Fun Waifu Games Like Goddess of Victory: Nikke

If you are looking for waifu games that are similar to Goddess of Victory: Nikke, we will provide you a few fun ones that want to consider.

Girl’s Frontline

In terms of pure waifu and guns, this game delivers and is something you might consider. In terms of story, brace yourselves for an epic journey to a war-torn future, where T-Dolls, or tactical dolls, are the ultimate weapon in battle.

No more humans dying on the front lines, these T-Dolls are specially designed for combat and some of them are even repurposed civilian androids, ready to go to war. Get ready to dive into a world where the fate of humanity is in the hands of these mechanical soldiers. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Meet Mobile Legends Adventure, the game that’s so similar to Goddess of Victory: Nikke, it is all about the waifus and some husbandos. The combat mechanics and art style follow AFK Arena more and has the same elaborate artwork and animations that fans have come to love.

This game also brings a landscape mode and new elements from Mobile Legends that will give you a fresh new feeling even if you’ve been spending most of your time in the Arena. If you are looking for something new, give Mobile Legends Adventure a try.

Epic Seven

The recent aespa collab.

This game is a mix of waifu and husbandos, if you don’t mind the guys. However, a majority of the characters are female. So I think you will like that. It is not a an idle game though. You take control of a variety of characters as you explore the game’s world through its adventure mode, with anime cutscenes detailing the story and special character attacks. No need to wait for loading screens, this game is smooth like butter.

With a gacha system that is quite similar to other popular games, like Fate/Grand Order and Summoners War, where players can randomly summon heroes to join your party and take on the side-scrolling map of monsters and bosses.

When it comes to combat, it is turn-based, with each characters having 3 skills they can use. And with each character’s skills, players can acquire souls, which lets players summon powerful guardians or use the Soul Burn mechanic to boost their character attacks. Plus, the game also features a sanctuary which generates currency, a summoning feature that allows re-rolls, map exploration, character equipment, and more.

Check it out man, you may like it, although it can be a bit grindy if you are serious about the game.


Fellow gamers, are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the beautiful world of Souls? Where humans and Souls live in harmony, until of course, the classic evil arrives and starts wreaking havoc. But have no fear, cuz you, the BAMF Saviour, are here to save the day and kick some evil butt.

Kakao Games Inc. presents Eversoul, the latest idle RPG that’ll blow your mind with its live 3D top-down battles featuring sick particle effects and animations for the ultimate abilities. And the best part? It’s free-to-play on both the Google Play and iOS App Stores. Download it now and create an account to unlock over 5,000 Pyroxenes and a limited-edition Miko skin as pre-registration rewards. Let’s save some Souls and show that evil who’s boss.

Also check out our Eversoul tier list here.


This is a popular game that has been around since 2019. Lilith Games presents AFK Arena, the ultimate squad RPG mashup of idle and turn-based mechanics. Get ready for some 5v5 automated battles that don’t require much effort, but still allow you to choose your hero and faction, as well as activate special skills during battle.

Much like other gachas, this game has 100 heroes and 7 factions to choose from, but the most rare units are very good. And the best part? This game is perfect for very casual players with a busy schedule.

It has a simple idle battle system to receive rewards so you can upgrade your squad, plus a storyline to progress through and daily/weekly quests, guild events, and limited-time events. There is always something new to do in this game. Also let’s not forget the new PvP mode and match-3 game mode “The Wondrous Pouch” that is added in December 2020. Be warned, you might get addicted to this game.

Fate/Grand Order

For those that are not aware of this franchise, they have an anime series that you should also watch when you have time. The game’s characters are based of it. This game was released globally back in 2017, and since it’s an old game, it doesn’t have the quality of life features that the current new games have.

However, the gameplay is also very simple and easy to play. It is not an idle game though, so it may not appeal to some. There is also no automatic farming, and you have to play through the game’s story and events manually.

The actual story goes something like this:

The story chronicles the efforts of the Chaldea Security Organization to restore the Common Sense of Man by way of excising the Holy Grails sustaining the chronological Singularities that disrupt the continuity of human history and contribute to the Human Order Incineration Protocol. This is referred to as the Grand Order — “the greatest of the Holy Grail Wars.

And seriously, Nikke’s story is also quite good and I think Fate/Grand Order’s story is as well. So I think it is still worth a try if you have played it yet.

There you have it! Happy gaming!