Last Cloudia [Reroll Guide]


This guide focuses on the reroll mechanic in Last Cloudia. UngUng Gaming gives information mostly regarding which characters to reroll for.

By UngUng Gaming

Reroll Guide

There are 4 items you can get from a Gacha.

  1. Character 3%
  2. SSR Arc 5%
  3. SR Arc 27%
  4. R Arc 65%

Ark is a special magic item that each character can equip and gives the following effects.

  1. Boost character stats
  2. Unique ability
  3. Unique equipment when ether gauge is 100%
  4. Learnable passive/active skill. After learnt it will permanently stick to that character so each Ark can teach skill to ALL of your characters

Some rare Ark can teach powerful AoE spells that make your farming process become faster or teaches some OP passive skill.

Here is an example of the best Ark based on JP server scores.


1. Stat Boost

2. Unique ability Auto-barrier is great

3. Unique Equipment

4. Learnable skill Riser Gauge is very good for farming. Magical Aura is very good for boss fights.


There is no rarity for characters but some are stronger than others. However, most of them including free starting units can become strong if set up correctly.

Each of them has:

  1. One normal attack move
  2. Three special attack moves
  3. One ultimate move
  4. Some innate skill
  5. Some innate ability
  6. Elemental resistance/weakness
  7. Abnormal status resistance/weakness


For rerolling you should go for 2 SSR Ark or 1 SSR Ark + a character. Most JP players opinion prefer ARK over characters since they are more useful.

Here are the top 3 Ark from JP:

Below is the character tier list:

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