Bleach Brave Souls [Beginner’s Guide]


This guide focuses on all the basic things new players need to know in Bleach Brave Souls. Aaroniero goes over how to pull from banners, character information, gameplay, and much more.

By Aaroniero

Gacha Banners and Rates

The first thing to learn in Bleach Brave Souls is the schedule for banners. There are different Gacha banners in Bleach that you can pull characters from by using Spirit Orbs.

There are several different types of banners depending on the time of year or current events happening. Most banners stay up for about a week giving a new banner every week.

But some of them stay up for 2-3 weeks at a time. Normal banners have a 3% chance rate for pulling 5-stars but there are special cases.

Some banners are released with a double chance or a 4%-5% chance for 5-stars. Then there is the Step-up summons which is a bit different.

Step-up summons starts with a discounted orb cost. A multi pull normally costs 250 orbs while on most step-ups the first step is either 50-100 orbs.

Each step in the step-up grants a higher rate for 5-stars. Typically starting at the normal 3% and ending at either 6% or sometimes 8%.

When it comes to pulling characters you can do singles or multis. In terms of 5-star rates, both single and multi pulls have the same chance of pulling a 5-star.

There is a difference between the two that can dictate how you want to pull. Single summons gives you a chance at a 5-star every single pull and only costs 25 orbs per pull.

The drawback is that you could pull 3-star characters as well as 4-star and 5-star. But the rates are the same no matter what so every chance you have a shot at a 5-star.

With multis, you have the same chance but you are spending 250 orbs for 10 characters. The downside to this revolves around the very first character.

IF the first character in your multi is a 4-star then the next 9 will be 3-stars or 4-stars. You cannot get a 5-star in a multi if the first character is a 4-star.

That is a pretty big drawback since you are doing 10 singles at once but the first one guarantees you nothing if it is a 4-star. However, it does have a pretty good balance as well.

If the first character in the multi is a 5-star then you have 9 chances to get another one. Once you get that first 5-star the next 9 characters have the same chance rate to be another 5-star.

So realistically you could pull 2 or 3 5-stars in one multi pull. So it is all up to luck and how much you are willing to spend and risk on banners.

A small side note regarding your characters. You need Hogyoku’s to turn a 5-star into a 6-star and Hogyoku Wills to max out a 6-star’s level.

This can be covered later on but the banners are already in the shop so it is easy to cover this here too. In the shop area, you can go to Kon’s Corner and spend friend points for item pulls.

By doing this you can get crystals, jewels, and droplets as well as Hogyokus and Hogyoku Wills. So be sure to spend your friend points here whenever you have a stockpile.

Character Progression and Builds

The next thing we will talk about is the characters themselves. Character builds are an important thing in Bleach Brave Souls as each character is built a specific way due to how their base stat layout is set up.

If a character has a high base attack rate then you want to focus on builds that raise that attack even more. Every character has a soul link that gives a special ability when linked to another character.

But the characters themselves also benefit from these soul links. So if your character has a soul of Normal Attack Damage 20% then their attack damage is increased by 20%.

Something to note about attack based characters are their soul traits when you level them up. You level up characters in their soul tree and use crystals/jewels to max out their soul tree. As well as raid characters to unlock soul traits.

For attack characters, if they have the soul trait Flurry that means their normal attacks will hit twice on every hit. So if your base attack does 2000 damage it will do it twice making it 4000 damage per hit.

Characters with Flurry are built to be attack based characters. Those with Frenzy are strong attack characters which means they specialize in Spiritual Pressure and thee 3 strong attacks.

Frenzy does the same for strong attacks that Flurry does for normal attacks. Making them hit twice per hit dealing more damage.

We will focus on attack builds first then go into SP builds. Attack builds are commonly known as NAD builds standing for normal attack damage.

Below is a list of accessories that are good for NAD builds. Note, if you match attributes of accessories and characters they get bonus stats from them.

So you want to use the same attribute accessories on the same attribute characters. Heart accessory on Heart character, etc.

  • Golden Chappie Dispensers – Reduce SP to 0%, boost all other stats by 18%/36% bonus attribute
  • Chappy Dispensers – Reduce SP to %, boost all other stats by 15%/30% Bonus attribute
  • Golden Pupples Dispenser – FCS Reduced to 0, ATK and STA +15%/30% Bonus attribute
  • Hollow Bait – STA -15%, ATK and FCS +15%
  • Wooden Sword(And any of the other affiliation specific accessories) – Soul Reapers and Captains gain 10% normal attack damage/20% Bonus attribute

These accessories are all good to put on NAD based characters and will give them the best benefit overall. Next, we will go over the best accessories for SAD build characters.

