cannot store.

  • 60 energy daily from Sample Shop (30 sample exchanges)
  • 180 from daily login (gotten via different login times)
  • [Optional]60 energy from Regular Supply Shop, up to 1200 per day (30 crystals per 60 energy,)

So assuming you are not spending any crystals to gain energy, your average extra energy per day is 540. If you add in natural energy recharge, assuming a 300 energy max cap, you will get 900 total to play without dipping your toes into using crystals.

On a monthly basis, you are getting 25,680 energy including recharge times and an active playing time of twice a day.

What does this all translate to? Basically around 15-30 minutes of playing time daily, after completing Sample Waypoint and Lava Rift. I am excluding farming times as you can just run your daily quests, then go farm Elimination Mode, Event Mode or Story Mode and turn off the game.

For people that want to play more, you can opt to buy the extra 1200 energy daily for 600 crystals. I actually do recommend this so you can rush to the point where you can farm Centaur 7/8 and Harpist 9, allowing you to AFK farm gears or events daily. After that, you don’t have to do this.

According to TimaeuSS on the TW/JP server, the new collaboration and raid mode will provide a lot of energy and will solve the stamina issue. So let’s hope this is the case.


Oh man, this is probably going to be very scarce early on, especially during the Honeymoon period. If you made the mistake of upgrading every piece of gear, you will run out of it.

Here is a rough estimate of gold income monthly:

  • 40800 gold daily once from gold supply stage 3
  • 150,000 gold from Lava Rift 100 floor sweep
  • About 10,000 gold with level 2 supply ship from Fleet daily
  • 5000 gold from sending gifts
  • 3000 gold weekly for completing missions

This roughly translate to 1.7 million gold every month. That is actually not too bad. However, I think early on because everyone needs gear upgrades, they tend to go very quickly. Once you have completed about 3 DPS sets and 2 support sets, you will have less need for gear upgrades, which will help you gain more gold as you switch your sets between your characters for PvE and PvP.

Your biggest source of gold income will come from farming Centaur/Harpist/Iron Maiden/Octopus hunts. Selling the gear drops will net you the most consistent amount of gold. On average, 10 runs of Centaur 7/8 will net me about an extra 15,000 gold, depending on whether I kept some of the pieces.

There is also gold from dispatch, although I do not think it is worth doing at all.

Crystals & Special Hiring Agreement

Oh boy, the crystals come raining in early on. It is not a surprise if you are able to hoard up 20k crystals after completing rookie missions and story mode. However, this is where the crystal supply will drop drastically. On a monthly basis, this is what you can expect.

  • 50 Crystals daily from Daily Mission
  • 90 Crystals weekly from Weekly Mission
  • 310 Crystals weekly from Colonel Rank (Easy to achieve)
  • 600 Crystals monthly from 100 Floor Lava Rift Clear (you only need to complete it once)
  • 1 Special Hiring Agreement weekly from Sample Exchange Shop

Overall, this gives about 3700 Crystals monthly.

A 10 pull is about 1800 crystals, so that is a 20 pulls a month. Now, if we include the normal events, which I believe is twice a month based on the release schedule so far, we will get:

  • 900 Crystals per event from Shop
  • 200 Crystals for Special Battle Clears (Assuming you can at least clear to battle 3/4)
  • 5 Special Hiring Agreements from Shop

That gives you 2000 crystals extra +9 summons. That brings the total to about 39 pulls a month. Since pity summon for normal banner is 200, you will be looking at 5.5 months for a guaranteed pity, which isn’t that great.

However, I remember watching TimaeuSS video saying on average we get 65 pulls a month, which is 26 pulls off. I might still be missing a few rewards here and there.

Other Resources

Chips (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)

These are the skill chips that is used to upgrade your unit’s skills. It costs:

  • 27 Basic, 51660 Gold to max out a 3 star unit’s skills
  • 27 Intermediate, 51660 Gold to max out a 4 star unit’s skills
  • 33 Advanced,  330k Gold to max out a 5 star unit’s skills

The cool thing is, you can reset their skills for the cost of crystals. For example, to refund a skill section from Ginga, it costs 495 crystals. So 1485 crystals to fully reset a unit.

I would only recommend doing this if you are done farming Centaur and Harpist for a long time. Otherwise, it is better to just save up advanced chips over months to max out another unit.

The basic blue chip is easy to get and farm. You can farm normal and event mode stages to easily get it. With Grace, I suggest 5-5 and 6-8.

Similar with the purple intermediate chips, you can get them from hard mode stages. Similarly with Grace, 5-5 and 6-8 are great places since they are all fire units. However, the other incentive to farm other stages is to get the upgrade materials for the unique equipment for specific characters. So, it is not mandatory.

As for chip income, you get them consistently over time a well.

Intermediate Chips

  • 4 per month from login
  • 3 per week from sample exchange (100 each)
  • 1 from Lava Rift reward monthly
  • 3 from Alliance request(don’t count on this as most won’t donate it)

They are actually quite accessible and you can expect to fully max out a 4 star unit skill every month. If you farm them from hard stages, you can easily max out 2 per month.

Advanced Chips

These are more scarce, but also available from:

  • 1 per week from Weekly Mission
  • 2  monthly from Lava Rift reward clear
  • 2 monthly from login rewards
  • 1 weekly from Sample Exchange (200 points)
  • 1 weekly from Alliance Shop (300 points)
  • 1 weekly from PvP Shop (300 tokens)
  • 1 weekly from Regular Supply (Cost 360 crystals)
  • 2 weekly from Golden Badge (not worth it, never get it for F2P)

Assuming you get all of them except for the last 2, you get 20 of them per month. So it will take a little less than 2 months to fully max out a 5 star unit skill. Not too bad for F2P.

Alliance Points

These are gotten via joining an Alliance upon reaching level 30. If you do not care much about guild PvP later on, just join any semi-full guild. You will get up 100+ points daily just from contributing. Eventually, you can buy out all the useful items such as energy potions, advanced chip and gear chips. Also make sure to buy the AG Recruitment card to get Touka every month.

PvP Tokens

You will need to do PvP to earn them. If you absolutely detest PvP, just farm the training mode. You won’t get as much crystals per week, but getting 270 per week staying at the bottom is not bad at all. You will get 30 tokens for completing 3 PvP battles in addition to the bonus tokens you get from winning/losing.

The best items to buy in the PvP shop is the 2x backup energy, the advanced chip and the high level AG Conscription Order, which allows you to get Lydia every month. You can sell Lydia for 10 Golden Badges, which you can use to eventually buy BonBon XXL, which is the item that allows you feed to your 5 star unit and rank up their imprints.

Also, the season rank shop allows you buy an additional BonBon XXL.

Sample Exchange

You get a set amount of Sample Exchange very week for clearing Sample Waypoint. Try to get as far as you can. Each 5 rounds will net you 50 extra per week, up to 750 per week. The best items to get from this shop is the two T3 Gear Crystalx, advanced chip and the Special Hiring Agreement. I would also recommend the rest be spent on gear chips early on if you want to upgrade your gear.

Golden and Silver Badges

These are gotten via selling your 3/4/5 star dupes.

  • 3 star unit = 2 silver badges
  • 4 star unit = 5 silver badges
  • 5 star unit = 10 gold badges

You have to sell 6 to be able to afford the BonBon XXL, which allows you to rank up any 5 star unit. If you have no use for Touka and Lydia from the Alliance and PvP shops respectively, you can get 20 gold badges per month. So after 3 months, you can trade them for a BonBon XXL. This is optional and completely up to you.