[Black Desert Mobile] Guide for Beginners – Character Creation, Black Spirit, Dungeon and Rewards


This is a beginner’s guide that covers the most basic things every new player should know. Legit Mobile talks about several things like basic mechanics, character creation, and a few others.

By Legit Mobile

Beginner’s Guide

Black Desert is a massively-multiplayer online game but for Mobile. This game is currently out for the PC and console versions.

This game is immense in events and tasks you can do along with quests and objectives to complete. And there are a lot of buttons to manage so it can be a bit overwhelming at first and this guide should help clear things up a little bit.

Character Creation

The first thing you are going to do is pick between five different classes. These classes are gender locked so the Ranger will always be female and the warrior will always be male.

Once you pick your class you move to the customization screen where you get to customize your character’s appearance. There are a lot of options on what you can do with your character’s look and if you end up not liking it you can change it later on.

To change their appearance later in the game you go to the store then go to the Appearance than Beauty tabs. You will have a few different options on how to change their appearance. You can purchase a pass with Black Pearls or a pass with regular pearls.

User Interface

Once you are loaded in you will see the interface of the game and it can be a bit cluttered at first glance. The first thing you want to look at is your map in the top left corner of your screen.

You can view the map in map mode and list mode. You can also expand the map to get a bigger view and also click on the map or list to take you to whatever location you clicked.

The list view option allows you to see all the people in the town and each one of those does offer a different quest or a different item to purchase. So you are going to want to check those out although I am not going to go in-depth of those in this guide.

Up next is the in-game chat which you can find right below the map. This in-game chat does allow you to talk to your guild members, friends, or the server.

Right below the chat, you will find your pets. You can have up to three pets and pets do also retrieve your loot and they do have different skills and abilities.

You get the possible skill when you get the pet it is random and these still skills do go from two to five percent depending on the skill and the pet and it is chance-based.

Below the pets is your joystick where you move around nothing too complicated there. On the bottom of the screen above your health bar, you are gonna see bonus effects.

If you click on that you can see all buff and bonus effects that you have active and can activate. Below that you will see your Resonance. Bonus effects, Gear Resonance, and Accessory Resonance, these are accumulated after you have acquired plus 15 on gear, plus 2 or 3 on accessories, and you accumulate 1900 CP.

They all depend on you know each different one has a different requirement to unlock and once you unlock that requirement you do activate that resonance. Below the resonance is your health and stamina bar as well as your tier/combat power.

To the left of your health and stamina is your Auto-Attack button. At the moment it is a smiley face because when you are in a town you do not auto-attack. I do want to note that this button acts as an auto resource gatherer as well you can auto-attack and/or auto gather resources from this.

To the right of your health bar are your dark spirit and your health potions. You can swap between health potions by holding that in.

Next to your health potions, you will find your skills, your quick slide ability, and your roll skill. Right above your skills, you will find your dark spirit skills.

Above the dark spirit, you will find your active quests. Above your quests, you will find your region progress and on the far left top of the screen shows a C-Hot option and next to that is your path to power.

Path to power gives you different rewards based on the quest whether it is Camp, Gear, or Character you complete. Next, the path to power is your camp, and next to that is your skills.

Next to skills is your inventory screen and next to that is your notifications screen. To the right of your notifications is your general overview screen which lets you get to everything in the game such as your black spirit, pets, market, etc.

To the left on the menu screen is Ramoness and Arena which is your PvP. Ruins and Rush which are your dungeons.  And Node which is tied to your camp.

On the bottom right you will see black spirit mode which allows you to farm, gather, or fish while being offline. It does give you 3 hours for free but if you pay it does give you 6 hours while offline.

The six options next to your mini-map are as follows:

  • Daily Login Reward – Collect your daily login rewards
  • Map Area Info Screen – Shows area information and available quests in the area
  • World Boss Status Board – Shows when a world boss is active
  • Auto-Teleport – Allows you to teleport to the nearest town or save locations
  • Event and Reward Info – Shows your events and available rewards for completing them
  • Outlaw Mode Setting – Grants you bonus EXP and Item drop rate but puts you in active PvP status while on the map

Last but not least is your Resource button on the top of the screen. This does give you your wealth and your resources showing you all your collected currencies and resources.

Black Spirit

Up next we will go over the black spirit. This guy helps out all characters so any new characters you start will start stronger.

He does also offer leveling perks. Every 5 levels he gives you perks like auto gathering, his spirit quests do become more rewarding and he does do total dark energy absorption which he does increase with as well.

Right below leveling perks, you will see lightstones. These lightstones do increase with gear score White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, etc.

You can also fuse these lightstones you do have to have at least 3 of one color to fuse them and upgrade them though it is chance-based.

On the right, you will see Enhancements. Weapon and armor enhancements are different from one another.

Armor enhancements need at least 10% to try and enhance a piece of gear and is 10% chance-based. Below that is equipping crystals which are based on levels white-orange etc.

At the bottom, you will see black energy and this is how you level your black spirit. You level him by feeding him dark energy or weapons, armor, or accessories.

As he levels up he does offer skills that can be used in combat with different benefits. Lastly with the black spirit is the black spirit quests that offer rewards through ancient ruins and rush tablets.

Dungeons and Rewards

To get to your dungeons you want to go to your overview screen and on the left. First up is the Ruins and there are two different options between Create Chamber or Quick Join.

