Cross Void Global [S-Character Guide]


This guide goes over the best S-Characters you can start within the game. ddgg goes over which characters are the best ones to choose and reasons why.

By ddgg

Best S-Rank Characters

First of all, I want to explain the criteria of what makes a good starting unit. You always want to pick a unit that deals the most damage.

Most of the content in the game is PvE so having a strong damage dealer at your core will allow you to easily build a team around it. Picking a Support or a Tank will not help as much because enemies get stronger and more durable which makes them harder to kill if you do not have a strong core.

Picking one S-unit for your team means that the unit should be able to thrive on its own regardless of the other characters. For example, while a character like Kojyo is really good he is not as good without his crossing with Yukina.

Though in some cases if you already have a good damage dealer you could pick a different type of S-unit to work well with it. Honestly, Kojyo and Yukina are one of the best character synergies in the game.

But anyway, we will start with the strong stand-alone core damage dealers. And the best one to focus on is Shana.

Now, if you have not gotten the memo already, Shana is the most complete damage dealer in the game with the highest attack stat and abilities that inflict both physical and arcane damage. So it does not matter what defenses the enemy has.

She also has the strongest bleed in the game with her second skill and ultimate. And bleed is good because it is bonus damage that ignores enemy defense and shields.

Her unique talent helps her deal more damage without any cost as long as she survives. Her crossings are not important because she is strong on her own.

But the best one I could suggest is her crossing with Yukina because of Yukina’s super high attack growth and speed. Their crossing ability is useful even at 6 points because it helps dispel some enemies and you can use it even when your enemy is not bleeding.

The only problem with this crossing is the zero cost AoE ability. But the pair in the attack damage is so OP it does not even matter.

The next unit I wanted to talk about is Mikoto. She is one of the units you will get at the start of the game and if you have used her you have probably realized she is efficient at killing the enemy.

She has top tier attack growth like Shana and has a 2 turn bleed that costs 3 instead of 4. The bleed is a bit weaker but one of the differences is that Shana is fast so you will not always have 4 points to use it by round one.

But Mikoto is slower so you can easily get this 3 point skill off but turn one because Mikoto usually moves at the end of the turn. Her talent just makes you deal more damage and even though it is RNG the enemy may feel like they have to purify it which makes them waste a turn.

Considering you did it for free it is a win-win situation with her passive. And her ultimate is a 10 cost nuke which is less than Shana’s 12 and it is arguably stronger because it does more damage on the turn you use it.

A lot of Shana’s ultimate damage goes into her bleed which is good because it does more damage over time. But this makes Mikoto’s ultimate the best pure finishing move in the game at only a 10 cost.

Her best cross is with Touma. Touma’s crossing has a lot of attack growth as well as a pair and can pivot between AoE and single target damage which is useful.

The last unit I want to look at is Miyuki. She also has top tier attack growth and has a 3 cost dispel instead of bleed.

This is more useful in some cases when enemies have a shield and can make up for support units that do not have one. Her ultimate costs 10 points like Mikoto’s and does a bit less damage but also debuffs the enemy making them take more damage.

However, I would say as a finishing move her passive makes up for it because using her ultimate with her passive when the enemy is below 30% they will pretty much die without a doubt. And if they survive, with her debuff they will die shortly after anyway.

Her crossing with Zero and Kuro-Yukihime are both really good because as the main damage dealer both of these supports have high attack. And both of them have a middle enemy seal at 5 costs.

The only difference is that Zero’s crossing has an AoE ability and Kuro-Yukihime has a single target ability. But even without these crossings, Miyuki is going to kill anything on her own.

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