Fun Games Like Marvel Strike Force [Recommedations]

If you are having fun with Marvel Strike Force and would like to try out similar games like it, here are some games that might be of interest to you.

MARVEL Future Fight

I’m here to give you the 411 on MFF. If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe, you’re gonna love this one. You get to play as your favorite superheroes and villains, battling through an interdimensional crisis.

The gameplay is straight fire, with a mix of action-packed brawling and RPG-style character progression. You assemble a team of three characters, swapping between them in battle to take down waves of baddies. And let me tell you, seeing Iron Man blast his repulsors while Captain America shield-bashes enemies is a real sight to behold.

The roster of characters is massive, with over 200 heroes and villains to collect. And, the game keeps getting better, with regular updates adding new characters, costumes, and story content. It’s like a never-ending comic book crossover event, and I’m here for it.

The graphics are dope, with detailed character models and special effects that bring the comic book action to life. The voice acting is also on point, with many characters being voiced by the actors from the movies. It’s like playing through a Marvel movie, and it’s awesome.

In short, “Marvel Future Fight” is a must-play for Marvel fans. The action-packed gameplay, massive roster of characters, and faithful presentation make it a real gem. So suit up and join the fight, hero! The fate of the multiverse is in your hands!

Summoners War

If you’re into monster-collecting RPGs, this game is for you. You play as a summoner, summoning monsters from all over the world to fight for you.

The gameplay is sick, with turn-based battles that let you strategize and watch your monsters wreck shop. You’ve got tons of monsters to collect, each with unique abilities and stats. And, as you play, you can level up your monsters, making them even stronger. It’s like building your own dream team of beasts.

The graphics are fresh, with vibrant monster designs and cool special effects. And the game keeps getting better, with new content and events added regularly. It’s like a never-ending monster party, and I’m all in.

One of the best things about “Summoners War” is the player community. You can join a guild and take on massive boss battles together, or trade monsters with other players. It’s like having your own army of friends, ready to take on the world.

In short, “Summoners War” is a beast of a game. The monster-collecting, turn-based battles, and huge player community make it a real gem. So get ready to summon your way to the top, summoner! The world of monsters is waiting for you.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

This game is a real treat for Star Wars fans, as you get to collect and play as your favorite characters from the universe. From Darth Vader to Princess Leia, the roster is stacked.

The gameplay is pretty sweet, you battle against AI-controlled teams, or other players in the PvP arena. The turn-based combat is easy to pick up, but has enough depth to keep you challenged. Taking down a team led by a fully powered-up Darth Vader is a real rush.

One of the best things about this game is building up your roster of heroes. You collect characters through in-game events, or by buying crystals with real money. The events keep the game fresh, with new heroes and challenges being added all the time. And, who doesn’t love unlocking a new character and showing them off to your friends?

The graphics are on point, with character models looking straight out of the movies. The sound design is also top notch in my opinon.

In conclusion, “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” is a must-play for Star Wars fans. The collection aspect, turn-based combat, and faithful presentation make it a real winner. May the Force be with you, always!

RAID: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is an immersive and visually striking mobile role-playing game that takes players on an epic adventure in the fantasy realm of Teleria. With its expansive world, diverse champions, and strategic gameplay, Raid offers a captivating experience for fans of the genre.

In the game, players assemble a team of mighty warriors, mages, and beasts from different factions, each with their unique abilities and skills. With hundreds of champions to collect and upgrade, players have the freedom to create a team tailored to their playstyle and battle strategy.

The gameplay in Raid: Shadow Legends combines turn-based combat with strategic decision-making. Players engage in thrilling battles against formidable enemies, utilizing their champions’ skills and synergies to achieve victory. The game offers a wide range of challenges, including campaign battles, dungeons, and PvP arenas, providing plenty of opportunities for players to test their mettle and rise to the top.

As players progress through the game, they can level up their champions, equip them with powerful artifacts, and unlock new abilities to further enhance their skills. Additionally, Raid offers a deep and rewarding progression system, allowing players to continuously improve their champions and unlock new content as they advance.

The game’s social aspect is also worth noting, as players can join clans, participate in cooperative gameplay, and compete against others in PvP battles. This adds a layer of camaraderie and competition, fostering a sense of community within the game.

Raid: Shadow Legends has become known for its frequent updates and additions, ensuring that players always have new challenges to tackle and champions to discover. The developers actively engage with the player community, seeking feedback and continuously improving the game based on player input.

Whether you’re a fan of turn-based combat or enjoy collecting and upgrading powerful heroes, embark on your journey through Teleria and become a legend in this epic fantasy realm.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is an exhilarating mobile game that brings the iconic Dragon Ball Z series to life in an epic and strategic battle experience. With its engaging gameplay, vibrant visuals, and a vast roster of beloved characters, Dokkan Battle offers a thrilling journey through the Dragon Ball Z universe.

