PokeMMO Breeding Guide for New Players (+31 IV Stats)

Welcome to the beginners guide for breeding in PokeMMO. We will go over the necessary information to help you get better at breeding your desired Pokemon!

Breeding in PokeMMO

Breeding in PokeMMO is a little different than in other Pokemon games. The main distinction is that when you breed two Pokémon, you will not receive the original parent Pokémon.

Instead, you exchange them for the egg, so you will have to be okay with losing your Pokemon. You can breed Pokémon on Four Island in Kanto and Route 117 between Mauville City and Verdanturf Town in Hoenn.

When you breed with a Ditto, the egg will always hatch into the non-Ditto Pokémon you used, not another Ditto. Ditto can breed with both male and female Pokémon, but not with itself.

Also, if you breed two shiny Pokémon, the result will always be a shiny Pokémon as well.

In PokeMMO, you have various items that you can give to your Pokémon when breeding. These items help ensure that specific IVs (Individual Values) or natures are passed down to their offspring.

Keep in mind that these items are one-time use only, meaning they will be consumed during the breeding process.

When you breed, you want to use the following 3 items:

Everstones – To ensure a specific nature is passed down to the egg during breeding, you can use an item called an Everstone. If you make the female Pokémon hold an Everstone, the egg will inherit the same nature as the mother.

However, if you breed without using an Everstone, the nature of the egg will be completely random, regardless of the parents’ natures. You can find Everstones on wild Geodude and Graveler in the game.

Ability Capsules – The Ability Capsule is a useful item that can change a Pokémon’s ability, especially if the Pokémon has multiple abilities. Growlithe, for example, can have either Intimidate or Flash Fire as a skill. If your offspring do not inherit the desired ability after breeding, you can use the Ability Capsule to change it.

The egg has an 80% chance of inheriting the mother’s ability. Ability Capsules can be purchased for $35,000 each from an NPC inside the daycare center.

PokeMMO Breeding with Braces

Braces – Braces can be bought from an NPC inside the daycare center for $10,000 each. There are six different braces in Pokemmo, each one corresponding to a different stat: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. When a Pokémon wears one of these braces while breeding, it ensures that the specified IV is passed down to the egg (guaranteed 100%).

Scyther has 31 IV on Speed, while Ditto has IV 31 on Attack)

You want to use braces on their main IV stat. In this case, Ditto will hold the Power Bracer while Scyther will hold the Power Anklet. You always want to breed IV 31 of 2 pokemons of DIFFERENT stats!

Only three IVs from the parents will be directly passed down to the egg if you breed two Pokémon without using braces. The average of the corresponding stats will be used for the other three IVs. However, by using braces, you can select which two of the three stats will be passed down, giving you control over the inheritance rather than leaving it to chance.

Breeding Process

When you begin breeding, a screen will appear. Here, you need to drag the two pokemon you want to breed.
On the left and right sides, you’ll see the mother and father pokemon, and in the middle, the offspring and its species will be displayed.

PokeMMO Breeding Process

The IVs can be seen when looking at the offspring. The green IVs are the ones that come with the braces. Hover your mouse over the other IV ranges to see the percentage chance of each IV.
Following that is a list of moves that the children will learn from their parents. Green moves are those that will be inherited.

Then there’s the natural world. If neither parent Pokemon possesses an Everstone, the nature will be random. If you’re satisfied with everything, click “Breed.”

After receiving the egg, you have the option to choose its gender for a fee. If you plan to continue breeding, it’s recommended to make it female as it will be easier for you.

% Chance for Female Cost of Male Cost of Female
75% $9000 $5000
50% $5000 $5000
25% $5000 $9000
12.5% $5000 $21000

Egg Groups in PokeMMO

In order for two Pokémon to breed, they need to belong to the same egg group. However, Ditto is a special case and can breed with any Pokémon except for other Dittos.

There are also three special groups:

1. Ditto Group: This group only contains Ditto. Ditto can breed with any Pokémon from other egg groups except for its own.
2. Genderless Group: Pokémon in this group can only breed with Ditto. Some genderless Pokémon may appear in other egg groups, but the rule for breeding with Ditto still applies. Always check if the Pokémon you want to breed belongs to this group.
3. Undiscovered Group: Pokémon in this group cannot breed at all.

To see a list of egg groups, you can check out the wiki here.

Budget Breeding a Competitive Pokemon

The first step in breeding efficiently is to capture a good base Pokemon with the desired nature and close-to-average stats. Certain stats may not be important for some Pokemon, so keep that in mind when assessing their potential.

Add all the relevant IVs together to see if your caught Pokemon is better than average. Add HP, Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed to say a Gyarados, for example. The total should then be compared to X*31/2 (rounded up), where “X” is the number of relevant IVs (for Gyarados, X=5). If your Pokemon is above average, has the desired nature, and has 31 Speed, it is a good candidate for breeding.

If you have a limited budget, plan your breeding carefully. Obtain a Gyarados with an IV Sum greater than 96 and a Ditto with an IV Sum similar to or greater than 96, including 31 Speed. Breed them with braces to boost their IVs and produce offspring with a higher IV Sum.

Keep repeating this process, catching better Pokemon each time, to raise the IV Sum of the base Zangoose. To control inherited IVs, use the everstone and braces strategically. Plan your budget and steps carefully until you either catch the desired Pokemon or run out of money.

It is a simple concept, but knowing how much money you have and what are the minimum requirements you need to achieve your goal without going overboard is critical.

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