[Honkai Star Rail] Basic Relic Guide

Welcome to the beginners guide for relics in Honkai Star Rail! In this tutorial, we will go over the basics of relics and how you can find them and grind your way to victory.

Relics and How to Get Them

Relics are artifacts or items that you can equip on your characters that gives stat bonuses after completing a 2 or 4 set, thus improving their power in battle. To farm relics, you will be able to get them via Cavern of Corrosion. You get access to it after exploring Corridor of Fading Echoes. Keep in mind you do need to be level 24 to start the quest required to unlock this, so it will take a while to get there.

So early game, you will not be focusing on this. I would say this is mid game. Also, when you grind the relics, you would use 40 Trailblazer Power to get the chest rewards. This regenerates daily, up to 180 max. Of course, you can also use premium currency to refresh this and grind some more.

There is also another type of relic set (simulated universe) that you unlock in World 3 and beyond. They only come as a 2 piece set.

Relic Details

There are 6 primary relic types that your character can use: Head, Body, Hands, Feet, Planar Sphere and Link Rope. The rarity of the relics starts from 2 stars (green), 3 stars (blue), 4 stars (purple) and 5 stars(orange) being the rarest. 2 star relics have a max level of 6 and the 5 stars have a max of 15.

Each relic has 1 main stat and can have up to 4 sub stats. Each part will have certain stats that can be the main stat. The higher rarity relic also gives you more substats and unlocks for even better stat boosts.

  • Head – Flat HP
  • Body – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Outgoing Healing Boost%, Effect Hit Rate%
  • Hands – Flat ATK
  • Feet – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break Effect%, Speed
  • Planar Sphere – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Elemental Damage Boost
  • Link Rope – HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Break Effect%, Energy Regen Rate%

The elemental damage boost can be any of the elements (Wind, Imaginary, Quantum etc.). There is a bit of RNG here and you will have to grind and pray to god for the correct element for your character.

The substat can be any stat except for the main stat. If your main stat is HP% on the Body, then you will never get HP% in the substats. However, Flat HP is possible though. You also might have noticed that only feet can have the speed stat. This is one of the most sought after stat as speed allows your unit to get more turns in battle.

As mentioned before, you can either get a 2 set or 4 set relic, but they are only available on the Head, Body, Hands and Feet. The Planetary Ornament set appears as a 2 piece bonus on the Planar Sphere and Link Rope slots.

Relic Synthesis and Self-Modeling Resin

When you reach level 40, you will unlock Relic Synthesis. This system lets you craft any relic set you want by scrapping other relics. You need to scrap 10 pieces to craft a new one. However, you cannot choose what the main stat will be.

In order to pick your desired stat, you need the Self Modeling Resin. This item is free and also in the battle pass, although it is rare and wayyyy deep in there.

As to what kind of stats you should be picking, it will depend on the character. DPS characters such as Seele would be good with:

  • Genius of the Brilliant Stars set (Increase Quantum DMG by 10% – 2 set bonus, Ignore 25% Def when enemy has Quantum Weakness – 4 set bonus)
  • The stats would be Speed, Break Effect, Atk%, Crit Rate% and Crit DMG% as stats

For healers, you may want to try:

  • Passerby of Wandering Cloud set (Increases Outgoing Healing by 10% – 2 set bonus, Recover 1 skill point at the start of battle – 4 set bonus)
  • The stats would be HP%, Flat HP and Speed to make them tankier.

The game is still new and as players experiment with the sets, a meta will be formed and most people will follow them for each role (DPS, Support, Tank etc.)

Hope this helps and pray for good luck on your grinding for good relics!

Reference Video by Moon