With quick join, you can also select the difficulty of the chambers and they do go up to level 5 and they are combat power related. You cannot join them without the proper combat power.

You can create a chamber here and it shows you the available rewards and increase the chamber as well. And once you create the chamber you can increase the reward modifier up to X5 and this increases the rewards you receive as well.

If no one joins you within 30 seconds it will auto-fill you with bots and start the chamber. It is not the most fun way but you can at least get it completed.

Up next is the Rush board and the rush board is bosses so you have to do your main questline to unlock these bosses. These bosses are based on combat power and they start at level 1 and continue to raise giving better rewards the higher they are.

You can do auto-repeat or raise the difficulty. Repeat does the same difficulty again while raising it increases the difficulty and possible rewards you can get.

The reward list shows the list of rewards you can get when you clear a boss. There are three options at the bottom.

The first option is the Group Pass Exchange where you can exchange multiple passes all at once. Single-pass exchange and Black pearl exchange.

Character Info Inventory and Combat Power

Up next we are going to talk about your character info screen. To get to that you go to your overview screen and then to My info.

There is a lot of information here. On the left is your combat power and if you click the question mark it will show you your total combat power.

There is a Base Family CP and a Base Character CP. It does show you how you got all of that so you know how to increase all of that.

You can also see your family combat power and how to increase that as well. If you scroll over you can get all of your detailed info on your stats like crit or branch damage.

Branch effects are separated in different names:

  • Aal – Increase skill damage
  • Serrett – Increase the number of targets
  • Ahib – Chance of extra damage
  • Labreve – Increase skill damage hit rate

If you scroll over again you will see bonus effects. And the next one is your raid entrance chances.

At the bottom, you have beauty so you can change how you look and customize. on the right, you will see your daily tasks, town hall tier, number of workers, arena rank, and contribution.

If you click on the contribution tab the info increases your level. Contribution points you can spend on workers and different things inside of your camp.

You can also view all of your gear here such as accessories, armor, and weapons. If you click on dye in the bottom you can dye your armor and outfits to different colors.

You can also see your resonance from this screen as well, your bonus effects, gear resonance, and accessory resonance. And last, on the right, you can see your inventory which has your weapons, armor, accessories, crystals, skill books, etc.

Below that it shows how much “T” you have which is your weight. And next to that it shows how much inventory space you have leftover.

Skills and Combos

Let us talk about the skills next. Each skill has its skill book so you do not have to worry about leveling up one skill at a time.

On the left, you can preview the skills and see what each skill does along with its added benefit and effect. If you hit the plus sign you can see what benefits you will get when you level up that skill.

On the right, you can scroll and see all of your skills. You have about 20 total with passives so use all skill books to level them all up.

You also have sub-skills right above your skills. And some skills can use branch damage though it is not all of your skills and it is normally two options so you need to make sure you set the right skill to your class and what your main damage is.

If you click on skill combos in the middle you can see a list of skills and the combos if you do those to an order they do add benefits and efficiency. If you hit equip skills on the right you can have 3 sets of skills.

This gives you the ability to have one for PvP, one for boss fights, and one for mobs or PvE content.


Up next is Player vs. Player. That is on the left as Ramoness and Arena. First up is Ramoness which is a 3v3 arena and to join you just click and either create a team or join it.

The 1v1 arena is through the arena or friendly arena. You do get chests when you win a match. You have Arena rank and reward info at the bottom.

You can change your skillset on the left, right before you start a map. Top left it does show how many arena points you have and what your arena level is

If you hit reward info you can see the chest opportunities you have to get the chest. The bigger the chest the longer it takes to open up.

Guild, Tasks, Shakatu

Let us talk about Guilds, tasks, and shakatu. First is Guilds, I do strongly recommend joining a guild because you get access to Guild quests and guild mileage which you can use for guild rewards. As well as gaining guild skills as you level up.

The task is essentially your to-do list every day. To get to it it is in the top right of the overview screen. Once there you have a daily and achievements time.

Shakatu’s gear shop is your best chance at getting legendary gear for right now. You do get coins from dailies and quests to use in his shop.

The bottom left shows your current gear equipped and each one of the options costs a different amount. You can choose to either buy 1 or 10 at a time.

Quests and Leveling


To get to your main storyline quest it is going to be in the top right under your progression bar which is for whatever territory you are in. When you click on your main storyline quest it takes you right to the next quest in the chain.

If you are in a town you can find nearby quests by hitting the list tab and finding the exclamation point with a circle around it. Those are repeatable quests you can pick those up and they do offer silver, experience, and contribution experience.

If you go to the top you can select area information tab then go to the right to select the quest you do have quests there as well. The next kind of quest you can get is from Amity.

If you go to a local nearby town you can find the Amity people by using the map. Once you find an Amity person you can click on Amity then go to quests and click on the quest.


Note, it does give you points for each person in that Amity so it does help to do those. You do also have selective passive quests you can do in your camp by talking to people in your camp.

Do not forget about the black spirit quests you can do 3 a day. And your guild quest you can do per day as well as blue repeatable quests in the world map.

Once you hit around level 53 you run out of storyline quests and it is much harder to level up so you have to start grinding. The best way to grind is by finding monsters that are 300 CP below you and are either red or orange. They offer the most experience and do not cost a lot of potion resource consumption.

That will do it for the ultimate beginner’s guide. With everything explained in this guide you should be well prepared to start playing Black Desert Online.

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