In the game, players assemble a team of powerful warriors and engage in strategic battles using a unique puzzle-based gameplay mechanic. By connecting colorful Ki Spheres, players unleash devastating attacks and trigger special abilities to defeat their opponents. The strategic element comes into play as players must carefully plan their moves, considering character types, link skills, and team synergies to maximize their combat effectiveness.

Dokkan Battle faithfully captures the essence of the Dragon Ball Z storyline, allowing players to relive iconic moments and engage in legendary battles. From facing off against powerful foes like Frieza and Cell to participating in the epic showdowns of the Dragon Ball Z saga, the game immerses players in the action-packed world of Goku and his allies.

The game’s stunning visuals bring the characters and their signature moves to life, with flashy animations and special effects that capture the intensity of the battles. The character art is beautifully designed, staying true to the iconic style of the Dragon Ball series and making every character feel unique and recognizable.

Beyond the thrilling battles, Dokkan Battle offers a variety of game modes and events to keep players engaged. From challenging quests and boss battles to multiplayer modes and special events, there is always something new to experience and discover. The game also features regular updates and new character releases, ensuring a constantly evolving and exciting gameplay experience.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a must-play for both fans of the Dragon Ball series and mobile gaming enthusiasts. With its addictive gameplay, nostalgic appeal, and an ever-growing roster of characters, the game offers an immersive and enjoyable journey through the world of Dragon Ball Z. Prepare to unleash your ultimate power and join the epic battles that await in Dokkan Battle.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is an electrifying mobile fighting game that brings together an extensive roster of beloved Marvel superheroes and villains. With its stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and engaging gameplay, Contest of Champions offers an action-packed experience for fans of the Marvel universe.

In the game, players assemble a team of iconic Marvel characters and engage in intense one-on-one battles against a variety of opponents. Each character possesses their unique abilities, special moves, and signature attacks faithfully adapted from the comics. From Spider-Man and Iron Man to Hulk and Wolverine, the roster includes a vast array of fan-favorite heroes and villains, each with their distinct playstyle.

Contest of Champions boasts impressive graphics and animations that showcase the characters’ powers and abilities in thrilling detail. The battles are visually spectacular, with explosive special effects and dynamic environments that add depth to the combat experience. The game’s controls are designed for touchscreens, allowing players to unleash devastating combos and perform powerful special moves with ease.

As players progress through the game, they can level up their champions, unlock new abilities, and customize their characters with various gear and enhancements. Contest of Champions offers a range of game modes, including story campaigns, competitive arenas, and alliance-based events, providing a wealth of content and challenges to keep players engaged.

The social aspect is also a key feature of Contest of Champions, as players can join alliances and collaborate with others to tackle cooperative quests and compete against rival alliances. This fosters a sense of community and adds a layer of strategic teamwork to the gameplay.

With regular updates and new character releases, Contest of Champions continues to expand its already impressive roster and deliver fresh content to players. Whether you’re a Marvel fan or simply enjoy thrilling fighting games, Marvel Contest of Champions offers a captivating experience that brings the epic battles of the Marvel universe right to your fingertips. Prepare to assemble your dream team of superheroes and villains and unleash your powers in this epic mobile fighting game.


Yo gamers, what’s good? I’m here to give you the lowdown on Dislyte, a JRPG style battler. The story’s cool, but it’s not really my thing. But, it’s nice that when you skip it, the game gives you a summary of what you missed.

As you progress through the story battles, you’ll collect new party members through a gacha system using a “record player.” The battles use a weapon triangle system, similar to games like Pokémon or Fire Emblem, where characters of different types have strengths and weaknesses against each other. Even though most players will let the battles happen automatically, there’s still a lot of strategy involved in building out your party of 5.

You’ll be able to level up your characters, collect and equip gear sets (called “relics”), increase characters’ max level by sacrificing other characters of the same rarity, upgrade stat distribution between attack/defense/HP, and even check in-game reviews for the characters where other players vote on the best ways to use them.

The in-game character reviews range from pretty funny to disturbing. Beyond the robust system for customizing your party, there are also a ton of different ways to battle beyond the straight path of story mode. You can play through trials that offer branching pathways/rewards, there’s a bounty system with specific requirements to fulfill, a territory defense mode, and there’s even a fun little music rhythm game. Dislyte provides a lot of ways to play, but it does require you to navigate a ton of menu screens. But, in the end, the gameplay is still a grindy JRPG battler.

Overall, Dislyte has a lot of style and flair, so give it a go to see if you like it.