Grimlight Guide for Beginners [Avoid These Mistakes!]

Welcome to the beginners guide for Grimlight! In this simple tutorial, we will go over all the important details you need to know as you progress in the game.

Building Your Team

Starting out, you actually don’t need a team of 10 units to get through the story mode. In battle, you are limited to 15 cost on the first wave. Usually, most story mode have 3 waves, with some boss stages with 4-5 waves. Each wave after the first battle usually gives you 3-4 cost after, so you cannot deploy a very high cost team as you will field way less units and potential lose.

So you will want a mix of units of different classes with various costs:

  • 2-4 frontline
  • 2-3 backline
  • Max 1 unit that costs 5 to deploy
  • 2-3 units that costs 4 to deploy
  • Rest of the units costs 3 to deploy

As for the roles, you can mix and match. For example, I have 9 units in my roster:

  • 3 Guardians
  • 1 Assassin
  • 1 Ranger
  • 2 Mages
  • 2 Sages

Most of the time, I only get to deploy 5-6 units.

Character Suggestions (Re-roll Possibility)

Since most will be curious who they should pick, here are a few resources you can use to make an educated decision on how to get a team going:

Here are my personal suggestions:

5 Stars

Cinderella (Ranger – 3 Cost)

She is good because she has only a 3 point deployment cost, with a trait that gives all allies 5 energy every 3 seconds, allowing them to spam their skills more often. Pair her with Alice or White Rabbit and see your team spam skills like crazy.

Snow White (Guardian – 5 Cost)

A very tanky front line unit that can revive when she dies. She also deals magic damage, which is rare as most front liners are physical damage dealers. Her passive provides a nice shield to all allies at the start of each wave.

Dracula (Warrior – 5 Cost)

He has 20% lifesteal, which really helps him survive and tank for days. He can also deal AoE damage on his active skill, which is very strong. His dark element means he always has an advantage, even against light element. His passive also lowers the enemy physical defense.

Alice (Warrior – 4 Cost)

Alice’s passive heals allies and give energy every 3 attacks, which is really good. Much like Cinderella, they can help charge ally skills much quicker. She also has +20% evasion from her trait, which will help her survive better.

Dorothy (Sage – 4 Cost)

A good healer that has a passive that heals 4 nearby allies. Healing is consistent and can do her job well as the main healer for the team. As a light element, she doesn’t do less damage to any element.

4 Stars

Red Knight (Guardian – 4 Cost)

A tanky knight that has a strong AoE skill that can remove enemy buffs and can lower enemy defense on her passive. Her basic attacks can also hit more than one enemy in front of her.

White Rabbit (Mage – 3 Cost)

Her active skill reduces ally skill cooldown and grant 25% energy gain. Super good, but her passive teleports to low hp allies, which means she can easily be destroyed if she teleports to the front line.

Ginger (Sage – 3 Cost)

A universal useful healer that heals based of her max HP. She can summon a gingerbread man to tank for a bit, which can be useful at times.

Rapunzel (Sage – 4 Cost)

An AoE light healer that can cleanse debuffs off the team, which is super helpful later on when enemies start using more debuffs.

Completing Your Dailies and Weeklies

Each day, you want to work on getting your dailies done to get the 15 diamonds. These tasks include:

  • Warpath – Complete 5 Story or Event Battles
  • Dungeon Diver – Complete 5 Dungeon Battles
  • Money Maker – Earn 5000 Gold
  • Stacked Armory – Get 5 Equipment

The easiest way to get the 5 equipment is to just do the Path of Midnight Tears. It will cost you 50 keys, but you will get the objective done if you complete it. In the beginning, just do the easiest level.

The rest is pretty straightforward. You can do Golden Egg Hunt difficulty 6 is where you will get the objective by doing it once. When it comes to completing the dungeon diver quest, make sure to do the Grand Library, which you can only do it 3 times per day.

These are books that you can use to give bonus stats to your units. They are gated by time and not stamina, so make sure to prioritize this over other dungeons.

Experience Manifestation is also worth doing if you want to quickly get your new unit from level 1 to 30/40/50/60 break points.

For the weekly quests to get the gold summon, you will need to do 15 arena battles.

Daily Things to Get

I would always get the following as F2P:

  • 50 keys for 1000 gold
  • 250 keys for 50k gold

Stamina is gated daily, so you will want the most you can get each and every single day to progress faster. If you are a dolphin or whale, the 250 keys for 225 gems is a decent deal.

Upgrading and Equipment

Early on, upgrading will be a pain as you are limited by gold and materials. It is much better to focus on your key units first when it comes to leveling them to their break points of 20/30/40/50/60 and 70. Just progress in story and level your characters accordingly and you won’t have much issues till maybe chapter 5. When leveling your characters, you can press the “-” button to use all the experience crystals instead of pressing “+ ” the whole time.

As for equipment, I personally only started to upgrade purple weapons when I struggled a little at the end of chapter 4. I mostly used the blue equipment with +ATK/HP/DEF bonuses gotten from the story. Also, try to do the side story quests to get additional blue and purple equipment. Gold equipment can be gotten from the weapon gacha pulls.

Once you have a solid core team of 5-6 units, your team will be able to handle anything within your CP range for sure.

For skill upgrades, you will want to do the elemental dungeons to get enough element materials to upgrade your main DPS or Support skills. It will greatly improve clear times as well.