  • Golden Yuki – FCS reduced to 0, SP and STA +15%/30% Bonus attribute
  • Yuki Dispenser – FCS reduced to 0, SP and STA +10%/20% Bonus attribute
  • Hunting Cap – Attack +7.50%, Spiritual Pressure +7.50%/15% Bonus attribute
  • Fortification Pill – STA-15%, SP and FCS +15%/30% Attribute
  • Lieutenants Badge(And any of the other affiliation specific accessories) – Soul Reapers and Captains gain 10% Strong attack damage/20% Bonus attribute

When it comes to accessories you can reroll 5-star accessories for secondary effects. You want to aim for Attack and Spiritual Pressure but we will not go over rerolling since it is more of an advanced mechanic.

Besides accessories, there are also character links which allow you to set characters on another and benefit from their Soul Links. So if you set a character with 3 characters that have the link Normal attack damage plus 20% then they will get a 60% boost from all 3.

And if the character also has NAD plus 20% that bumps it up to 80%. So accessories and character links are extremely important when it comes to building characters.

Now, a small thing about leveling characters. Be sure to level and max all characters you obtain because at the max level they give spirit orbs.

Every single character whether it is a 1-star or a 6-star. Each gives a different value and they all add up

  • 1-Star = 5 Orbs
  • 2-Star = 10 Orbs
  • 3-Star = 25 Orbs
  • 4-Star = 35 Orbs
  • 5-Star = 50 Orbs
  • 6-Star = 75 Orbs

So be sure to benefit from these orbs by maxing every character you get. You do not want to miss out on these orb opportunities.


One important thing about accessories is leveling them and evolving them. To level your accessories you can feed them other accessories to get experience.

You can also give them Power Hearts which are items specifically made for leveling accessories. Power Hearts range from 1-star to 4-star and the higher the rank the more XP they give.

Once an accessories level is maxed you can evolve it. 3-star and below can be evolved by combining two of the same star rank and level accessories.

4-stars can be evolved with Evolution Powder and the Book of Secrets based on the attribute. These can be gotten through certain quests in the game.

5-star accessories are the ones you want to have as they can have 2 effects on them. So on top of their base effect, you could have Attack +15%/30% or Spiritual Pressure +15%/30%.

Accessories can be hard to manage, however. To get them you can pull from the accessory machine in the shop or get them from accessory tickets.

Some can only be obtained from the accessory machine or tickets. Such as Golden accessories and other natural 5-stars so if you are looking to get these you will have to spend some orbs on them.

Events and Other Stages

The actual game itself is split up into several different sections. The story mode is the main mode you will start playing as a beginner.

The story mode is split up into the main story and side stories. The main story focusing on the main Bleach story while the side stories cover movies and filler arcs.

The story mode is great because it is the main method of you gaining orbs in the beginning. By doing story mode you will get thousands of orbs.

There are also sub-stories which are small stories that give orbs, tickets, coins, and 4-star characters. They are another good way of getting small amounts of orbs.

Events are where you will spend a lot of time during gameplay. There are constantly new events being put up every week to 2 weeks at a time.

There are also constant quests such as Kon’s Bonanza which is a great leveling quest to grind your characters. There are Crystal/Jewel/and Droplet quests to grind those materials to max out character soul tress.

Then there are the difficult quests that hold things like the Inheritence Zone. These quests are difficult but give you Link Potions which you need to level up character link slots to buff your characters even more.

Raids are also somewhat difficult events you can do. Each raid gives you character-specific to that raid and they are used to unlock soul traits in character’s soul trees. They also give orbs when maxed out so max out your raid characters.

Senkaimon is a special event that comes up every so often. It is a difficult challenge event where you do 50 stages with different conditions to get rewards.

The higher you get the harder the stages are and the more your characters begin to get sealed off. This is something you will do when you have built up some strong characters and have a lot of 6-stars to use.

Chronicle Quest is another retelling of the Bleach story but with a currency mechanic. By clearing stages you get a currency that is used to exchange for items in the chronicle exchange.

Co-Op is self-explanatory as it is the multiplayer aspect of the game. You join stages such as Inheritance Zones and Enrichment zones and play with up to 3 other players at a time.

Last but not least is Brave Battles which is the PvP aspect of this game. You build a team of 3 characters and pit them against AI teams built by other characters.

By rising in the Brave Battle ranks you will receive more amounts of Medals you can use in the exchange shop. There are a lot of good things you can get in the exchange shop so it is worth it to at least do 3-5 battles every day.

But that will about do it for all the basic information about Bleach Brave Souls. For anyone just starting, this guide should give you a good idea of how things run and how to understand some of the mechanics in the game.

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