[Tower of Fantasy] Joint Operation Guide for Beginners

Welcome to the Tower of Fantasy Joint Operation guide! This game mode is one of the most important modes you want to pay attention to as they drop good equipment of all types. This includes equipment, matrices and upgrade materials.

Overall Missions

There are 5 Joint Operations you can participate in currently in the game, however, each operation is only open on specific days.

Quarantine Area – Open on Monday and Sunday

Hyenas Arena – Open on Wednesday and Sunday

Deepsea Proving Ground – Open on Thursday and Sunday

Deep Sea Stronghold – Open on Tuesday and Saturday

Spacetime Training Ground – Open on Friday and Sunday

Difficulty and Rewards

Each missions will have 3 areas, each containing a chest after you defeat all enemies in that room. It will cost you 30 vitality to open it. It is also highly recommended to form a team as the bosses are really tough. Match with other players to defeat the boss.

There are also 8 difficulties and the higher difficulty will unlock as you level up. Difficulty 6 is where the gold matrices and gold equipment will start dropping. This is where it gets really lucrative, but the boss is hard if you have crappy gear. Even with a team, the mode takes a long time to complete.

The entire game mode is setup like an open map with mini bosses or many grunts in a room or area. On the top right corner of the map, you can see how many chests you have looted. If the chest icon is still locked, you have forgotten to get that chest. I have done that a few times while I was new to the game.

The second and third chest in the mission have increased drop rates. Gold and Purple armors appear more often on the second and third chests. A pro strategy is to only open the second and third chest of Joint Operation if you have time, allowing you to do 3 runs per day instead of 2. You can also further increase their drop rates by using a Joint Supply Chip I (double drop rates)! When opening up at least one chest will get you an additional reward after clearing a stage.

Aside from that, another additional reward you can get in Joint Operation is Support Points. You can get Support Points by helping out lower CS players in easier difficulties. You will then want to use the support points to buy the Joint Supply Chip I for increased drop rates!

The rest of the items in the shop aren’t all that great. You can try and get the black nucleus if you would like.

Best Food Recipes

When it comes to staying alive, you want to use the following food recipes:

  • Nut Tea – Gives full hp recovery
  • Purple Yam Pie – Regenerate 20 satiety. Increase Volt Attack 2%, Volt Attack +150 for 1,200 seconds.
  • Truffle Fried Rice – Regenerate 20 satiety. Increase Physical Attack 2%, Physical Attack +150 for 1,200 seconds.
  • Steak with Mushroom Sauce – Regenerate 10 satiety. Increase Flame Attack 2%, Flame Attack +150 for 1,200 seconds
  • Salmon Sashimi – Regenerate 20 satiety. Increase Frost Attack 2%, Frost Attack 150 for 1,200 seconds.
  • Snail Baked Rice – Regenerate 20 satiety. Increase Physical Resistance 15%, Physical Resistance +675 for 1,200 seconds.
  • Juicy Meat – Regenerate 20 satiety. Increase Flame Resistance 15%, Flame Resistance +675 for 1,200 seconds.
  • Cocoa Milk – Regenerate 10 satiety. Increase Frost Resistance 10%, Frost Resistance +290 for 900 seconds.
  • Sea Crab Soup – Regenerate 10 satiety. Increase Flame Resistance10%, Flame Resistance +290 for 900 seconds.

You will want to use the attack and defensive food items to bolster your offense and defense. Every bit of stat will help you stay alive as the bosses in the higher difficulties are very tough. You can check out the food recipe list here.