Disney Mirrorverse Guide for Beginners [Things You Should Know]

Welcome to the Disney Mirrorverse beginners guide! In this simple tutorial, we will guide you through the progress of the game and collect all your favorite Disney characters! We have created a simple wiki here if you want to check out their stats.

Basic Gameplay

The game revolves around building a team of 3 to take on your foes. Each character can use 3 special abilities alongside their regular attacks. You can also switch between the characters when needed. Each character comes with their own set of unique skills that you customize based on what is required for the game. There are 4 main classes in the game:

  • Melee (Red) – Your frontline warriors, which are further classified into unique roels such as damage dealer, crowd controller, assassin and so on. This is unique to each character as they are built different and have their own skillsets. For example, Ariel is a raw damage dealer that can purge buffs while others like Aladdin requires a bit of back attacks for more bonus damage.
  • Ranged (Orange) – These are your standard ranged attacker that can do damage. Some can also provide support or crowd control. Merida can inflict wounds and deal good damage as well.
  • Tank (Blue) – Your beefy frontline designed to mostly disrupt your enemies. Most will have some defensive skills to improve their defense or interrupt enemies from targeting your DPS. For example, Sulley gains more armor as his health drops if you choose Emergency Backup as one of his skills.
  • Support (Green) – A good class that is almost required in later stages for a much easier time. These are your usual healers and buffers/debuffers. For example, Mickey Mouse can reduce ally skill cooldowns, reflect damage and also stun enemies. Others like Tiana is a raw healer that can keep your team well sustained.

When it comes to building your team, you will want to use various types based on the content. It is very hard to “solo” a map. The good thing is you can get most of the characters for free but it takes very long to get to 6 stars. Using crystals to quickly gain a 5 star version (requires luck or $$$) of the character makes progressing in the game much easier.

Each character can equip 1 basic, advanced at elite talent upon reaching levels 12, 18 and 25. These skills are vital to unlock a characters full potential. I will go over some useful characters to level at the beginning and it will help you build your own team as your progress.

Recommended Characters

Here are the characters given to you:

Ariel – Low cooldown on her abilities. She is an offensive damage dealer. She gets 50% bonus when she self casts attack buff on herself (Pelagic Force). She has a good elite talent that gives her some sustain everytime she cleanses a damaging debuff. Pair her with other supports and you will have a very solid team.

Rapunzel – Decent attacker but I prefer Ariel over her as I utilize a dedicated healer like Belle or Tiana.

Merida – Does well for you early game but falls off a bit later.

Jack Sparrow – Relies on curse charge to heal or provide buff/debuffs. Decent support/healer.

Here are some top tier units that if you want to re-roll, then you want to get them. You can check out our tier list here.

Mr. Incredible – Immune to standard knockbacks unless against special bosses. This is good, especially when questing against normal enemies as your skills cannot be interrupted. He has good attack, damage, purge abilities and endless knockbacks when he uses his special attacks.

Hiro Hamada – First guardian with high tech synergy, boosting all high tech guardians. He is best suited in teams where other high tech guardians such as Sully, Baymax, Mr. Incredible etc. With the attack buff, any offensive team member will benefit from it. He may not have the best heal in the game, but using him alongside Jack Skellington or Maui will give you a high DPS team with good sustain.

Jack Skellington – He can purge enemy buffs and debuff them with defense debuff and he can buff all allies with an attack buff. He is a limited unit though. He can also heal as well, so that makes him an excellent support unit.

Mickey Mouse – Strong healer with a 10 second cooldown. His elite talent can reduce ally skill cooldowns, which can help them cycle their skill faster in battle. He is versatile and can pick between more heal or more support, depending on your playstyle. He can also allow himself and his allies to reflect some damage back to his attacker.

Simple Tips

Collecting Crystals Via Milestones

You should be doing at least up to tier 2 of each character (+15) to get as many crystals as you can. Tier 4 and 5 will net you the glowing crystal, but will require some time and resource investment to get them.

Complete your Dailies

This includes the following:

  • Level up a guardian
  • Do 5 supply runs
  • Use 3 crystals
  • Claim/buy 3 items from the shops
  • Use 25 specials
  • Complete 5 story/event encounters
  • Claim milestone from alliance mission
  • Complete a dungeon floor

You just need to finish 6 out of the 8. Alliance is out of reach for most new players, so skip that one early on.

Get to Story Chapter 3-10

This unlocks all the game modes available in the game so far. This includes the dailies for upgrading your characters (supply runs such as XP motes, diamond, gold mining and gem gathering).  It is also advised to spend some time here running the highest difficulties levels you can to get more resources.

Unlocking the tower also gives you more access to resources (gold and books/pages). The dungeon Mote Madness gives you more XP motes, but it is also harder than the supply run version. You can’t auto and require a bit of focus to get through.