Dislyte F2P Ripple Dimension Guide [How to Get Dhalia and Ye Suhua Ripples]

Dislyte F2P Ripple Dimension Guide [How to Get Dhalia and Ye Suhua Ripples]
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Welcome the Ripple Dimension guide for new players! In this beginners guide, we will go over the basics of how to find Ripple Dimensions, where to look for Dhalia and Ye Suhua so you can build your F2P team!

Ripple Dimension Basics

You can activate Ripple Dimensions by either doing Ritual Miracle or Sonic Miracle runs. The difficulty does not affect the trigger chance. The actual percentage of triggering a Ripple is 1%. It then increases by another 1% each time stamina is being used there. The max chance than caps at 10%. Only 1 ripple can be triggered ever 12 hours.

Ripple Name 88% 6% 6% Number of Users
Bardon 50 20
Chang Pu 100 20
Brynn 1 20
Drew 1 20
Li Ao 100 20
Zelmer 100 20
Hall 100 20
Tang Yun 100 20
Freddy 100 20
David 100 20
Berenice 100 20
Leon 100 20
Helena 1 20
Jeanne 100 20
Unky Chai 100 20
Ye Suhua 100 30
Dhalia 100 30

As you can see from the table, there is a 6% chance out of the 100 to get either Ye Suhua or Dhalia. The chance is quite low, however, you can also join your friend’s ripples and also public ripples, which you can access via chat.

Each Ye Suhua ripple gives you 5 fragments, which you need 30 to complete and summon her. For each Dhalia ripple, you can get 8 fragments and you need 40 to complete and summon her. In other words, you need to find and enter 6 Ye Suhua ripples and 5 Dhalia ripples to summon them.

I get the frustration of not being able to enter most of the public ones. The thing is, most of the public ripples are often full because the ripple first gives priority to the friends list. After 15 minutes, it is then open to the public. If the user has a lot of friends, chances are the ripple will already have been filled.

Tips to Find Ye Suhua and Dhalia Ripples

Having played for 1 month, here are some tips to get them quicker. The best way to do so is to add active friends. The more active they are, the higher chances you will find it quicker. The other method is to find them yourself, although it will take a long time. The other option is to stalk public ripples, which I will expand below.

I did not start to focus on getting them until day 23 of the game. And then, in a span of a weekend, I was able to get them both.

Here is how I did it. I joined channel 16 and noticed that during midnight central European time, there is less people there. This increases my chances of finding empty Ye Suhua or Dhalia ripples. Do keep in mind you always have to keep a lookout at chat for this. You will want to do this and research between 16-100 english channels and see which one has less people during specific times.

In slow channels like 16 (could be busy once this is out :P), you have a much better chance to find an empty one.

Heck, you can also venture into other language channels past 100 and see if you can find a good one. I have personally seen people already with max resonance Dhalias and Ye Suhuas, which I believe they camp at a specific channel and keep an eye out for them.

I am usually auto battling either Kronos or Apep 10 runs. So I minimize them and pay attention to chat. If there is a public ripple available, I quickly click on it just out of habit. Sometimes, you need quick fingers to get in.

You only have to do this for a week to get them both. Max resonance is a bit overkill as it only gives negligible stats to them. Good luck with finding them and enjoy the game!

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