Black Clover: Phantom Knights [Relics and Accessories Guide]


This guide is all about obtaining strong weapons and accessories. SpaceTiiger talks about different methods to obtain these and their overall benefits.

By SpaceTiiger

Relics and Accessories

Something all characters need is Relics or Weapons depending on what you want to call them. They give boosts and bonuses to characters making them much stronger than they would be on their own.

Weapons and Accessories range from 1-star to 6-star and you want the 6 and 5-stars above all. 5-star gear is easier to grind than 6-star gear so we are going to focus on that first.

The first way to get weapons is by beating either story mode or the free quests. Story mode goes til around chapters 9 or 10 and even the lower chapters give you low ranking weapons.

The free quests also give them as some can give up to 4-star gear. The third way to obtain them is through secret quests.

They can give you 5-star sometimes but you have to be specific where you get the secret quests. You have to get them on the stages with red robes which is a Relic robe.

Unlocking secret quests involves deploying a character and picking a stage with a red relic icon. All you have to do is get either a “Good” or a “Great”.

If you fail it you will not get the secret missions. So all you have to do is beat the secret mission once and you get the Relic automatically.

Accessories have a blue icon that looks like a diamond ring and the red robe is for Relics. There is a fourth way that involves the Secret Dungeons.

For Secret Dungeons, you have to get a “Great” success for it or you will not get anything. When you complete a secret dungeon it will give you the “Great” completion then unlock the specific dungeon for you to go into.

To actually access that dungeon you will have to have the right characters for it. Some characters have dungeons that they have access to but in order to unlock them, you have to meet specific requirements to those characters.

You can check a character’s dungeon requirements in the character screen by going to each one individually and looking at their dungeon tab. Using Sol as an example, her dungeon requirement is evolving her to 6-star and maxing out her Grimoire Board.

When it comes to actually do the secret dungeon there is a little RNG involved. Every time you go through you will get an item drop and here is where you will get a gold chest for the Relic.

If you do not get it the first time you can try again but you only have a limited amount of times you can do the dungeon. Now, we will go over 6-star Relics for a moment and the easiest way you can get them.

The easiest way to get 6-stars is by going to the Relic shop. What you do is change what character you have in the Relic shop and it will change the Relic associated with that character.

Much like the dungeons being accessed through specific characters there are characters who have Relics in the same way. You can check who has a Relic and what it is by going to each character individually and checking if they have a Relic tab.

Once the character is in the Relic Shop you can see their Relic. It will either be greyed out meaning you can not buy it or it will be available for you to get.

When you buy it the store will refresh so you can keep buying it over and over again if you want to. So, this is a good way to get strong Relics if you have the character for it.

The final way is to go to Defend! where you can start getting Relics once you get by level 2 on the stages. Rades and Heath give you Relics but Rill does not so focus on the first two.

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